when you put water into the radiator it goes straight into oil pan. all gaskets have been changed and heads cleaned

hard shifting

i already did fuel filter , spark plugs and wires ,air intake and air filter , transducer "cam sync" , cam positioning sensor . yet i still have an idle issue but no longer an engine light so ???????????????????????? why would my truck idleing so high ?

how to replace

This does not happen in cold weather; only when hot and humid outside.Usually starts right back up again but not always.Fuel pump, MAF sensor replaced already; no difference. Thanks for any suggestions.

Car has been sitting about six months and it needs a new battery

sometimes the van stalls when driving down the road. when driving down the freeway all the gages drop and go back up....

Recently had brakes done and the sound was there prior to that. Breaks were squeaking and still do a bit. We were told that the bushings would need replacing soon. Any connection?

I have a 1994 Jeep Wrangler Sahara w/ manual transmission. The fluid levels are fine. A few days ago when sitting at a light, it would not shift into 1st when the light turned green until it was pushed forward about 1 foot. I thought that was it then it did it again a few more times the following day - again, coasting got it into gear. Same thing then yesterday. I am trying to get an idea about what this could be. Research seems to show me everything from my gearbox to my transmission to it could just be a transmission hose and I should add something called lucas oil. Thanks in advance for any answers and/or advice.

carmd code is po 440

this neva happened before

do you have specs on this?

Dtc14 and dtc26.

Dtc14 and dtc26.

Someone said it could be the reostat switch.Does anyone have any ideas and how do you get to the switch?