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Blower is working.
Hello, I have a 1998 Lincoln Navigator and i need to replace it. can you assist with some directions please? what kind of maintanence issues can I expect?
It has been doing this for about two weeks i filled the gas tank up and it is still not reading correctly.
My valves rattle on acceleration and blow smoke out the tailpipe. Otherwise at high rpm no problems. Just at start out from a light. I have changed the oil twice and added a cleaner with minimun results. Am I looking ...
Where do I add transmission fluid? How often am I supposed to change it?
i just replaced the tranny, car free rolls in all gears and will not shift into 2 or 1. any ideas????
Need to replace my alternator How much is it going to cost me? Mike
My van will shift 1,2,3 and wont shift out revs up and winds out..went to ford dealer they said its a transmission control sensor where is it located and how hards the job and the breakdown of parts
2 months ago drove about 3 hundred miles on my way back a light came on in the dash say oil pressure i stopped the engine. when i started it again i herard a small chain sound ichange the lower timing chain tensioner ...
i have a fuel leak comming from the top of my eng and a trains fluid leak comming from the right side top by radiator cant get to it how much do you think for repair
There is a grinding noise from a fron wheel bearing.
My O8 V6 Saturn Vue was fine all day, 10 hours of driving straight, Ice storm, snow, it did fine... home again and it runs all day stopping and starting... but that evening we started out for 5 minutes and 2 lights ca...
On a V-6 engine, are both head gaskets replaced when a head gasket blows? Just want to know if one fails, is it likely the other will fail in the future? Are they always replaced in pairs?
On my 2000 Alero, all the instrument lights (check engine, brake and all the others) stay on. And my turn signal will sporadically not work either. I've tried leaving the battery diconnected for awhile and that stil...