Is Their a DSpecial Tool to take off The Air Intake Tube..? Because It has Very Little Room For Hands..
If Their any Way Possible That I Can Get a Diagram of the air Intake, and Throttle Linkage as itCome off of the Accelerator, and Goes into the Firewall to Connect to The Pedal...?

both oil lines leak and need to be replaced

po121 code and i have rechared tha air filter and replaced the throdlle pedal and i clerd the code but it comes on and go out and on for a cuple days now? also i took the throdle body apart and it was clean. what in the world could it be thanks

its making my belt jump off the crankshaft pully. how to fix?

the hood keeps blowing as soon as the key is turned on. I thought it might be the fuel pump overloading the circuit so I removed the fuel pump fuse. The PCM fuse still blows. Any suggestions?

ok my cars rear airbags were out we found a bad fuse and that is fixed but before that was fixed it was riding really rough because of airbags went over some railroad tracks and it died have reset the fuel reset button and still wont start what else could it be? It shows 0 fuel but it has fuel.

coolant amount

I have replaced the two main drive shafts, rebalanced the tires (several times), replaced the steering damper. The vibration seems to be less when the gas tank is full...but still there. Under acceleration tit is less and increases when the weight is transferred to the front when letting off the gas???

valves rattle & no power to pass

The back A C unit stopped blowing cold air and the right side back carpet is now always damp. Right side damp.


The back A C unit stopped blowing cold air and the back left carpet is aways damp !

one minute they work the next they don't. All go out at the same time

brake light in back left side keeps going out

the dealer replaced this fuse as it was giving false codes on a vac sensor and ox sensor . I would like to get a couple of spares with out getting to it .manual just list fuse doesn't say amps just location and is difficult to get to?
fuse block passanger side page 6-62 owners manual.

Alterantor has been chcked and is fine and battery is brand new and once it lost chrage it won'tcharge back up. second new battery.