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Bought car a few months ago. Ran o.k. and passsed inspection....has 162,000 miles. Noticed a small coolant leak that was dripping from the drivers side corner of the radiator. It was apparrent the source was in another location after experiening a much larger leak in the area under the waterpump. I refilled the radiator 3 times and still couldn't pinpoint the exact location of the leak. The car did overheat, and I am praying that the head gasket will hold out. A couple of people that know more about repairs than I do, both agreed that the w/p is the culprit if you cannot locate the source of the leak, b/c the fluid will be coming from the weep hole. When removing the top hose, the PLASTIC radiator nipple broke off in the hose so I was going to put in new pump, radiator, and all hoses while I am at it. Another mechanic I talked to said it might be a freeze plug that let go. That would make sense, if there is a plug behind the w/p on the block, cause that's the general area where the coolant appeared to coming from. I can only see 1 plug on the intake side of the block, as everything else is blocked from view by manifold etc. Any ideas or thoughts would be appreciated. I was having a hard time getting the w/p bolts removed and heard that there are special modified tools required to do this job. I purchased some wobble ratchet extensions, hoping that will get me the proper angle to remove the bolts. This is a great car and I miss driving her already. Thanks.

checked the fuses, tried unplugging the battery,

Air bag light on , No trouble code present.

first work when close the door couple of times

Have done the Tacoma

lose power when i accelerate. and suffer from power loss

AC charge is fine.If I put 12 volts to the clutch AC works fine.I checked switch on dash controls it is good.It doesnt have low pressure cut off switch as far as I can tell.I can unplug relay and use a jumper wire and it will engage clutch.I tried another relay and it didnt work.

It only happens when I turn left and pours out through the passenger side under the glove box and through the side of the driver's side. It just started this week...

My system is empty and i need to know how much freon to put in.

Tech says to replace the "switch". I couldn't locate a part called backup light switch on the Ford parts site. Am I looking for the wrong part or is the part listed as something else?

You can hear the same noise when going around a turn at slow speeds.

my heater blend door needs to be replaced how do i do it?

The # 5 15 amp fuse position.This has begun recently. I have gone through 5 fuses. The fuses only last about 1 minute then I don't have any trun signals.The 4 way hazard flashers work fine.

Cant find the part on the car

Have replaced the rear shocks, made sure the rear wheel bearings are good and tight. When I turn a corner or turn and twist the frame a little, there is a klunk in back. Sometimes you can feel like something is moving just a little. That is why I thought it could have been the shocks or the wheel bearings. Does anyone have an idea about this???