Hydraulic fluid pumps out of the breather that is on top of the unit behind the transmission. It looks like it is a seperate unit between the transmission and transfer case. I might be wrong and it might be part of the transfer case. But does anyone know why hydraulic fliud would pump out of there? It drains the resivoir. I think it only happens at higher speeds. Please help!

1.I have to manually lock/unlock back doors and rear access.Fuses look good. 2. Rear view mirror (inside) no longer shows its digital readouts: temperature or compass.
Where's the problem, and how to tackle it. Thanks.

how to drain transmission fluid for a 1991 300e 4matic Mercedes Benz. If i have to much fluid in it can this cause belt not to turn??

I been trying to put power steering fluid in my car but i can't find it where is it at?

I took off all the bolts that it is held by. There is no movement on the removal of it not. is there something I should try to get it off or should i keep yanking on it and hope it comes free? please anything will help.

i need to replace it or can it be fixed

Code P0440 Evaporator i can't remember but i'm shore you know lol.. how much would that cost me to get fixed

It cranks and starts up the first time out and dies, after that it just turns over but will not start up.

I have tryed to reset it, its keeps displaying Low washing fluid. I hit reset and it's still there?

or answers?

affected vehicle systems including , transmission shift when down shifting, electronic stability control, odometer, speedometer and the cruise control not working, rpm unstable. engine shuts down often when coming to a stop. .brake fluid motor runs loudly on and off when breaking. computer diagnostic just indicate no communication with brake. Hyundai mechanic cannot define problem! he says it COULD be wheel sensor. no diagnostic codes! what to do?

i just had the plugs and wires and fuel filter replaced and drove about 10 miles and the light came on again and it's sputtering a little bit

when i crank up my car it starts to idle up&down and soon as i out it into gear it starts to try&kill on me and start shaking a little&then it will die on me.also my check engine light is on and the triangle with the arrow symbol came on can you please tell me what is going on.the problem jus started right after i put cicle k gas in my car i tried to crank it up after 8 hours of filling up.

they were dim now not working at all

its the button in the glove box? when I turn the ignition it says check track..