I replaced the alternator and the battery and now the windows, radio and other electrical accessories don't work

it doesnt overheat idling untill i drive it down the road

if i shut the motor off for a few minutes and restart it,it runs ok for a while and then it happens again.

Power steering rack replacement cost

Mechanic ran diagnostic and concluded check engine light was caused by faulty fuel pump and sensor, replaced and after a week the light has come back on.

this problem just started this morning.1/21/12

I replaced the blown motor but I need the exact specs for the vacum hoses.

i got into accident and my left front lights got smashed,
how much will it cost?

Do I have to replace the whole intrument panel, or cluster, and does it cost around 429.00 to fix?

If it will work is there any thing id have to change all help would b great:!!!!

My car would jump out of gear while driving and I could pull over put it in park shut the car off then restart and have no more problems. The last time that happened it was like the transmission got stuck in low gear and won't change out. I was told that it was possibly the computer shift module, what is that?

What could be the sound ? There are no engine codes.

When I fill it up it will only hold 6 or 7 gallons so I am sure it is not empty. Can you help me?

do i have to replace entire cable or just the tip that broke

cost for a replacement fuse battery box and a cable