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It seems like it just doesn't want to go up past reverse


replace ac vent door

how to relace the ac vent regulator

ac blow through defrost and floor vents only

I was told there are rings to change. Is that the case? If so what do I have to do?

the chevy dealers here don't seem to know. I need parts!!!

Shop says it is a plugged radiator and that it cannot be fixed but must be replaced at a cost of $800.

While I was driving down the high way my cars speed stated to decrease rapidly, it completly stopped, as I was stepping on the gas petal!! When I tried to start it, it would not start back up at all!! A week before that it over heated but once I turned the car off then back on it worked fine...can someone plz help and explain what happen??..I need a car and need to know what's going on

Check engine light came on and flashing arrow

and the resister the fuses are fine i was told that it could be my switch is this possible

ac on and hot air comes out of the vents

the light turn on after you drive some miles and stay on.

turn key first click all lights come on as always thenturn key all the way (as to start it) and lights dim as always but no starter.everything works fine (except for the fact thatsince it shut down on the frwy it wont start)i do not own a scanner pricing the scanners looks like they are in the range of $80-$300 so i dont have a diagnostic code to give you the caddy has 80,000 miles and has always been garaged and im original owner

I dont know much about struts and shocks or anything associated with them, but I know that when I changed my brakes the shocks were rusted out and that my tires are showing wear from shotty shocks. Do I have to replace struts too? How much does it typically cost? Thank you!