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losing about a quart a week of coolant around belt area

what is the problem it says transaxle control system fault it is 2003 chrysler 300 m

i live in vancouver wa 98661 i dont know what rocker arms r on a chrysler concorde 2000 im looking to buy it but dont want to unless it cost to much to fix it

also will the gas cap fake out the computor to read bad EGR

when i first start the car it misses dab and get 1320, 505

i haven't tried any thing

cant i just have the oil pump replaced?

This is the third or 4th time this week the engine has gone into safe mode when flooring it to either pass or to accelerate after turning a corner. Today it happens twice. The second time the engine light came on. Each time it happens I pull off the road, shut it off, wAit a couple of minutes, the restart it. Today, the engine light stayed on. About a year ago, this was happening int the SST mode and was generally losing 2nd or 3rd gear. The shop finally found the bad coil and replaced it. This year's events started 3 months ago. On one occasion, I pulled into the company parking lot and it simply died in the lane, in the middle of parking lot traffic. After towing it to the local dealer, the could not verify any faults. They diagnosed a dirty fuel control box and charged me $450 and sent me on my way. Since then, I've had these reoccurring event getting more frequent up to today. I think the dealer ripped me off for $450 and will probably try to do the same if I take it back again. I even pull out the letter from FoMoCo about the extended warranty on the coi issue. What do you suggest I do? Ask for a meeting with Ford's District or Regional service rep?

is it ok to drive 5 miles back home?

As the vehicle hits normal bumbs on the road there's a squeeky sound that resembles an old squeeky bed spring in motion.

I changed the 7.5 amp fuse evan though it was good. I ran a jumper wire to the compressor from the positve battery post and the compressor engaged, I swapped out relays (they were from a junked car, but I did 3 seperate relays), and I switched out the swith panal in the inside. Is there something I am missing??

Where is the fuel filter located on 1997 Ford Taurus?

How can you ck ur starter/plugs the old fashioned way?

Checked oil is dk needs changing and was low too, but not milky. I havent chanded spark plugs about a year, also About 2 years ago put used starter. But then it wouldnt crank. How can I check plugs or is it better to go ahead and change go from there maynot b starter & oil not milky so head ok I pray.

trans went ou put new one in andnow the eneige is now runing right.