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ETS light stays on

How many mile the Mdx Acura needs to change trimming belt?

when i am driving down the road it use to shift out perfectly. but here lately my engine light doesnt go off.. as soon when i put my key in the ignition the light pops on... i can drive down the road and it shifts out perfect until i get around 39 mph. when it get ready to change out to 3rd gear.. it get to not want to go in gear. it picks up speed real slow. but i dont hear any noise coming from my transmission. but i did had a front seal leak for about a year or two now. but would that seal leak have any thing to do with my transmission not wanting to go in the correct gear at the correct speed.

mechanic said that timing & CRANK sensor is faulty need to be replaced.... is their any other recovery mode.....

Two spring clips attach to opposite brake pads holding them apart. Are they necessary? Is there a trick to replacing them? ie a jig or rubber bands??

I just done the timing on my 96 Mazda mpv van 3.0 v6 it had a missfire on the number 6 cylinder and I took the destributor out and now it got missfire on the number 5 cylinder and the Engin light is flashing to I got crack on the inside under the rotor its on the cover would that make it missfire

Cabin filter

I have 91,000 miles What might be the problem

Where the axle shaft ties into the wheel hub assembly the teeth on the shaft are worn out and i can see metal flakes from the grinding. Does this sound right? Any estimates on cost to fix? THANKS.

Car running fine - just didn't have heat from time to time. Had to add water in radiator - car never overheated and also did not go to red on temp guage. I don't see any leaks but am monitoring everything now - could I just monitor all fluids and run car without replacing the timing cover gasket set? Parts are nothing but labor is outrageous making cost almost $600.

An intermittent grinding noise comes from the rear end. This only happens during a light acceleration - just above maintaining a speed, and only happens between 35 and 45 m.p.h., so it seems to be a harmonic. The effect has been around for over a year, and has not deteriorated (or improved). I have checked the U.J.'s and bearings, they seem to be OK.

Coolant is leaking from top of engine around front of intake. looking for picture oftop of engine

there is no clutch, is the resevior for the brake master cylinder the same as clutch master cylinder res.? do they share?

reset obd for evap monitor

now a/c stopped working. think it maybe electical