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starting to shift hard when warmed up. has 73000 miles. Is it better to have tranny rebuilt or buy a rebuilt one. price is about double to buy rebuilt one.

The dealer said car batteries die on the lot if the car never gets started,so he jumped it and Everything on the car works great,Bluetooth,dvd,navy,ect.Although I have no sound for anything. I have no idea what this could be.

There is no check engine light on and the only thing I did was an oil change. But, the first time it stalled, I thought I had put bad gas in the car. I poured in some gas treatment. What could it be.

About a month ago, driving at steady highway speed, level terrain, truck goes thump, like a hard shift, then runs normally. This happened a couple of times then one morning the engine died completely. I pulled over, stopped, and the engine restarted immediately with no further problem. Next time I restarted without stopping. This morning it died and would not start for several minutes. Then it started and ran normally. Today the water can light was on while it wouldn't start. No codes displayed except 12, 37, 41 ("battery disconnected" from a dead battery a month ago) which are always shown. Occurs at highway speed, normal engine temp at 200. I filled the tank last week and this morning it was almost full. Engine has about 80,000 miles one it. Any ideas would be appreciated.

i am looking for the speedometer cable where is it and how do i remove it

I,m confused as to where the blower motor resistor is located some say under the hood others say under the dash on the right side which is correct?

the trans seems to have problems getting the shift into 2nd gear to be firm. it acts like it's slipping sometimes and others times it's shifts right in no slipping at all. It's worse when the engine / trans are cold... such as when you start the car for the first time of the day or after it has sat for several hours

The speedometer messes up but then the tranny also goes funny to I'm not sure exactly what the tranny does at that point but I wonder if any one can help me. Are the speedometer and the Transmision connected in some way?

How do you replce it. A photo would help,please.

i put 1500 miles on my car and my obd still isnt ready and i got this long list of times and speeds i have to try to see if will reset or be ready is there another way i can fix this problem

It is leaking in twp areas they told me.

it will run good for about 30 sec and then the light pops on and it runs like its not getting gas you can hit the gas pedal or nothing thanks

diag code P0031

some one didnt know how to change the ignition w/new key. so they messed up the whole housing!

Our alarm was going off at random times so we unplugged the hood latch sensor. We noticed that when we turned the car off the lights would blink as if the alarm was on. The other night we where out and noticed the remote wasn't working and we couldn't lock the doors so we manually locked them. Now we are locked out of our van, the remote doesn't work and the only key we have only fits the ignition, not the doors. Are there any alternatives besides breaking a window to get in?