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I am the owner of a 2006 Subaru Outback 2.5i wagon can you please tell me the recommended time for timing belt replacement. I have been told 60,000 miles and also have been told 100,000. Can you please help me ? ...
The car just suddenly won't turn over, been told the fuel pump is probably not getting enough fuel to start.
My heator blower resistor switch has went out! I am unable to loctae it. I know I have to take my glove compartment out! I still can not locate it. I pay for it to be replaces about 2 years ago, this time I have decid...
my car not start.i full gas ,relay is goodplugs is fire,and when you put gas into it, is start i dont no,mybe enjector is me the part cost that problem.
the heater will blow cold air at stop lights but work again once the car is moving.
code for cam sensor-what are we looking to rreplace and the cost?
the car just stops while your driving . we checked the remote starter ,replaced the fuel filter, replaced the crank shaft sensor,swapped out shutdown relay and fuel pump relay there is no diagnostic codes when car s...
Vehicle has an intermittent slight miss when accelerating. Engine light has gone on twice then goes off. A repair facility identified the code as number 5 cylinder had a misfire. They had the vehicle for the day and c...
sometimes when i try to start the key won't turn, if you slowly and keep moving key slighty back and forth and in and out alittle it will start after awhile, volvo said poss. need to replace switch or maybe some rode ...
I went to put my car in park and the shifter button broke off. Now there is nothing to press in to release the shifter from park and put in gear? Help! What do I do?
again, why is the ford escape not an option for model
why is the ford escape not an option when selecting model
Where can I buy tire road ends online for the TB 2005 ?
Switch goes into 4wd hi and lo and stays lit solid. Actuator is working but front axles will not engage. During icy conditions put vehicle into 4wd lo and hi and only get tire spin in rear.
rear dr side brake has been leaking fluid for quite some time and now my brakes are completely out