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An error code is reading P 1739 on my car, what does that mean?
Regular oil cange with 15w40 oil. Vehicle sat 2 days and both batteries dead. Easily started and ran normal. Dead again next morning and after starting found oil pressure while driving at 550 KPA and temperature gauge...
When first starting the engine after setting over night a vibration is felt on steering wheel and floor boards. It smooths out after 15 - 20 minutes & warm engine. Sometimes I feel it when in a dip on highway & suspen...
At first steering would turn very easy one way and most difficult the other. Then it is extremely difficult to turn both directions when sitting on the ground or loaded, however. If you unload the front suspension and...
white smoke blowing out of exhaust pipe
how difficult and time consuming is it to replace the heater core on this car? is there a home kit to discharge the AC or does this have to be done in a shop?
where is the valve cover gasket located at
I have an oil leak in my car. I don't know if it's coming from the valve cover (?) or somewhere else. I know one mechanic wanted to put something in the oil to discolor it...but can I do this myself? I know replacing ...
Looks like my turn signal flasher is out on my Sonata. Whre is it located and is it hard to replace?
how much work is involved in changing the front diff axle seals? is there any place i can get an exploded diagram of how this is done?
what are the odds that flushing the heater core will eliminate me having to buy a new heater core? and when a heater core goes doesn't it usually leak or just break in the fins or welds?
how do I replace the 3rd brake light (center - mounted in the rear window) on a 1999 Chevrolet Prizm? Does it have a bulb?
wont jump or key start but will push start, could it be anything else?
how long to replace blower motor and where is the blower relay/resisiter
i replace timing belt water pump, tensioner, idle wheel, and it continues to shred at about 90. miles. what else could be the problem? i've replaced it 3 times already.