the HOLD light on the dash comes on ramdily

Car is running properly, however can not access the services provided by the I Drive. No access to radio, no ability to adjust temperatures settings, no access to the Navigation system, etc.

bateey 12.13 volts

I had the ABS sensor replaced along with the axle it was rusted into a few months ago, not sure if there would be any connection to my current problem (any wires or couplings they would have un-hooked to replace the axle that would affect my heated seats)
Also, I had a fuse blow on my tail lights when checking the connection on my towing connection for my bike trailer?

Can front shock absorber be repaired for Acadia 2007 or do they have to be totally replaced.

Thank You

This car has an automatic transmition....when i shift from park to drive the shifter barley stays in drive and if i just touch the handle forward it will come out of drive and into neutral. It doesnt fall out of drive its sensitive and feels like it needs to be adjusted. What could i do tofix this

It's spiderwebed and needs to go!


erstarted it abs went away but then i couldn't shift into gear had to use the release tool. Any idea.


i had to remove and clean the sludge out of the oil pan and tube but i now have pressure. the only thing is that it dr started and tripped a code how do i prevent this i assume i need to prime the pump but it is mounted on the crank shaft its not like most other pumps everybody i talked to has never seen one like this. maybe i could get a little advise if possible

Have you seen this in other Jeep products.

It gets to second gear smoothly but doesn't shift to higher gear; instead it hums and the revs meter reads high. Ofcourse, its speed doesn't pick thereafter

just bought the car. hard to believe that a 2005 Audi headlights don't go off when I turn engine off or a warning buzz. Audi tells me this is the way it was designed.

For the last four months my car has been ungaraged and when it rains really hard I have noticed that there is wet carpet or standing water on the front passenger floorboard. I had a glass company come and look to see if windshield needed replaced and they checked it out and said they couldn't see any water coming into car from windshield, any ideas. Its like it is coming up under carpet.