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Motor started then died at start up. Tried to start the motor again and would not crank. The motor turns over but sounds like there is no compression. It has a free spinning sound.
02 BMW 330CI ac fuse # 28 blows constantly. Replaced the final stage resistor and still pops the 5 amp fuse. What else could cause it to blow? AC compressor is working fine. AC cools when fuse is intact.
has a oil smell when warmed up
I have a '02 Dodge Ram conversion van. I rolled down the window because of frost and it won't go back up.
The hex thread assembly on the motor crank arm keeps loosening, causing the whole motor crank arm assembly to slip off the motor. Other than continuously tightening the bolt,what are the options?
the head lights wont dim . I was told that a front light control module needed to be replaced. where is it located at & where can I find one at a reasonable price.
i replaced water pump, radiator and radiator cap and still the van takes about a 1/2 hour of running before the heat comes out properly - starts out cold, then luke warm to hot for seconds, then back to cold, but stay...
why does the rear suspension always appear to below in the mornings, but once you start the car the rear end rises to a normal level.
put it 4 wheel and i get binding , dose not do it in 2 wheel. have replaced front wheel bearing, can not see any thing broken . do not know what to look for now
Had high pressure power steering hose replacecd. They got power steering fluid on the torque converter. Looked like a radiator over heating mist when engine stopped.
I recently had to work on my key cylinder and had removed my air bag. Now I've put it all back together and the service air bag is on with the dash light is this a program problem
How do I set the radio stations on a MBZ stock radio?
Please tell me how to fix my windshield wipers. They just stopped working today. I can hear the motor in trying to go.
Keyless remote will lock door but won't open the door. I changed the battery but that didn't help. It is a GM 15186200.
Is there a 100,00K mile check-up for a 199 Buick Century? If so, what exactly is taken care of? What's the cost likely to be?