how much should it cost

all forward gears work very well. when it slips out of reverse (for maybe a quarter of a second) it recovers.this happens approx. every 6 or 8 feet of travel. i changed the filter...didn't help.

i have a 1995 geo prism heres my problem when im driving it is all over the road ive replaced the half shafts along with wheel beerings at the frt of vehicle its like its not tracking right when i go over a bump in the road the rear of car feels like it wants to go all over the place and when it rains real danger to drive its hard to keep in its own lane i noticed in the back there are adjustments similar to the frt tie rod adjustments what are the specs can i adjust them 1/8 inch in or out on each wjheel

When I flip my turn signals on it makes the ticking noise but the lights do not flash. And now when you engage the left signal my emergency flashers come on.... Any suggestions??

The oil light came on and with in three seconds the car died in the middel of the of the road. i think that its the top of the oil pump but i would really lovr to know before i tare haft th car apart

Is their adjustment to make it not so sensitive to hills or wind.
Thank you
Richard Drewieske

I have had it "fixed" 5 times in the last two years and my engine light still comes on. I get it fixed and is good for about 2 weeks and then I her a small hiss and pop and then the light is back on. It started with a small leak and has gone up to a large leak. Is there some kind of blockage or something else causing this?

2000 pontiac bonneville

Leaks when it rains

The seat belt warning light does not come when I start the car and belt no fastened. The warning light is visable when the key is turn on (not started)

serious grinding noise when moving slowly

The light was rosey red for a couple of days and now it just flickers and goes dead. There is no high beam now either

Replaced water pump 2 months ago and it was fine until now

Tires are not rubbing anything and just had all tires replaced and there didn't seem to be any problem with the wheels. Do you know might be causing this sound?