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My car has 211,000 miles. Lately, I notice that when I turn off the car it keep, the engine keep running for 5 plus minutes. Is this a signal of a major problem? I really have not had any problems with the car. Since I've had it I only replaced the timing belt, water pump and just recently the starter.

simple question

Broke it with my heavy wool coat. Should I be concerned about the air bag?

bumper pop out on one side and would like to fix it instead of turning it in to my insurance

My ECBM is out on my Cadillac. Would like to fix it but can't located the ECBM. The Chilton book shows that it should be located in the trunk driver side. Can anyone please help me located it so I can fix my car and get back on the road. It would be appreciated.

Maybe something with the transfer case or rear diff., when I slow down it sounds like gears grinding. It makes the sound in 4x4 too

the tachometer, speedometer and odometer will not light up.
the milage and thermostate gage and fuel gage does not work

air condition not putting out cold air

I have replaced the water pump thinking it was bad because of whistle but noise is still there

I have spilling on the ground while fueling. Filler neck wasn't sitting right, so it was adjusted to fit in properly. I attempted putting gas in once again, and now instead of it dripping out, it's spraying out. Was thinking fuel tank epoxy to seal the filler neck to other piece..will that work?

replaced plugs. check engine light on when idle. check engine light blinks on/off when driving.
above misfire data from diagnostic instrument.

I asked earlier about a broken wire in the motor since it keeps blowing fuses. Found out that wire was protruding through a crimp and was not broken. I took the armature out and could not find any broken wires anywhere. Could there be anything else wrong? Do not want to buy another motor if this one is not bad.

does any body know what this stand for EPC

it did go off after running the car for 20 minutes or so

My 3rd Row seat latch is broken.Can anyone tell me how to get it down for storage?