Died on me today.Started once I gunned it.Now,won't stay started. Lights etc function.Current on oil changes no engine lights coming on except oil light stays on a little long when you first start but goes off w/in a few secs..been running kinda rough lately..stalled a couple of times now it won't stay running at all if you take foot off the gas. Any idea? Please, help!!!

Rebuilt engine, everything new. Hear a little rattle under the hood but nothing major until today when the rattle became a loud knocking noise. Shut it off right away and had it towed home. Now it won't start at all, will turn over, and I checked plugs and getting fire.

so before this problem it would go into gear easy but the clutch i will let it out but not go any were so was it the right thing to do to change the clutch?

Rear defogger goes out too. blower works on high only. replaced resistor and blower. No good

I cant get the car to start. The spark plug arent firing at all.

I'd like to hook up a diagnostic system to get codes and troubleshoot why my engine, abs light is on, and also the speed odometer doesn't work

where is the front seal located and how much would it cost to fix on a 98 acura 3.2tl. if the level of oil is corrected could it stop leaking on its all

I put too much oil in and now that seal is leaking. if I put the right amount of oil in could it stop leaking on its own. Or could I use some stop oil leak in the oil

we are told that the vehicle takes a special type of fluid but noone knows what it is. thanks so much Cary Dodds

spark plugs were changed and the wires to

i looked under passenger seat and it was not there

Is this normal procedure or dealer fluff

Lights came on on dash for service 4wheel drive, ABS and traction light. Won't go off. Car runs great. Cannot deactivate traction light with dash switch. Any idea what the problem could be. Code reader shows no codes.

PO102,106,121,171,174,300,506,507. where do i start, with the MAP sensor or MAF sensor.

my suburban sems to run out of fuel i have replaced the fuel pump and filter but still seems if its running out of fuel