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As an Independent Shop owner in Carthage, I was appalled by this estimate. 212 dollars at a minimum for labor on one ball joint. That labor rate is insane. I guess I have been cheating myself out of ALOT of money o...
where is the heating control valve located on the 2001 toyota is it vaccuum or mechanically???
can anyone tell me the location of the inertia switch??
The heater will not heat while running around in town but if out on the highway it will heat...does it have a heater control valve .... does the water run through the heating coil all the time???
Could I get an estimate for replacing a seal in front transfer case. Thanks
1982 ford 460 v-8 oil leak around top of oil filter, tighten filter , no difference, changed filter still leaks, using fl 1a oil filter.there is a bolt just above the filter mounting not sure if it comming from there...
I keep getting cel 71 on my lexus. I have replaced the modulator, cleaned the intake, checked the egr solenoid, and cleaned out the vacuum lines. what could I be missing? The light will come on and sometimes go off on...
According to Volvo, what is the exact mileage in which the timing belt needs to be replaced?
Hello, The heater control fan dial works only at the highest fan speed. It occurs all the time. When I try intermediate speeds very little hot air comes comes from the vents. I would appreciate an answer since it's...
Has there been any recalls on this auto? My clock (mounted) in the dash board fell back into the dash and the dealer want to charge me over $100 to put it back.
steering wheel vibration upon accelerating, no apparent noise. seems to be on left, everything is tight, no movement by hand to indicate worn or loose bearings.
While driving down the freeway, my caravan would not go past 35 mph, we had it towed home and it sat for a couple of days, then then we were able to drive it up to 50 mpn, now yesterday it was driving at 85 mph, at fi...
How much to replace the entire headlight structure that is cracked. Not just a lamp.
I cannot move my Mer- Benz out of my driveway. It is stuck in park. How do I get it from being stuck. There must be some kind of computer lock on my car. I would like to fix it myself any suggestions on what is needed?
Parking brake doesn't go off on my car,When I go over 50 and press the brake it went off before,Now it just stays on.It doesn't drag and wheels aren't locked.What could be the cause and solution to this?