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Very occasional no start condition, has occured about 8x since owning the car. There is no check engine light. It cranks, but doesn't 'fire up'. It seems as if there is no gas or spark...It isn't the crank position se...
I have 112,000 on my van and want to know if I will create any problems if I switch to a synthetic oil.
My car start and park about 5 min. and the Check eng light on , Check it and find a code P1399 ,after run about 10 min. Turn off the car and turn on again the light come off ? what wrong in my car?
they say I need to fix the Electric Valve Control Unit and the part # is 52108308AB can I see what it look like and how much it cost
I need more info on the MAP Sensor for my Aveo, Manifold Absolute Pressure
Just bought a used volvo engine light came parts place said my car need updates provided by dealer at no cost. Is this true?
The pressure stays at 80psi..engine doesnot seem to be running hot.Is it the sensor or the oil pump?
How do i stop the moisture build up in the engine which i believe is causing the oil to leak from the motor threw the hose which is connected to the air filter ? The oil look like its mixed with a thick yellowish ooze...
My steering wheel whines and sometimes there is a clicking noise when I turn. Help.
Front signals work normal. Both rear signals come on with either the left or right signal on and everything quits when I apply the brakes. Suggestions?
The lights keep blinking and running my battery down. Can't get CD's out or in.
Passenger side duel climate control is stuck on full hot. Does not respond to set temperature. Driver side works fine.
About how much fuel is left in the tank when the Low Fuel Light comes on?? Thank you
How do i stop oil from getting in my air filter ? the oil is coming from the hose that is connected 2 the engine block leading 2 the air filter . For sum reason itz getting alot of moisture build up.
I have 2001 Camry and I was trying to replace the air filter under the hood on my own. But when I actually looked under the hood, there were too many things attached to Air Filter box and it was not very easy to repla...