Also, Ford refers to them as BULBs. Are we talking about the entire unit?

i need someone to please tell me where can i find this heater blower resistor switch at thanh you.

broke cable on ele. window

My trunk release was working fine last night. This morning it would not open my trunk. It will unlock the trunk but it will not open! When I push the button I can hear the lock release and it will seem like it is going to open but it is almost like the lock is stuck and will not fully open. Please help!

And Where Are They Located
I Can Only See Two Screws That Look Like Adjustment Screws
And I Thought There Should Be Four

While driving at all different speeds the speedometer will drop and engine is like its not in gear than all of a sudden it works again the engine does not act up all the time when the speedometer quits Seems to happen when car is warm/hot not cold also the gas gauge drops to e when this happens
Has anyone ever had this problem or know what causes it ?

where is the blower motor located in this vehicle

While driving, suddenly the windshield wipers go on, car seems to go haywire, then dies and battery immediately dies. Had alternator, battery and relay switch replaced. Didn't work, less than 12 hrs after, dead again.

Should splicing the wire and/or replacing the sensor cost $587? He also estimated $300 to replace the rear shocks. I'm shocked!!!

Auto store told me there was one above the gas tank and this was the one that needed replaced. We looked above the tank but couldn't find anything like it. I went online and all I found was that the part was in the engine compartment near the intake manifold by the throttle body. Any advice??????

my cable broke

I cannot find the service "schedule" in the documents that came with my vehicle. Is there a rule of thumb?

SUV has 87,000 miles

It started after i had my transmission cooler lines replaced, thought it might be the PCV valve so i changed that but it still does it but not as loud. It usually startes around 35 mph and it goes with the pressing of the pedal.The original problem was that the check engine light came on and the dealer stated that it needed a software update. They also did that when they changed the lines.

The casing around the ball joint is supposed to have 2 straight edges in the inner part. Then you can remove with a special tool. But this inner tie rod end is completely round. How do you remove it.