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this car feels all the road imperfections and transmits them into the car. The rear ride is especially hard -- feels like the car is bouncing off of the rails -- if it had rails. It is becoming extremely annoying to drive and is causing a medical problem for my wife's back.

The dealer has replaced 2 wheel bearings saying that was the problem but it is still there.

or mirrors will work. Engine will not start. Computer code only showed P0141/H025/P0036. There is a securtiy lock symbol on dash.

Once i got it home i checked the fuel pump and fuel relay switch and filter, all seems to be working how ever as long as i am spraying gas in the breather it will start and run off of what i am spraying but as soon as i stop spraying it dies, No security light or check engine light stays on. at first i thought i ran out of gas but i put a half a tank in it just to make sure. Can any one HELP ME. I am completely lost on this. Thanks a million


my abs ligt is on and someone told me it could be the sensor how much should it cost to repair it

Can the heater core break due to blown head gasket? My insurance company said no and hence won't pay to fix the heater core although they paid to replace the engine, radiator, and other accident related damages! If you are experienced certified mechanic your response/help will be great as I plan to pursue in the court.

dash vents donot open all the way

battery less than 1 year old would leaving on a trickle charger help ?

Won't squirt fluid front or back windows.

it will not bring up any codes to tell us what needs also tries to switch into 4wheel lock or 4 wheel low while driving.when car is off and parked u can hear it changing gears in 4 wheel drive.what is wrong with it

the front door speakers do not work the tweeters and the raer speakers work but not the front midrange door speakers is this the amp or head unit the head unit is connected to the air bag so after market is out of the question the speakers both work and are not blown when tested on another radio just not in the truck

Had it ckd'd by dealer, aligned F.E.....everything in spec.....still drifts rt on almost all roads. If in left lane, drift is to left, not so bad...a few rds it's OK......Is this just a Lex thing?? in that it is very sensitive to the "crown" of the road ??? It's not a "sharp or strong" drift, but after several hrs of having to hold a little pressure it get's bothersome.

Thanks, Rod

replaced switch and replaced flasher but the turn signal still docent work all the time works intermittently

truck has lived at sea level all it's life, now I live at 5,000 ft. and seems to get lower mpg. dealer says no adjustment needed. Who's right?

The A/C works fine on the passenger side but the driver side comes out warm.