put new fuel filter new puel pump and new crankshaft position sensor in it already

with a code of P1128 do you know what that code means please help

Thank You

My friend needs new tires but I noticed 15 inch tires on the car instead of the original 14 inch tires this car is suppose to have,does it matter if we put original tires on car or stick with existing 15 inch size...

The diagnostic code says this is bad. Thanks

Even after jump start, seats will not engage. Anyway to move seat to replace battery without seat motors or is there a reset I need to complete? Have checked fuses, all seem okay.

check engine light came on for 2 weeks, got a diagnostic with the code p0741 but then after 2 weeks, the check engine light went off again. dealership told me i needed new transmission. not sure what to believe. too expensive at dealership to replace.

I have replaces a lot of parts ond the suspension and bought new tires, brakes and shocks. I was told that it may be the rack and pinion. lost

my rear doors will not open from the inside or out...can you help me please?

AC runs all the time, even without the a/c button pushed in. It's burning up my gas like crazy. I read somewhere you can disconnect the power connector to the compressor during the winter to stop this. How do I do this?

when i start it again it seems that car has a hard start problem already...

I changed the spark plugs but no change.

rpm goes high just to maintain 20mph speed....

Years ago I broke off porcelain from the spark plug which fell into the engine. Uses oil ever since. Now it is running roughly, at 72000 miles.

well at around 1500 rpms and at take off my 2002 Cougar with the 2.5L V6 engine missfires and hesitates.I have only 12k on the plugs and coil pack. And I just recently put better wires on it, still have a low rpm miss, and it started happening after I got gas at this one gas station. And at 3 different times the check engine light flashed for about a minute then went off and no codes are stored whatsoever. Can water in the fuel be causing my missfire?

computer scan shows trouble code po440 evap system leak detected