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When we turn on the air conditioner, only hot air comes out.

I don't have a manual so I don't know if there is a special kind of oil and how much the car will hold.

my 2009 started to sputter two weeks ago. I thought it was bad gas but soon realized it was not.

It is worst between 1.5 - 2.5 RPM's.

What causes this?

I have had this happen a couple times. I return to the car and find the fan blowing and the key is in my hand. the battery is dead and to the point it wont start. If I jump it it will start and run ok. Once stopped, you take the key out and the fan continues to run. after a few days it works fine, but have to disconnet the battery. Took it in for service and of course wont do it for them.

som of the wires are torn off inside the body cant get to them any sugestions please

i put a transmision pan gasket on it and now after putting it back together it wont go into gear

It just gives a clicking sound.

when i turn the key without turn it on and put it on neutral then turn it on it will shift. also the same day the radio, clock, the switch to unlock the doors, and button to open the trunk don't work. what could it be.

How do I secure or if need new one, how do I install and secure to block.

what company offers an extended warranty for my 1993 sc300 with about 152000mile

From cold engine runs on all 6 cyls, but once warm it mis-fires on 2 cylinders. Have replaced coils, and HT leads. What next?

how can i make sure i installed it the right way?

Periodical symptoms:
1st- while driving on the freeway my van will shift out of overdrive for about 4 to 7 miles and then correct itself.
2nd- as I start to run the van the gear will snap at low gear. Also notice gear takes a little longer to change.

i open the hood and look at the engine. where is the pcv valve located

a triangle sign with an exclamation mark appears, check engine light on, DTR, SRS ABS light are on. Suddenly happened. Radio and head and tail lights are okay.
Can you tell what all this means and is the car worth fixing?
Thank you