On occassion there is a popping sound that comes from the rear passenger side of the car. It has happened when coming to a stop or going over a bump (doesn't happen all the time) and the back of car sometimes feels like its sliding (tires are all brand new and that has happened when road is not wet)

i added fluid, bled the brakes, checked roters and pads, occasionaly the brake lamp light will come on

Can move gear shift into & out of Park. Stepping on brake will not start car per manual. No sound turning key in ignition just dead. Saw answers here about getting in and out of park. Can do that but wont start in Park and pressing brake as manual states.

acted as if i had a flat tire i drove it hame it now has a shaking and pulling in the front any ideas what would be broken

I turned off the engine, when I tried to start it again the starter kicks but the engine will not turn over as if it's stuck or locked.

een we stop @ a red light it be shaking an it feels likeis goin to stall

Want to remove head what size socket to use.

I replaced my egr value.and it still not passing emissions test. how do I test it so I know it is working.

Auto down works but auto up does not.

Car runs good otherwise.

My car's display(idrive) cannot come up. It sometimes comes up after a while and sometimes it cannot. I tried the 3-finger reset but it doesn't work.

Took my 01 BMW 740i for smog check. Diagnostics listed about six codes, all sensors. Was told car had a misfire?? The car turns on, but it stales like its runing out if power gas and then all of a sudden takes off as I'm trying to push more gas like a bat out of hell!! Wen its jst parked it kinda shakes a little.when I have extra cash I fill up the tank and it'll drive fine.... Gas is low so ill fill it up again n it'll start acting up again for a few weeks. its a demon car!! I only had money to replace the camshaft sensor n that helped for car recently made a loud hissing noise n stopped stalling but water is leaking or sumtin cause its overheating quickly. Goes thru coolant like crazy! Please tell me way could b the problem so I can figure out how much ill have to invest in it before I can get rid of it.

After thermostat opens on warm up, engines stops completely and suddenly; after letting rest, will do the same thing all over again

I have replaced F/Pump,cranksensor,plugs at a loss please I need help?????

fuze blows as fast as you put it in also no dashlights