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2002 Montero Sport ES

During acceleration(speed doesn't matter) the vehicle loses power, the spedometer and tach bothdrop to zero and bounce around. By letting off on the throttle the vehicle resumes normal operation.If you feather the gas pedal the vehicle does not act up. The loss of power can be dangerous especially in heavy traffic.

I get 5 to 9 mpg, and yes, I KNOW HOW to figure mileage. I get between 130 and 190 miles from a 20gal tank of gas. A 2000 Chev Venture produced 420 mile to a 20 gal tank. Yes, its tuned up. Yes, filters are clean. Had fuel pump replaced. Mileage got worse. No hesitation, no evidence of rich lean / fuel, no other performance problems. If I constantly re-set the avg mpg computer thingy, I get around 330 miles per tank. If I re-set avg mpg ONLY after refill gas tank, it goes back to around 8 mpg. Avg MPG is accurate to +/- 3 mpg.

engine code p2238, bank 1, sensor 1.

i also check firing order timing truck taking off slow then pickup speed can you tell what wrong please

2004 pontaic sunfire 2.2 eng.

when the engines cold if fires on the first turn

putting new seat covers on and would like material behind the lever that allows the front seat to go down for access to back seats.

When I put the vehicle in drive the backup lights come on

engine light on ,went to advanced auto and had test. code po146 was present but could not find code in records to tell me what it was...thanks

out of freon gas

two codes from a obd machine says po463 and po452. fuel lever sensor and evaportive emiss system pressure sensor.

I just rebuilt the engine and now it turns over and starts but, after running a few seconds, it starts to sputter & back fire. I put it on a hand held computer to diagnose it everything checked out no codes were given all it said was it was 15 degrees advanced I need a little help here

I was driving home from work and my battery light came on and my a.c. stopped blowing cold what does that mean? Will it be expensive to fix?

have had a little trouble with shifting lever button in the past..have recently had all brakes done..vehicle will move very very slowly for short distance then stop..if i re-start vehicle and put in gear vehicle will move for short distance and then stop and when you rev engine seems like it is in neutral,but is in gear...please help can it be sometthig