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We replaced the battery and the black box has to be hooked
up or car won't start, Is this just a ground ? And can we just
run the wires from it straight to battery since the box is broke?

feels like entire back end going to fall off.. when driving..horrific jerk,,, momentary,, repeats,, dealer says cannot drive it,,,got rental... Dealer wants $$$$ to get me another car.. I feel I should get same car,,poss newer or of equal value,, and no $$$ output....
there is thousands back ordered

When you push on the brake in park, reverse, and drive it makes a rattling sound. it sounds like it is coming from around the pulleys. after idling for awhile the sound goes away. no lights or anything come on in the car to let you know there is a problem. The rattling sound comes and goes but never happens when you are driving.

In addition to a transmission rebuild.

There is no temp sender on this vehicle. Is the engine temp mechanical controlled thru the BCM or PCM? All other gauges work fine and there is no CEL on. It does have the temp sensor at the front of the left head. I know a BCM replacement requires work with a TECH II scanner and online with GM and about $800 at the dealer. Thank you for any input.

after adding 34a air is slitely warm

The maintenance indicator is at 80% When
Should the oil be changed if a year goes
By and it still has not reached 15% for a service

Fuel is leaking heavily from somewhere above the starter (onto the starter) and also drains steadily from weep hole in bottom of bell housing (both only when running). Injector lines are tight and dry at pump and block. Watched from top and bottom of truck. Mechanic ran a scope to the injector pump. Checked pump, connections, and "valley" that pump sits in. Cannot find source of leak. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

I was informed by my dealer that there was a internal campaign from Subaru for the authorize change of the oil pickup tube if a car came in with that specific problem. But now they mysteriously can't find that memo. I am looking for any information pertaining to that memo or number of reference for that memo.

can the oil dip stick be removed by way of the oil pan

code keeps coming up

Does this sound reasonable, and what would an estimate be?

when engine is running it makes a screeching type noise also was told that their is play in the turbine shaft

It wont allow me to go over 55mph without my car jumping. I cant put my car into gear either

does not want to shift in higher gears after 25 m.p.h. and makes whining noise