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when car is running all lights go off than come back up even when driving the motor still runs. sometimes i can drive with any problems this is an aztek 2003
How long do the alternators last?
The brakes make an "airy", "whoosing" noise on the inside of the car when the pedal is depressed. The noise stops when the car is turned off. The pedal feels a little mushy, but not too bad. It does take longer th...
How hard is it to remove the Driver's Side Door Panel; I have to get to the Driver Side Door Lock Mechanism; Driver side door will not lock properly. In order to lock the door I have to turn the key to the right and t...
theft system light went on, car died all lights go on but car wont start, how do you turn off the theft system?
I have pulled my glove box out and what do I do next to get to heater core.
The Wiper Switch sometimes is intermittant in its operation. The switch has three modes: Intermittant; low speed; and high speed. Once in awhile when I put the switch to either of these modes the wipers do not work. I...
the ABS light does not turn off - my brakes are all fine though.
after changing my tps sensor and the iac valve o2 sensor put in a new coil spark plug and wiring and still misfiring in spark plugs 1 and 4 why?
The problem dosen't happen every time I try to start it. When I crank the engine it seems like the engine is starving for fuel, I replaced the air fitler and fuel filter. It didn't seem to make a differnence. the pr...
my son sad that he heard a noise in the engine and it cut off and would not started it is getting gas and spark but will not start can not get it
my jeep would not start at all / battery good / i wiggled the fusible link and it started / left it at dealership / what should be the estimated charge
There is an ad for this car and the person says the TCU quit working so the car will only get up to 2nd gear. So, what is this, and how much would it cost to repair it? Is it safe to continue driving the car and will ...