How serious is this and what is a fair repair cost?

Wheres the best place to start looking for one?

electric windows work etc the engine just stopped, battery good, oil good, any suggestions?
Thank you,
2006 A3 Audi

My 99 gmc sierra stalled out and if u can get it to start you cant give it ne gas or it stalls. I used to b able to hear the pump whinning now i dont. in order to purchase another i need to know if the pump has one plug or two.

would this be the front axle and how much to repair or replace?

The two screws that attach the arm to the cable are not loose.

I just replace the o-ring in the housing last week because it had an oil leak. Now it is leaking anti-freeze out of that same housing. Does it need to be tightened or what?

When you press the heated seats button, it does come on but will go off in 30-60 seconds. Is there an easy fix for this (replace fuse, heating element, etc.)?

Heat don't work no power at all even lights off and driver door beeps when open nothing left on keys out .heat and door seem related .when it started the door and heat act up at same time but worked normal after turning off and on car now its constant beeping if doors open and heat has no power the lights not even on. Ty

Will not stay running.


trouble codes 100, 306, 1585

also heater is not working properly

where is the cabin air filter on a 2002 pt cruser

wher can i get manuel for 3.ol v6?