cuando le acelero en la caretera no avanza tengo que acerlo despacio algien save como se regula el ahire y la gasolina cuantas vuelta de el ahire y cuantas vueltas de gasolina ayuda la lleve al smog chek y me le movieron y lla no responde no esta acelerada pero no avansa cuando acelero como antes es cuatro cylindros gracias

Mr car will only run on four cylinders,I have replaced both coils and checked the distributors but It still wont run on all eight cylinders...any advice

I'm getting them replaced but now my low beams aren't even coming on. After reading the forum I see I'm not alone with the headlight problem. Needs to be recalled

Dimmer switch (on turn signal lever), won't dim the dashboard. Also, can't turn on the courtesy light with it. The fuse is good (open door defeat switch, which allows you to remove your doors without the courtesy light on all the time)

Wrangler Sport, manual 6 speed. when transfer case is put in 4wd high, the light on the dash doesn't come on.

Replaced the neutral safety switch due to issues with the radio and power steering and the car started missing at idle. Next codes indicated MAF sensor. I recently cleaned the sensor so I replaced it along with new plugs and wires. No codes but the miss is intermittent at idol and sometimes at start up. If you are sitting still at a stop light the miss will all of the sudden start. If you raise the rpm it goes away. I am wondering if there is an issue with an injector or if the new neutral safety switch is bad. Also replaced the EGR plumbing due to the hoses being soft.

steep by steep directions

when the car running and air con. running too, the engine fan making hi sound ?



jst 2 weeks ago and when new in 07 i bought it it was 3/4 or more and i could feel presure on the pedal the fluid is full and i dont see any leak that i know of now it 2 inch from the floor before presure/change gears...and its much harder to put into gear.

Well, first my fuel pump went out. I figured that out because fuel pressure was reading zero and car would crank but not start. Got that replaced, but then was told the fuel regulator was bad, but was running and drove 10 miles, but was flooding it. Does that make sense?

Borg warner automatic transmission. Recently logging, thru low water, got stuck later and vehicle pulled from woods because no longer driveable.

When it stalls, no compression, and starter seems to go very fast. The check engine light does not staying on after it restarts. No codes. Seems to have much less power. It stalled 3 times last night in a 20 mile commute. The last left me powerless at had to force it into the driveway. I have newish plugs on passenger side, and 130K miles on the drive side (they need changing, but it hard to get in there). Help please. Thanks.

211000 miles and other than 4 fuel pumps and 2 Mass Air Flow Sensors, it has been a pretty reliable truck.1st fuel pump at 2000 miles, 2nd at 65000, 3rd at 125000. The last time it acted like a fuel pump was out it was a $12 relay, not $1200 fuel pump & service. Makes me wonder. But I have to get this figured.

Engine is a 4.0