tranny won't come out of 1 gear can it be anything else i'm missing or do i need to replace the whole transmission

I never had problem until new rear differicial installed 3 months ago. When street is wet it is bad if I go over a bump or a railroad pass in the road. The rear will seem to slid to right then left.

could the restraining spring cause this to happen? I notice its missing on the side I hear the grinding.

they only occur after the firlst time i start it in the day then after that it seems like it has trouble turning on then when i drive sometimes it accelerates by it self or trys to turn off

I just got my saab out of shop, now it is overheating there is no leak in the container that holds water or antifreeze. Help

theft system wil not let the car start

Its a long bed automatic and has a tilt wheel if that makes any. Difference

codes cam sensor ! how do I make sure thats what it is ?

How much should the labor be to change an engine on a 1999 Gmc Jimmy 4X4

VTEC works but it has to be rewired so how much would it cost percisely? i need to know as soon as possible please.

Hello, When I turn on my headlights my rear right brake lights does not light up when running. It only lights up when the brakes are applied. The reverse light does not work at all. I have changed out the light bulbs and have checked the fuses. Also my top light is out. How can I fix this problem?

show me location

problem occurs every 2 weeks oil light comes on and oil level is low oil is underneath the car

Also what is the best fluid to use?
Thank you,

I need it repaired by a radio or cumputer tec that has done the job before. Too costly to replace new logic 7 amp..