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What tried to reset the codes, still not working properly,
Ran the car until the gas gauge was nearly empty and then refill to full tank but the gauge in still of by approx 130 km.

I own a 2005 Aviator. I am hoping that someone can help me identify an issue I am having. My Aviator runs wonderful if the temperature outside is 60 degress or below. If the temp is over 65 degrees the vehicle tends to sound like it is in a vacuum mode and won't accelerate or shift properly. It will also suck all of my gas when it is over 65 degrees. Please help me to identify the issue. Thanks

The car runs like it is running out of gas all the time, the check engine has been on forever but it was the oxygen sensor so I finally replaced it, then the plugs, but it still putts around town. Can you please help me. I am going to try and read the check engine lite myself.


CODES ARE P0300, P1310, P0300 P/D, The car shuts down at 2800 rpm. First thing in the morning it will rpm up all you want for a few minutes, then it starts shutting down. We have changed plugs, coils, maf,coolant temp, an had the converters checked. Any help would be greatly appreciated

can't find

Sometimes they work fine other times especially in cold weather they wont open. We have tried greasing them but didnt help

Started when I bought the vehicle and would put the defroster on. Now blows cold air like something is sticking and not wanting to provide warm air. How to determine problem and how to fix without expensive repair. I have only
put 2000 miles on this vehicle since I bought it. Now has
61,000 miles.

rear noise coming when i accelerated, said had to rebuild differential, charged 1500 is that correct.

Mechanic states no problem after running diagnostics. Has 1 yr old battery. Initial start up is usually 1 crank, after that it may take up to 4 times. Also have a slight ticking from engine when cold.

when I am sitting and on my brakes in drive, my whole van shakes and sometimes my van acts like its going to stall while in low idle. what is causing this? anybody?

Had an older Sienna & never did any interior part "crack." My family all has Toyota cracking! This has to be a factory defect! If the dealer won't replace, gonna have to take it to the next level. What if the airbag should deploy...skeptical of anyone sitting in the front passenger.

Driver's side front fender and side view mirrors

what cyliner does this control, am i looking at the problem to replace the coil

what cyliner does this control, am i looking at the problem to replace the coil