I have changed the head lights but not the rear lights. Please advise ........ thank you .......

The car has only 34,000 miles on it and never had the antifreeze changed, drive it only in good weather

ball joint look like they are pressed on.

I was told I needed a guage cluster but I can not find that in your estimate section. I was also told it my be the pcm but I can't find that either. I am not sure I want to sink alot of money into this car. non of my gauges are working.

This is a friends car, I am out of state, she is experiencing oil leaks after an oil change, on passenger side of vehicle.

where is tne shift lock located on my 300 lexus 300

Can't I just loosen the serpentine belt and remove the bolts holding the alternator in place to switch it out? Saw some other answers talking about lug nuts and other parts that don't appear to be in the way. Note: I am assuming alternator because one by one electrical items (i.e. radio, then power windows) stopped working while car was running. After a few minutes the car finally died and will only click when cranking. I assume it is the alternator.

all gauges are irradicate

Removal of wheel is not as simple as old cars because of air bag. Any suggestions?

My tranny went out and when I started the truck to back it up for the tow truck, my engine revved up and pegged the tach.. after turning off the truck and restarting it, it ran right but the tach meter is pegged all the way to the right(5 oclock position) After the tranny was fixed it was still pegged, and then I had to also replace my battery.. truck is running fine except for tach...

or to check to see if the starter is out completeley? we just replaced the alternator then after that the car wouldnt start the guy at the parts stoire said maybe it just needed to be wiggled???

how much do they charge (labor) to do these repairs, including regular oil change

whines and starting to make louder noise, right front

I need to see the entire purge system on a 2006 cobalt lt to see the first and secondary purge control valve

right rear was draging defective?