i have a 545I 2004 hardly driving it..always serviced when needed..about 100k miles...today recd msg saying transmission fault..reduced power...i did not drive any further..any idea what the problem is?

i hardly drive the car..always serviced when needed

my truck runs fine in cool weather ,it sometimes idles high for a minute when its ideling

Small fan isn't rotating. Why no cool air or heat? Lines need to be blown out?

I had a strap on engine until i could change a motor mount out. but it broke and the speedomiter stopped working at same time. where is this grounding strap?

new plugs and injectors.
where is cylinder #3 located on my engine
acceleration to 40 mph lack power and misfires
at 60 mph smooths out.

We had a slight drip from the engine area. The dealer suggested trying to seal the crack with silicone; I wanted it done right but he insisted on trying to save us money. When we got the truck home it leaked more than before. What now?

Under a load when driving you hear a sound like ruving or va va va va sound but with hi pitch sound....

Brakes are not always stopping the car. brakes seem to slip

change maf,plug to it checked volts,dont know

I noticed oil pumping out between adopter and oil filter gasket. I clean the adopter and make sure any old part was not there, tried again, same problem. I changed the adopter, fill oil, put new filter. The 3rd time also, same oil leakage. Oil is pumping out forcely. Please help to find out the solution. Thanks you

check engine light comes on code comes up tps how do I clear

This always occurs whenec\ver I try to use the window.

My friend tried my Jetta and wanted to pull the seat forward...but instead of pulling the handle he pulled on what seems to be this electronic plug??? I'm sooooo mad! I dont know where it came from or where it goes... HELP ME PLEASE

water pump