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I have a problem with my electronics in that my power steering and door locks to include trunk locking mechanism and all interior lighting don't work. The moonroof and windshield wipers are also inop. The drivers wi...
How long should one expect to wait for an auto repair shop to replace the exhaust manifold?
the car sat for 2 months and now it won't start. where is the relay switch located and instructions on how to replace
when car is cold
Can I get at this valve assembly without removing the dash ? Where exactly is this thing located ? Chiltons' show only the cable controlled unit. I have the non cable unit. How can I insyall a manualyy controlled ...
the heater in my 96 pick up gets warm but not hot. i have replaced the thermostat and it didnt help. the heat hand never moves but it dosent run hot. please help. its cold here.
This is my daughters car, she just drives it until it breaks and then I supposed to fix it. She drove it to its current location, when leaving it started but died, will start but dies continually.
tire monitor system comes on and off saying system needs service.
my serpentine belt keeps coming off i put it back on and everything look good but it keep coming off do i need to replace the belt or what
My dealer said the 2004 TSX does not have a timing chain. True or false?
how long (time wise) can all of this take?
does it work for all the windows (i have a sedan )
i just change the radiator wate belt timing belt and my car still leaks antifeeze and sometimes my car will fill like its decresing speed and the o/d light flashes on and off then stays off what else could it be
the heater has two hoses. one water flows in the other flows out. i blew the inlet hose i think (looking at fire wall its the one on right side) a friend damaged the male connector where the hose connects to from fire...
I have a 2001 Chysler LHS that the interior lights start flashing on & off while I am driving. Last night I noticed that they did it while parked in the street. Can anybody tell me what would cause this and how I co...