Car will not start, most of the time, when it does it will shut off on you or wont start again. It is getting spark and there is lots of pressure in the fuel line. The inertia switch in the back is also ok. Any thoughts?

I have a 2007 nissan versa, making rattling sound all the time.
It has 86K miles on it, bought at 83K.
I had changed the oil at 83K (Castrol edge)and as per the advice, changed my oil with flush (NAPA)to remove the sludge on the oil pump, this time i used Mobil (Advanced full synthetic. I can hardly find 10% improvement.

Please help me.

I have a 2000 Subaru Outback

Cleaned the corroded sensor for code 42

Drove the car on Friday, no problems, parked it in the garage, in the morning on Tuesday, turned the ignition, the car starts making loud noises,but doesn't get the engine going. All the lights on the dash board light up and all the arrows start moving, except for one. The gas gage is stuck on empty even though there is gas in the tank. Checked if any of the lights caused the battery to die, looks like all the lights were turned off, so don't think it's the battery. Does anyone have any idea what this could be?

put key in to see if remote was no good and can't get key back out. would a dead battery do this

i've got fuel to the throttle body but not thru the injectors

only thing is i called dealer for price quote, they said 547.00, can not afford even 200.00 at this time, may i ask, how important is this? i know if belt breaks, it is a new engine repair, i am scared now.

flooded passenger side onto floor coming from fire wall seal near heater core,any idea?

i am somewhat able to use tools and have replaced thermostats on some older cars. thank-you!

When driving in the rain and over puddles, my power steering becomes very hard and I must use all my strength to turn the car. The power steering comes back after a few seconds. It makes it very difficult to control my Hyundai XG350 when parking or turning. What can this be? It only happens when it rains. It started happening that last two years. The car is a 2005.

Rattles when driveing down and wont seal.

The brakes have a loud clunking sound when coming to a stop. I feel it in the pedal too. Never at speed, only 15mph or less when stopping. Two different mechanics have heard it, neither could diagnose it. Any ideas?

First Lexus and I can't find anything in the book.

tires inflated properly. no service lights on.