The only thing that works is the little button that makes the back of the seatthat makes it hard or soft. Could you tell what the problem is ?

rpm run higher after engine warms up engine begins to roar - this happens all the time - check engine light is on

I took it b4 I bought it to a mechanic who said a few things needed to be done rack and pinion need to be replace eventually some leaking He also said the inner tie rods needed to be replace sooner. He suggested an oil change and tire rotation which I have done. I notice after driving it that to me it runs a little rough so I thought I should do spark plugs and wires + fuel filter or the general maintenance suggested by mfg at 75K What do you think ?

My sunshade will not go up or down. It makes a grinding noise when engaged. If I fiddle with one of the support arms it will work, most of the time but I cant find a manual or specifications for how to repair this problem or turn it off completely.

the automatic door locks quit working when you put it in gear and the dome light stays on is there a relay or switch that controls this all my fuses are good


I just bought this car, the a/c is cooling when the car is stopped, but then quits when I start moving?

Aside from seeking second opinion at another shop, is there a way to discern legitimate recommendation for alignment vs. money making scam?

Thanks so much for your help.

i already have old one out just dont know what kind it is

Drawing details would be appreciated.


I did replace the tie rod ends but does not seem to help

can't find the shrader valve to charge the ac

will start and idle fine blows some smoke from exust/at times difficult to start at times it seems to have starter problems then it will start without issues at times

cable off to reset computer and was told to drive it for a while i did for two weeks took it back to deq and same thing happens still reads unready 97211