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The Heater fan stopped working. I think the module is bad and needs replacement. I took it off and cleaned it. How much to purchase and replace the module
when i turn on my honda it vibrates until it gets warm...... what can that be??
Rear brakes have been replaced but they squeel when stopping at any rate of speed
My mechanic said the engine must be pulled out to replace the oil pump. Is this true and if so what is a fair price for repair?
I had the transmission replaced at 120k miles, now at 161k it wont go into reverse or kick into 1st gear. It is an automatic 2002 V6. Is this another transmission failure? is there an alternative fix? Is there a t...
recent oil change from dealership had included inspection and they found out my car needs front brakes, rotor rear and leak boots
Looks like the fan is not coming on when the engine is idleling or when the temp gets around 200
I put on a K&N 57 Series FIPK air intake and a 2.5 cat back exhaust on. Now the car surges and misses under hard acceleration. I have only had the check engine light come on one time and then it went back off. I am Co...
I can feel the heat but the fan has totally quit at any speed. Previously it would cut out but mostly ran. could this be the resistor or the heater blower fan? thanks
how mush will it cost and what exactly do I need to replace?
How Much does it cost to change a motor mount
when I first start up my oil pressure indicator pegs out on high and only moves slighty after warn up
I am having a noise under the vehicle that sounds like its in the center just in front of the driver (under the engine). It is a 'revolutionary' noise that sounds like a low 'thump, thump, thump'. I took it to a pep...
I had the master cylinder replaced, the pedal was mushy and that was the diagnosis and the dealership did repairs for about $500. 6 months later(7,000 miles) it was making noise and I guessed it was brakes. I took it ...
trasmission willnot move care.