like when do i have to have it looked at

my cel won't go back off after i replaced the sensors. the top and after conv. sensor.

My engine light came on flashing,used scantool got misfires on cylinder 1&4

I think it is going bad. I had this problem on another vehicle. The car sounds like a plane taking off and it started all of a sudden after the car had trouble getting into reverse. It is switching gears okay with no slips.

just has rear wheel drive . there is no snow button to engage this , check fuses all ok !!!!!

The van just stopped running. Thought I was out of gas but when added it still wouldn't start. Mechanic says it is the fuel pump. Friends are telling me the cost is too much. Advise please.

I have a 1991 Jeep Wrangler 4cycl. I am having problems getting it to start. The engine does turn over. I change out the fuel pump and bought a new battery. I also checked the sparks plugs and wires, all have spark. I sprayed started fluid in the carburator, it does start but kills. Any ideas what I could check now Do you think its electrical (fuses...relays)? Any info would help. Thanks!

new compression related components changed but problem continues

screen for radio/ navi is blank, but radio is working

I have a air leak coming from the trottle body on my truck. only does it when it is idealing. I have already changed my idal control sensor on the back of the trottle body. still doing the same. could it possiably be the map sensor or does anyone else have any ideas.

they work but they won't go off some times the do stop you never know what there going to do.

road side assist jumped car to start, now ac and clock don't work. checked fuses. all okay.

The fan suddenly stopped working on any setting but high. How do i fix this?

That is all I need to know.

That is all I need to know.