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New parts r Battery, Spark plugs & Wires, Brake Pads, Calipers Rotors, Upper Control Arm, Fuel Filter, Power Steering Pump, Oil Change, Thermostat wit new Hoses, EGR Valve, Intake Manifold Gasket and Distributor Cap. Is any ppl out there wit 1st generation GS300 been thru dis?!

how can I check ,fuse ok, how do I jump compressor, Help

I have gasoline leakingfrom rear by drivers side althought gas tank is on passenger side. What can be cause and how much should I expect to repair

vehicle body is practically sitting on tires

the power windows started sticking one day and while they will sometimes work- ish and does make the sound in the door they wont go down more than about a half inch at a time and will not go back up.
what is it and also how do i get the panel off the door to replace whatever needs to be..?

How to bleed the air from coolant system? And how to replace the water outlet?

brake light not working

Any clue as to why?

Mechanic said it is bent. Auto insurance co. & three body shops say it is ok , just cosmetic. I hit a high curb in a parking space going very slow. How do I know if the sub frame is OK?
Thank you,
Phil Morey

The engine fuse blows and when i change it, the car runs again for a while and then it happens again. I had the ECM fixed and it still happens. What could cause this??

The top will need to be replaced

will not start by using the key

The Freon has leaked out enough that the compressor will not engage. Can I recharge the system without vacuuming first? If I do will that harm the compressor?

I replaced the fuel system relay and there's still no fuel getting to the engine. What is my next step to troubleshoot this problem?

Sometimes when it starts, the engine feels as if its jumping a little.