Sometimes it does it sometimes not but more then most previous owner hit something and knocked the alignment off but I had it fixed

Can I get to the shifter linkage through the shift lever cover? Do I have to access it from under the car? If it's through the cover how do I remove the cover. I've removed the rear part of the cover that houses the cigarette lighter and blower vents and also have removed the rear bolt that holds down the front part of the cover but can't figure out how to remove whatever else is holding down the front part. I have removed the shift "T" handle already. Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

Truck was in an accident. I put axle back in position but it appears the side that was hit isn't straight

When I start it up again both lights go off. I took it to the shop. They checked my brakes and said my brakes were OK. The mechanic also tested other parts and said everything passed. So what can I do?

I can't get enough slack to get the chain over the guide.

i put a new seal but fluid pours out, is it the bearing?

how do i locate and repair a ftp sensor on my vehicle and would this problem cause my vehicle to drink gas? this is causing my car to fail inspection with a code of p0453

from driver tire but didnt see once i started drivin , got home and parked and smelled burnin smell and like behind tire was real red and hot looking.. what is it???

When you press the adjust button to move the seat up,it only moves slightly

I know tps on the side,iac on the back.

How hard is it to replace this door if I find one?

In addition to the hose, I would like a total estimate for the receiver drier, freon, oil, and labor.

Before the lock fell through to the inside of the door the outside door handle became loose. Now it is happening to the passanger door. How do I tighten these up so that will not happen to the lock on the passanger side door as well?

I need a DPFE sensor and pigtail and a EGR System Transducer

My truck wont start the first time but it will eventually, when it does it wont stay running for more than maybe 3 minutes. then dies. If you gas it, it dies. Before this It ran out of gas and I put 20 bucks in then I went to drive home and it dies on me the more I pressed the gas. I put a new battery in it and It got home but now it wont stay started.