the "check engine" light came on. Now the vehicle is hard to start sometime draining the battery before starting. Once the vehicle starts it surges up and down for a while before balancing out, but when you turn the engine off, it won't restart without jumping it and the "surging" cycle happens again. What can cause this?

they are leaking...

AutomaTic transmission..I have no records of the car,it has 77,000...thanks!

the guys that put body on didnt get truck started. Im not sure all pass lock componet's mach. I put gas in truck and turned motor over but didnt start. What should I do next?

it swtarts right up and fine any other time that we start it up except when new gas gets injected in the tank no matter if its empty or already has gasoline in it.

10 gallons and then 13 gallons. What could be causing this?

This weekend we had 3 days off of school and when i went to start the car it made a slapping noise. I don't know if it had to do with the weather which got down to 8 degreesF several of the nights. Also when i turn it on the economy gage went down to the middle. It was working fine before the break.

i need to know how to adjust the headlights

The devise inside the car does not open the rear lid and I would like to use my trunk for graceries, etc. I've read that it could be a cable, etec. and I really don't want to fix the stupid thing or have to take it in to a dealer (stealer). Can I just by pass all that and open it manually??:"?

When i start it. It runs ok but runs crappy when put into drive.

This noise has been there for a year because noone has the same answer. I have been told timing chain, motor bearings and catalytic converter. The sound when they are under it comes from back of motor where the by cat. Converter and manifold and back of motor.

hubs have been replaced new ones from dodge dealer still sounds like the bearings are bad what else could be?

I need the light to be on to read the position of the auto transmission at night.

My father broke the bracket in half now I ned to replace the whole thing.

do i need torx and hex
or will my standard sockets work
if so do you know what size