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car ck engine light
would not come on durring smog test failed

this only does it when between 40-65mph. if you accelerate or let up a little it stops. no problems below 40 or above 65. It sounds like when you run off the edge of interstate and run over the warning indentions to let you know you are running off road. when it happens very often the abs & brake lights come on and stay until you shut off ignition.

idle is to high

son ran car out of oil,battery says 12.72 volts, but starter just clicks

I have error code P0420. Toyota recommended replacing A/F ratio sensor on bank 1. Did not fix the problem. Next recommendation is to replace cat converter. The car has intermittently shown this problem for the last 150K miles, about once a year. Based on what I have seen on forums, this problem is common, and often requires replacing parts until it finally goes away. There does not seem to be any clear methodology to diagnose the problem right the first time.

..960. Cost $1600!
Have now driven ab. 300 miles and still 4 things on the test gauge show up negative. Mechanic keeps telling me it's because it's a European car. Is this true?

Mechanics are getting too

my van overheated not familiar w/where parts are

my van overheated not familiar w/where parts are

it seemed to get better as it warmed up now it backfires and it doesn't want to start. Ive changed plugs and wires no help if I do get it started its very rough idle and no power when i put it in drive

it looks that it appear mainly at the first start,
please your advice.

just want to know more about the short code. i use the same car

In an older car I would say the condenser was going bad. Static and rough idle happened at the same time.

i bought a used 2008 Toyota Camry hybrid from America and discovered that the engine has experience over heating and also the inline-4, Atkinson cycle has also melted before the arrival of the car. please what could be the cause of these problem and how can one fix it

what does 2007 honada pilot transmission looks like