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car will crank unless gear shifter is moved forward and back in either park or neutral, is there a sensor, and where is it, can't find it
When braking, I hear a clunking noise. If I am going over 40 mph, it will make the noise when I get to 30 mph. If going between 25 and 30, it will do it when I get to 20 mph. It is consistant and does it every sing...
Problem occurs after car has been driven about 3 miles and is noticeable by a noise like a squeal. Noise stops when oil fill cap is removed. Car has 105,000 miles.
all i want to know is where to get a transmission dust cover from other than a junk or chrysler itself
How much approx will it cost to get timing belt replaced on 2004 Dodge Grand Caravan
Service engine light and power train light is on.hesitates on acceleration.
Third brake light not working. Have changed the complete unit. Where can I buy the wiring harness it plugs in to
I recently had an o2 sensor replaced, now when I go in reverse the vehicle stalls and when I am driving there is a slight shaking and the engine feels like it is going to stall when stopping. It does not occur every ...
In cold weahter my car takes an longer to turn over than it does in the summer months. it is about 4 seconds to the less than 1 second in the summer. Should i have the altenator or battery replaced, they are both orig...
I received an estimate of 500-850 for a head gasket job on our 1994 Chrysler Lebaron, is that estimate to replace both head gaskets or one?
When i turn the head lights on, i get a warning message and a beep, check the left corner light. The message goes away after a few minutes, and there is an "!". thank you ashwini
There are a few times where the Uplander won't start. I actually have to rev the engine to get it to start. Any idea what may be causing this? It's under warranty but when I take it into the shop it doesn't do it s...
I have two leaks on my 2002 bmw 745i. One is the alternator block plate gasket cover and the vaccum pump on my passenger side brakes. I need an estimate for repair if possible
Was wondering about an exact price?
dealer said i needed new strut to fix this. let them replace strut but it is still happening on a daily basis. on rough road it sounds like a case of bottles when you shake then. dealer cannot find problem.