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won't start, no gas. Replaced the fuel pump still no gas.
could it be in the anti theft fuel shut of system?

my check engine light is on due to insufficient air flow, is that sensor, only code Egr system

oxygen sensors are out

will not unlock with the key

on my 2005 sc430, REAR BUMPER, there was a separate piece approx. 3" x 8" that snapped into the bumper, thus making the rear bumper ''whole" with no holes, except for the 2
screw holes for the license plate. without this component, there is an opening in the bumper which reveals the foam core, etc. on the bumper itself. does any one else also have this component on the bumper? if so, can you help me with a photo of your rear bumper showing the bumper to be one whole piece with just the
two screw holes for the license plate. please help! thanks so much!!!!

The check engine light comes on and off about every 5 to 7 days. During the week I only drive 14 mi a day. When I drive on weekend @ interstate speeds, check engine light will go off. When I run the code--it says--catalyst system, right bank, underperformance. What is this? and a estimate of repair would be helpful?
car has 185000 miles on it. it gets regular maitenence.

I do not want to have a breakdown when I am traveling on vacation.

starts to vibrate a little and bucks. Could you please tell me what might be wrong.

it went from getting 18 to 19 mpg. down to around 12 mpg. has anybody had this happen and found what caused it?

the flange on the strut assy - where the spring sits- is touching the tire .

What does the malfunction indicator lamp come on? Sometimes it goes away and then comes back.

backup lights don't work, i have changed the switch and different bulbs, no results

I replaced front & rear break pads on my 2005 Mercedes E500 at 28000 Miles. The car has now 48000 miles & the MB service rep. tells me that I need new rotors & pads again. How long should these breaks last?

It wont move back or forward and now the stering cloum wont work

I cant make any adjustments to temp.temp is "stuck" on 73 degrees. Can't adjust fans, temp control. Can't engage the defrosters, etc. What does it sound like? Thanks