problem. How is this done?

My Car Reservoir is empty but when I open the cap it is full of coolant because I put some in there but its not going down. How do I fill up the reservoir tank if it doesn't allow me to put any coolant in the opening on the reservoir tank?

the car ran very good and the mann took realy good care of it.

I need to replace my starter and this is the first time and I don't want to take it to a shop.

the color of the wires are a different color on the after market piece then on the original one. Do you know how to get wiring correct

Need to repair or replace it.

02 Ford Escape 3.0l B1S2 oxygen sensor. I 've gone to 4 different mechanics some say before and some say after the catalytic. I've changed out 1 after the engine going toward the muffler I dont see any sensors after the catalytic. The check engine keeps coming back after cleared with the same sensor error. The last mechanic I saw after installing the new sensor said the one by the radiator needs to be replaced. I located it but cant reach the other end of the cable. I moved the battery out of the way. Where is it located and how can I replace the B1S2 oxygen sensor?

how do I get the brake assembly off

and recharge ac system on a 1998 ford f-150, 4.2 six cylinder.

I found it under the car but it goes up into the passenger side of the car. How do I get to it from inside the car?

I want to find it and replace it. There is P0446 code on my car. I changed Canister Vent Valve Solenoid, but it still on. Thx

The problem has been there for a bout 2 months now. It just keeps blinking and it makes the engine sound like it has asthma.

I don't have any money to through at it so I have to pin point the problem and fix it. I'll have to pawn a chainsaw to pay for the part. Any ideas?

I just want to be able to remove my sunroof and realign it so it lies flat. I don't even care if it works anymore. The sunroof sticks up at about a quarter of an inch and drops down on the opposite side about the same height. What tools do I need and how do even approach this? Consider me a beginner, please. Thank you!

We just purchased this vehicle. It has the five manual transmission. All the doors auto lock ok except for the front passenger side. We can hear the relay clicking continuously trying to lock the door. Manually locking the door does not stop the relay from clicking.

The other issue is the driver's door will not unlock properly. In auto unlock mode, all the other doors unlock properly, but the driver's door will not. It cannot be unlocked using the door switch or manually. We have to put the key back int the ignition and turn it a couple of times, until it finally unlocks. Other than this, we love the VUE. Any ideas?