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upon reaching operating temp. car iddle fluctuates between 0-1900rpm @ a stop, and takes too long to shift, and if i step harder on gas pedal takes too long to pick up speed.

I was told by the service station whoI know a long time, always fair. That my struts need to be replaced because of rust. $700.00. He told this last month when I replaced brakes. Prior to that he never mentined struts. Never had struts or ball joints replaced 140,000 miles.

can either material or workmanship be responsible

Checked all the fuses and they are okay. Car is overheating due to fan not coming on. any ideas?

i have a 2008 ram 1500 v6 its a 6 speed manual trans does not want to go in to gear if i pump the clutch it will go in to gear i have replaced the master cylinder and slave cylinder found a leak in the hose from a plastic piece that pluged in to the slave cylinder cant figure out what the problem and cant find a replacement hose

how do you take off the fan?

I was stopped at a red light and when the light turned green I stepped on the accelerator and it only got to half way through the intersection when it felt like something "dropped". The engine remained on and the car would not move in any gear (including reverse). The check engine light did not come on and there was no other noises or anything.

The temperature coldness on the driver side is ok and blows cold air but the passenger side is blowing hot air. How do I fix this? Is it a vacuum problem or an actuator?

60,000 miles

im a new owner n cant drive the thing at night till i fix it

i don't know what to do

changed fluid ,whats next ?

The remote still works. The horn still sounds and the lights still flashes when I press the remote. The only problem is that none of the locks on the doors lock. I have to lock and unlock them manually. How do I fix this?

This code is to the Evaporation system to my car. And it has a large leak.

runns rough on hiway can that b caused by the evap code to