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i need information on changing the clutch
my radiator is loosing coolant and we put a pressure test on it and it held pressure. the oil looks fine and there is no leaks on the ground. we was wondering if maybe it has something to do with the freeze plug?where...
the air suspension drtvers side is blown out but i have no other way to work i need to know where i can order the part and my son can put on its awful driving it im tring to avoid bumps please some one give me hope,i ...
I have 2003 Kia Spectra 5 speed w/11kK miles. I am getting a high pitched whine that becomes noticeable at around 35mph and get louder as speed increases. I can push in the clutch at highway speeds and the whine goes ...
Battery died over the weekend on my 2002 Silhouette, so I had to replace it myself. Now my Traction control and ABS are off. TCS reset button does nothing, and it appears my fogger light might also be off. The fuse ...
scheduled Maintenance
Problem only once. Car would start ( engine ) but when you tried to go forward or reverse it would appear to put on the brakes and not move. The engine would only idle. With thmy foot off the acceleraton the car would...
The car I drive does this at all times when applying the brakes. My email: Thank you.
when you give car gas or driving and go faster ...the egr valve is getting exhaust out of it...which is making a loud noise??? cat. converter be cloged??
i need to replace the spark plugs. what is involved?
Hi , Best fitting spark plug for 2002 C 320 wagon
MY 2007 ram 1500 just started this, when I step on the brake pedal an indicator alarm goes off, but I get no lights and the truck seems to be running fine.
Since Saturn has gone out of business, I went to an authorized GM Dealer for service who charged $350 plus tax for: anti-freeze (coolant) replacement, brake flush and air filter. It that a rip-off or reasonable.
there is no fire at the plug for the fuelpump and we checked the fuses and relays for it also.
my heater does not work unless my van is at a constant 3000 rpm stop and go it blows out cold air what can i do to fix that