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when a drive the suv and stop for a red light

I just completed the 60K mile maintenance service on my '07 E350 and did it early with over 1,000 miles left on the message center display. If I read the Owner's Manual correctly I cannot reset the maintenance mileage until I reach the required mileage unless I bring it to a dealer. Is there anyone who can tell me how to reset this myself now?



02 esteem 1.8 litre cuts out randomly;does'nt quit but cuts out randomly;rpms stick @ 2500 to 3000 also random but only does it when cutting out; once in a great while will loose throttle control as in no acceleration; apply clutch and will respond; using clutch can also fix cutting out;replaced throttle sensor twice and cat. conv. once; still getting code for throttle sensor and cat. conv. Also getting cat1 code now. Acts up when hot and cold,no consistancy to problem. Hope you can help me. Have other questions but can wait for now.

When I turn off the vehicle, back lights and fog lights will not go off. I was disconnecting the battery and now it wont stay running. I want to know where I can take it to get it fixed.

The delay is more noticeable with accelerating through the lower gears. I have been told that a transmission flush is the answer.

I am not this Dondo the canvios as it should be

I had it checked and everthing seems tight there is no play but when I drive there are times when feels like it is floating. This started after I disengaged from 4 wheel drive, a few weeks ago, I have tried putting it back in 4 wheel drive but nothing helps.

My 1999 yukon Denali pops and clunks when its cold and also shutters like its going to shut off, but it stops after I gun it and it warms up plus there is a smell like burning or somthing. I have greased slip yoke, removed fuses(T-Case, 4wd and cruse control fuse) trying to trace the problem. Starting to get really tried of this thing, think i may just run over it with my lifted Ford F-350. My sister had the transmission replaced about a year ago while she owned it, and thats why i cant figure out what the deal is. It throws the check engine light on, but after it smooths out the engine light goes off. Think i covered it all, please any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

a/c compressor top bolt left off. can i get by without it, and/or is the best way to attach to take of alternator.

does the whole lower control arm need to be replaced or can the bushing be replaced without getting another control arm. how much typically does it cost to have the bushing repaired?

Purring Sound.Could this problem be resolved cheaply?

Now both lights are out. All other lights work. I do not know how to check a fuse but have changed bulbs. Being told its a wiring issue???? Can you help???

It occurs every time the car has been in use for more than 10 minutes...a high pitched almost humming noise. Sound like it is coming from the engine area

Is there a do it yourself way to reset the trouble light once the brakes have been repaired?

I have since disconnected the shifter cable at the tranny. The Shifter on the console wont move. How hard is it to change the shifter cable/shifter itself. Is this a common problem??