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I left my Battery off the hook for an hour but when i replaced it, the ESP Light remained on with no action from the ESP botton. HOW DO I SHUT IT OFF?
My front drivers seat wont move forward. When I push the switch the seat moves a millimeter forward and then stops so I know the motor is working. But the seat refuses to go. Can you help me....?
where is the idle control value located...
fuel gauge inop, water temp goes up and then down, oil pressure goes up, and remains in same position regardless of engine speed or temperature, voltmeter goes up and does not move when engine is running. this occures...
need to know how to clear message on dic that states service air bag -air bags have never gone off - no wrecks or damage to vehicle
First time . I already had battery replaced. Lights comes on but vehicle will not start.
The car wants to stall sometimes.When motor is cold and when fuel is less than a 1/4 of tank.Can there be water in the tank.
i drained the transmission from the bottom but i cant find the spout to add fluid now.
the 4 wheel drive will not engage some times. the dash light blinks 9 or 12 times on the 4 wheel drive.
Is the 3.0L an interference motor
i like to know approximately how much will cost to replace timing belt
it seem's to be getting to much air,like the fuel and air mixture is wrong what can i do to fix
Losing Coolant at COP assemply, engine runs fine
When I insert the key it turns freely to and fro without engaging any kind of action to crank the car -- I disconnected the battery because the dash lights won't cut off -- it feels like something is broken in the swi...
what is the est. cost to repair the worn valve guides seals in my 97 honda accord?