Replaced both fuel pumps, lines, filter, MAP sensor, Plugs, wires etc. Check engine light code is 41- PCM or injector module? What is the estimated cost of repair?

While stopping at a light the car engine shuts off. If pulling into a driveway the car engines shuts off. If accelerate between 40 - 50 mph it chuggs but once past 55 mph the engine runs smoothly. If it is cold outside the car starts without a problem if it is humid this does not happen.

It will not start

How difficult is the fuel filter to replace yourself?


It also jumps RPM when speed is maintained. The other day I was driving and the truck just shut down. Had to start it back up. it has only shut down once but seems like the RPM problem happens atleast once a day.

The fuse looks good too. What should I do?

can not get fuel pump to come on even with snap on scanner and code 2b5c is on

When I drive on the highway, I don't hear the noise, but city driving, and I go over bumps, or turns, I hear a spring like squeak. What is the problem?

the passegers airbag light blinks.the airbag is turned off .the light keeps blinking is there something i can try w/o adealer trip

I have been told that it is my BCM which is $800 part from the dealership. Is anyone aware of this or have any other options to get this repaired?

tested antifreze level with tester(self) it showed no level but it has antifreeze in radator. so would i need to add any more ? I understand the factory has it in there.



when starting my car in the morning it tahes about 5 time to start and it has to warm up.i had the airflow meter change at the ford dear and it still takes time to start was told to change the ega

The door controls dont work. When I press the seat heater light comes on but does not stay on. So I figured not the door control since it must have power. What about fuses or any type of modules? Seat was put all the way back and down and left there for several days. When returned it would not move at all. difficult to look under the seat since it is pushed down.