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The passenger window should go down a slight amount when the door handle is used; the window should return to the full up position when the door is closed. The driver side works normally, but the passenger side works correctly only a small percentage of the time. The electric window switch works normally. What is the likely problem and can I fix it myself?

i was told to drive the car and that would reset it

Isn't this a bit early to need rotors?

misses wires are in order

feels and sounds like up front noise only when brakeing. i havnt heard any loud metal noise.

I know some of the newer models need a special tool does this year and model

rpm gauge may rev, car may surge or idle fast with car in drive. It will change smooth then will not change up to overdrive, then later it will change fine.....

I took my car to 50,0000 maintence at dealer. He informed me it was oil change and topping off fluids. He called later to say the computer gave no error msg, BUT I could use a tune up at $600 and front brakes and rotar change $800 and cleaning out carbon build up $850. I said I would just have the scheduled only..and research the rest since the car has no know issues for me and or computer. 2 days later my car started with white smoke. Could just be bad luck??

replaced headlight/signal switch
checked fuses
replaced headlight bulbs
none of the above helped high beams work low beams ni good

what could be causeing ticking sound

I replaced the plugs/wires/ cap/rotor. still after that same issue, firing orde is correct checked 2x. Turns over and nothing,,,i know you shouldn't use quick start but even then nothing...spark from coil nd at#1...but turns over and not even a hint of starting..

After a rainfall water was first found in the access panel for the trunk release. After another rainfall water was found on the driver's side floor board. After reaching up under the dash, checking door seals, and feeling roof covering - it does not appear to be coming through any firewall areas, the door frame no the sunroof.

came back on monday added more oil and came on again tuesday, taking it to the shop

its a transmission part

seems to go away and come back, only seems to affect car when first starting car and does not happen when car is running, and only happens when car is in park after sitting. the button on the auto shifter acts as if it cant go down until i play with it or push very hard. have tried to lube area best i can but doesnt help much. an ideas?? 97 camaro rs well taken care of...