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got in truck this morning and blower motor would not work. checked fuse and its good. checked power at motor and has none. checked power at the blower switch and none there. what else would be between the fuse panel ...
weekly and I have no owners manual
No wetness or sweet smell inside the car. Blower works but no warm air. A/C has not operated for over 2 years now if that is pertinent.
i can not get the rear break drum off to replace shoes.
I recently replaced the sway bar linkages and struts on front end of car. Lately when I initially drive the car, steering feels very loose almost like floating. Car has almost 207,000 miles.
my heat is only blowing out on the driver side and cold air on other side with temp up to 80
I have a manual transmission and I have trouble getting into reverse in the cold weather
My 2002 Ford Explorer's 4-wheel drive dash light keeps blinking. Once I had to engage the 4-wheel drive and ever since I did, the dash light will not stop flashing. What do I need to do?
In winter weather, should track be on or off
what is the idle rpm in park and drive.
Truck idles great...Will drive fine then all the sudden when I go to stop it dies. It will start right back up again and drive down the road like nothing happened until I come to another stop. I have a standard tranny...
Is there an inspection plate above the fuel pump in the bed of the van?
where is the fuel pump located in the Cavalier, in the gas tank or mounted on the engine
The trucks engine roars for a minute or two when started then settles down is this a sign of engine trouble ? The brakes squeek when it rains and feels like they have no connection ,I need to pump them up to get the ...