I already replaced the battery but the problem persists. The last time it started I had many errors on the display

P0171, P0174, P0300, P1083,P1085
P0313, P1342, P1344, P1346, P1348, P1350,P1352 . . . I am getting rough idling and sluggish performance. My research tells me it may be the Intake Manifold Runner Valve/Adjuster Unit or Idle Control valve or Mass Air flow Sensor or Cam Shaft Position Sensor or Vacuum Leak or Oxygen Sensor. Or it may need a good Tuneup. The car lacks acceleration. The rough idling with sometimes engine shutoff occurs mostly in the idle position.

Hope this helps!


just had my car battery go out

won`t start.Have to pull hose from intake and cover with hand while someone turns key to start.then when driven will stall out.has 130,000 miles. new plug wire,plugs clean,has been sitting 3 months.

The leak is coming from the front passenger side

The leak is coming from the front passenger side

also wheel shakes when im slowing down

i have a 2000 buick park avenue that shuts off going 50 mph then will not let me restart it until i drain the battery and get a jump start when trying to restart it starts for a second and shuts off like the security system is activated cause it says unknown driver on the dash

I found out a hose that was going into the transmission was bent, and causing the leak, but i do not know what the part is called to find it in stores.. This is a hose that goes into the transmission and reachable from the bottom of the car.. does anyone know what it is called?

Where is it located

reacurred misfire on #2 again ,cleaned egr , brand new cat , whats my next move ? can i lub the egr possabily sticking? why is it alway on number 2 cylender?

misfire on number 2 want to change plug and coil

The wires, spark plugs and coil have all been replaced and the cylinder is still not working. Need to know what to do next. Getting diag code P0304.

I was told to spray wd 40 in driver door latch would normally fix the problem but it didn't (for the lights).

cant find the puup