Auto down works but auto up does not.

Car runs good otherwise.

My car's display(idrive) cannot come up. It sometimes comes up after a while and sometimes it cannot. I tried the 3-finger reset but it doesn't work.

Took my 01 BMW 740i for smog check. Diagnostics listed about six codes, all sensors. Was told car had a misfire?? The car turns on, but it stales like its runing out if power gas and then all of a sudden takes off as I'm trying to push more gas like a bat out of hell!! Wen its jst parked it kinda shakes a little.when I have extra cash I fill up the tank and it'll drive fine.... Gas is low so ill fill it up again n it'll start acting up again for a few weeks. its a demon car!! I only had money to replace the camshaft sensor n that helped for car recently made a loud hissing noise n stopped stalling but water is leaking or sumtin cause its overheating quickly. Goes thru coolant like crazy! Please tell me way could b the problem so I can figure out how much ill have to invest in it before I can get rid of it.

After thermostat opens on warm up, engines stops completely and suddenly; after letting rest, will do the same thing all over again

I have replaced F/Pump,cranksensor,plugs at a loss please I need help?????

fuze blows as fast as you put it in also no dashlights

Was an intermittent problem now it is permanent

This morning I start my car to warm it up...and left it run for ten minutes..when I come back my car was,t running...but all light were on and radio...was working...Is anibody know what could be wrong with my car?

When I start my 1997 rav4 up after it's been off for an hour or overnight and it makes a ticking/knocking noise. But it goes away after a few seconds and it drives very smooth, and engine sound great. Even when sitting or at stop lights it sounds good, just the first few seconds of starting it up sounds bad.

hard to push break when was driving

Car leaks oil daily.
Car is well care for, 97K miles.
Is this an expected "wear and tear" repair?
I have been quoted $1000K.
Is this accurate?

cant figuire whats wrong with my 1994 expo.engine starts and idles but wont go. wont back up or anything.i heard it could be a tourque converter. do you know where this is located? i have a cell phone number u can text me its 985-590-8107. thanks

Hi, I have a 2001 with close to 250,000 miles on it. Throughout it's life the check engine light has periodically come on and gone back off (error codes were never read). Recently, I acquired the car and when the light came on had the code read (PO420). I noticed a smell around this same time of oil or burning rubber coming in through the vents (mostly when the heat is cranked up). I don't remember a smell prior to the light (but I was driving it more sparingly then in better temperatures). I took it to a local garage and he said to replace the catalytic converter - I asked about the O2 sensors and he said it would not be them. I replaced the converter and within a two months the light was back on. He thought it might have been a faulty converter so he put a new one in. Two months later my light is back on. The mechanic said the next step would be getting the computer replaced at a dealership. How much does this cost and is this the most likely cause of the trouble?

I already replaced the battery but the problem persists. The last time it started I had many errors on the display