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I have a 1990 camry v6, can I change the spark plugs without removing the intake?
how do i replace the heater core 2000 jag s-type 4.0
where is the control module for the air suspension located?
Can I replace the tunk strut myself? 2004 Honda Odyssey
My brother put my car onto his computer and he said it was an oxygen censor. A couple of days ago this high pitched squeal started happening. Its high pitched but also kinda quiet like sucking air through vacuum hose?...
I don't know how to remove the plastic triangle with the mirror control knob. I need to rove it to access the 3 bolts to replace the mirror.
I do a lot of short distance driving, stop and go frequently. Is there a specific brand of battery that is best for this type of driving
drivers window does not go up unless you push it down first
oil pressure drops when car is idling after 30 min but small knock in engine
my check engine light just came on. car is running fine.what could be the problem
On my 2009 TSX the steering has a continuous goes side to side. On my 2010 TSX the steering is fine is there an fix for this problem!!
Bluetooth does not connect on outgoing calls you must say transfer to get to the Bluetooth. Incoming calls are fine.
CCR lioght remains on. Pump is ok and mechanic made visual inspection and found no issues.
auto wont drive forward will go in reverse ,manuel shift
Car is now 6 years old and transmission in auto mode works fine. However, when I try to use manual mode (umatic transmission) the request to up or downshift is ignored and sometimed the R ( reverse ) light comes on??