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dont know mush about it purchased vehicle at an auction . when bringing it home had only driven it a few minutes oil started coming out had to have it towed . wanted to know what any one thought before having anyone l...
I went to get my emissions test run and it failed due to the check engine light not coming on when the key is in the acc location. anyone know what's wrong or how to fix it?
my car sputters every once in a while when i have the a/c or heat running going +45mph. Im having a hard time finding a solution.. HELP!!!
how do you set the door lock numbers
Other 3 doors work fine. My mechanic cannot open the drivers door at all to remove the door panel toget to the inner parts to the door.
i want to disconnect my front abs, pulling the fuse doesnt work? what eles can i do
It started 3 days ago when I went to cross the interesection, my car stalled on the road and had to press gas to make it go and it backfired. Now I have replaced the air filter, spark plugs, the wireing for the spark ...
It will not start the car? How can I remove the keyswich and replace it what tools do I need?
I drove my car 1600 miles all was fine when i got home, I replaced the tires, and got it aligned. I watched as the mechanics used a hammer and hit the underneath of my car repeatedly. Atho shocked I drove away afterwa...
It will not start the car? How can I remove the keyswich and replace it what tools do I need? Or ignition lock cylinder?
pin rusted off on right. should tailgate slide over off of left pin for removal?
Where is the fuel pump located and how can I access it.
Where is the power steering rack located? Could it be damaged by sliding into a ditch?
My 02 camry has driven in only warm seasons throughout it's life. I'm moving to Wisconsin so should I buy All season or Snow Tires for winter driving?
I've asked a number of knowledgeable mechanics and we're all stumped. Figure this one out and you win the cookie. :) Symptoms: At normal driving temperature, the temp gauge fluctuates between "Normal" and "Red Zone....