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I checked EGR valve ,replaced EGR modulator and vaccum switch valve.
But engime light still on after running for couple miles.Some one know about this give me advice what is the possible part cause this problem.Thanks e.

change hybird batteries

Can the fuel pump assembly be removed from the tank without removing the tank?

We have replaced the o2 sensors and the battery is good and has a brand new alternator on it. the fuel pump comes on and now the windows will not roll down and the doors will not lock. please help. We were driving it down the road and then the speedometer kept dropping and then the car just shut off.

Where is the oil sending unit located

have over 10 characters in exp. why can't I get through?

Put my car in - they replaced the mass air intake sensor. I had cruise control before they fixed it, but not after. The mechanic said there were two codes on the cruise control before they changed the sensor. I used the cruise on my way to the shop to see what was wrong. Now it doesn't work at all. I am concerned that what they did made the cruise stop working.

What is horsepower of the base model? How do I know if shocks are worn? How much tread depth before tires should be replaced?

what octane gasoline is best for my super coupe 1995

The car also don't seem to run right either, so we just leave it off all of the time. We have about 150,000miles on it now. We get anywhere from 20----30 miles per gal. depending on if heat or air is on, or city or highway miles. This is a lot better then our 95 van that it replaced, it only got 9 1/2 mpg.

ball joints recalled

help w this in 1999 were these recalled

just brought truck has current inspection and lights was working when i got it. drove it for a week and got pulled over for no lights.

The previous owner put a new Tranny in but didn't get the computer re-programed.

Looks like scratches are about 2x2 running top to bottom