it"s getting fuel,but seems like not getting fire,start"s up but shut-off,then want start back up for long time.

i had someone check my front wheel bearings by putting the front end up on jacks and accelerating the wheels at speedometer reading of 40mph. the right wheel seemed to respond normally, but the left wheel turned considerably slower than the right.

i had had the same person replace both bearing assemblies. my concern is that when he reassembled components to the hubs, he made a mistake with the left hub reassembly and that the linkage to the wheel is not right.

seem like not enoough fire:

they dont work on any other speed the delay wipers dont work either.this has been on going for about 8 months.
this is a 2007 mercury grand marquis gs.

my mechanic can not figure out why the front parking lights do not work and i can't get it inspected unless they do, I have been told that there is just side parking lights not front ones is that true,?

motor will notstay rnning at idle speed

When i'm going around 40 mph the front end shakes. When i speed up to around 50 mph it stop.

I need to remove my rear axle assembly. 2000 Jeep Wrangler Sahara. My Chrysler manual states "remove the brake lines at the rear axle junction block" See Section 5 Brakes for more info. Its all crimp fittings on the hose....
There is no info in section 5 regarding this junction block. Even if I remove the brake lines at the block, the brake line to it will remain. Thus, I cannot drop the axle while it would still be attached by the hose to the junction block.
Do I grind the weld off on the rear of the block to separate it from the axle tube? This is holding me up big time. I don't want to break the steel L fitting off of the rear axle junction block once the axle is out from under the Jeep.
What do the shops do when they replace an entire axle on a Wrangler in regard to this "rear axle junction block"?

Thank you.

is the starter hard to get to on a 2009 nissan xterra.

It continues to run for a couple of minutes each time. I just replaced my battery a few weeks ago - got into my car today to start it and nothing :-( Lights, radio, wipers, windows work fine. No clicking no nothing :-( So I'm wondering if this motor could be causing the battery to drain?

I meant to say that the mechanic told me the tranmission differential had gone bad and so pieces of metal shavings were floating around in transmission fluid. Said it needs a new transmission (to the tune of $6,500!!!) Any ideas?

A mechanic has said there ahas gone bad in my Eurovan 2003. Says it needs a new transmission (very expensive), but should this be true? Another mechanic said the transmission mount was broken? Don't know who to believe? The problem is when I begin driving or start up from a stop sign or wherever, I hear a kind of grinding, rough noise that bothers me.

My sunroof moves about an inch at a time when the switch is pushed. I have to let off and push it again each time to get it to move. Once back it will not move forward. glass moves effortlessly when hand cranking roof closed so I dont think its a dry or binding issue. Local MB dealer is clueless via phone description. What do you recommend as a fix or way of determining how to fix? Thanks.

heater core leaking

on a 1990 honda accord ex