i popped the moonroof up and it came off the rail

occured while merging on to interstate. stopped and restarted car and problem stopped

The noise is in the back brakes. It's only when I push on the brakes.

when driving down the road the engine does not get hot but when you stop in traffic the engine starts the heat up and the fan does not kick on to cool the engine back to normal temp but start driving and back to normal temp. could it be a fuse or thr fan relay.

i was installing my dvd stereo and well connecting my ground the interior lights went out also the remote locck

And is it expensive to have fix? I'm a woman and don't want to be taken for all of my change.

would it be 9382835 or 12226956? Do it need progremming?

getting codes p0421 p0700 p1779 p2176 my reader doesnt let me know any codes over po989 would like to find out how to repair the issues that are causing these codes

The car was fully check out by certifed mechanic prior to repair and no other leaks were identified. The underside was power washed off by mechanic and no leaks reported. Repair to timing cover gasket made we drove 10 miles and major power steering leak occured at seal, also power steering hose now has minor leak. Now reported hose and power steering gear box needs replaced.

1. Could the timing cover gasket replacement have caused the problem in some way rupturing the Power Steering seal?

2.Could one replace just the hose and the seal to minimize the cost of this major repair?

Dealership has said (friend that is a single Widow) that by putting the car on the lift for a brake job, that the struts extend fully and can cause damage. And that they are not responsible for any such damage. Is there any "jigs" or other such tricks of the trade to get around this damage risk? Thanks in advance for the assistance.

No problems so far. Have topped off fluids. Bought it used. Timing belt changed at 60k. New tires.

the last oil change I did on my car I used Mobil 1 5w 30 high mileage full synthetic and had no problems....I just did an oil change using Castrol Edge 5W 30 full synthetic and my car is jerking.

How to reset B service alarm after service is done?

Notice that it was on recall in 2009 for this problem. By replacing the power steering pump, will this fix the problem.

While driving truck bucks and make high acceleration noise