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I can play music over my I Pod, the display of what song is playing showd in the dash but not on the enterntainment screen. Does anyone have a solution for this problem
Car parked at hospital deck. Drove car about 50 yards and heard grinding sound. Saw flat on front right tire. Changed flat to spare tire & parked at deck again. Then saw spare tire was now flat - seemed fine before. W...
Losing coolant at COP Assembly engine runs good
I replaced both of my wifes speed sensors and now the instrument panel don't work and it still shifts funny how do I fix that?
Air in cooling system. How to get it out of system?
Heater fan sometimes is inop other times it works. But there is always cold air comming out back air vent. Also passenger door soft close is inop.
When I fully turn my steering wheel as far as it goes I hear a single loud popping noise. Also if I park with the front wheels turned they look like they're slightly rolling over on the side wall of the tire.
when backing out of a parking spot the other day, my trucks breaks went all the way to the floor and the truck rolled back about 2 car lengths before the breaks cought rather abruptly.
i hear this tapping like when you warm up the truck but it does not go away. could it be that i need to replace the oil pump
If replacing a rear engine and transaxle mount (drivers side) should the other engine (front) mounts be replaced at the same time?
I have a 2004 Gmc Envoy when I turn on the heater the compressor clutch stops then starts again, also at the same time the idle on the truck changes and tries to stall. It does heat also when I use the a/c it does the...
Is the gear shift tied into your brake lights not working?We were told this.All lights work except brake lights.
is not turnig on
the car is been parked for almost a year now it start and idels normal when i try to drive it no acceleration and i see no warrning coming on every thing seem normal what could be the cause
the dash guages abd heating/ac array won't work. It appears that a ground short may be the problem as they came on and then went off when i put it in drive. ground short possible on wire in bundle from under back seat...