it looks like the battery is dead but it's not

the bulb burned out and I cannot figure out how to replace it.

I have replaced coil packs 5 times. It seems to be the same one each time. What is the underlying problem?

most times after i turn off the car the key wont come out of the igniotion. i have to try several times and for some time until i can take it out. the steering wheel seems to lock itself automatically when the car is off so i dont know if any of this its normal or if there is a technique as to how to take the key off in this car model.

when turning the key to start check engine light will come on as it should but if it does not go out while cranking it will not start. if it goes out after a second or two it will start.this only happens first start of the day after that it will start all day long

They are expensive at auto parts store. Is there another place to get one.

everything else is greased, and the problem did not go away.

My truck makes a loud rattling noise when I turn the heat or air on.

My truck is hard to keep on the road because there is so much play in the steering. I have a 1994 Chevy Cheyenne.

To get it to kick into gear. This happens every time I start to drive. I have a 1994 chevy cheyenne.

i need to the location of the solenoids on the transmission of my truck

how to clear an airlock on my truck or the cost to have it done

As I was driving up a low grade hill tonight, I felt zero aceleration power but yet the car was still moving! I stepped on the gas, I didn't speed up but yet I made it up the hill. I notice the RPM gauge reved up at this time. I felt like I was coasting the rest of the mile ride home. Stepping on the gas pedal didn't make a difference in the speed that I was going but yet I was still traveling down the road. As I turned into my subdivision which has a much higher grade hill, I shifted to 3rd (I don't know why) and made it up the hill just fine. Please help me...what do you think?

Looking for the toe,and camber settings.

1- bothe fans working and have new motors.
2- new radiator.
3- new thermostat.
4- new water pump.
5- new head gasket.
6- new temp sensor.
the car only run 40,000 mile.