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i ran out of fuel now it wont start seems to not have enough fuel pressure could a faulty gas cap keep pressure from building up
i have a 2005 expedition and the vanity light and the turn signal lights have stopped working ( at different times) but i have been unable to locate the screws that would allow axcess to these bulbs. I have stopped a...
my 1999 ford f-150 i noticed sometimes i have heat and sometimes i don't, when i play with the temperature control inside the truck, sometimes it changes and sometimes it doesn't. Could u tell me where the heat contro...
estimate replacement of bushing
What does a 100000 mile tune up consist of
bad lines on cyclender so have to replace rack and pinion and need help on the smartest way to do that so pleas help
do you pull the gas tank to replace fuel pump
My 2007 Dodge Ram 1500 would normally get around 16 m.p.g. on back road driving. At around the 36,000 mileage mark it started getting only 13.5-14 m.p.g. with no changes done to the truck. Any help or suggestions on...
1996 VW, Jetta with auto trans: Car seems to " lock-up", the key wiil not turn. The only way to get the ignition to turn is to physically/aggressivly rock the car back & forth while attempting to turn key
During driving, steering exhibits more play than normal
I have to add antifreeze and oil to my car before driving short distances for it not to overheat. There is a residue on the front windshield.
When changing oil & filter where do you turn off maintence light?
I have installed new crank sensor , car starts runs for five minutes or so then shuts down. but with battery charger connected it will continue to run
what is the cost of replacing shift cable