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Which driving position should you put the gear in. There are two (D) in the dach board the little one is first and the normal size is second when driving around town which one the drive shaft should be in
heater blows cold air until driven short distance.... This is the thermostat sticking right? I have a 180,000 plus we love our subaru.... Please help.....
HI, my trusty 92 camry le 2.2 liter (180,000 miles) is getting poor mpg (19) mpg (usually 30mpg)it has a very strong acrid odor from exhaust(non-sulpher or not rotten egg smell) NO check engine light and a slight idle...
i put a fuse in for the tail lights and when i turn on the light it blows the fuse instantly
transmision working fine then stopped changing all at once
my 1997 cadillac eldorado is leaking coolant on the passenger side
Car to be purchased used in florida and re- registered in ca. Florida emissions are very lax. Concern is whether it can be legally registered in Ca.
failed to pass emission inspection
turn the key off all lights etc always shut off. I went into grocery store for about 20 minutes came out and my headlights were still on.. How to correct?
got in truck this morning and blower motor would not work. checked fuse and its good. checked power at motor and has none. checked power at the blower switch and none there. what else would be between the fuse panel ...
weekly and I have no owners manual
No wetness or sweet smell inside the car. Blower works but no warm air. A/C has not operated for over 2 years now if that is pertinent.
i can not get the rear break drum off to replace shoes.
I recently replaced the sway bar linkages and struts on front end of car. Lately when I initially drive the car, steering feels very loose almost like floating. Car has almost 207,000 miles.