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it starts and runs for a second or 2 then dies we put in a brand new fuel pump and ignition control modulator it is a pontiac grand am 2.2 liter it has new spark plugs and plug wires we tried the fuses we tried taking the battery cables off and letting it sit for a while and it is still doing it what are we overlooking? it is getting plenty of gas and has good gas pressure it starts and runs for 2 or 3 seconds then dies it has me puzzled can anyone

i am replacing a faulty alternator.

driving car and clutch peddle went to the floor,resivoir was empty,filled with brake fluid,how do i bleed it,and where is bleeder located???

this started as an intermittant problem and the cluster would start to work if the car warmed up or was restarted etc. no more.

all rear lights work when I turn on head lights tale lights dont work

I have a center tank and we're considering cutting through the floorboard to gain access so we can replace the fuel pump. It won't run and we can't work on it where it's parked. I also need to know what part of the top of the tank the pump is in so we can cut in the right place.

my soft top doesn't work properly and when I open the doors my windows go all the way down instead of just a little.

Why is the Passat TDI not listed in the Select Model Screen???

miss in at idle.

Opens completely except for the top cover won't go down and going up it stops just prior to connecting with the windshield. Is there a manual override or system so I can get it to a shop?

Light lit about 5 days ago. 2 days after replacing cap light still on. Where to look for leak next?

25,000 miles on the vehicle. How long does the battery last on average.

Muffling noise , lack of power, seems to be getting worse.

drives fine for a while then starts to sputter and sometimes dies. it acts like it is not getting fuel. changed air filter, fuel filter, fuel pump. Did not help at all. even if you rev it the rpms do not move when it is acting up. now it is starting to smell like something is burning and the heater will start to blow cold air. can't afford to keep guessing. need help

I was working with the batterie and main fuse box. Is there a fusible link right at the neg pole on battery?
Just a black fat section of wire. I have checked all fuses.