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My alarm went off for no reason. Cant get the alarm to shut off or my car to start. When attempting to start the car the lights, radio, ect will come on but engine will not start
problem happened all of a sudden. when in park or doing so engine idle sputters. more like up and down idle. when coming to a stop at a light or waiting for the light to change... idle rise and drop, and stall. while ...
no spark from the plug wires
engine turns but wont start what is the most common problem
how to do you replace a oil filter switch and were is it loacated and what tools to use.
The check gauges light went on and it goes to hot on the temperature gauge for a minute then goes back to normal. This happened once.
The rear rotor on this montana depends on the type of suspension. How do I determine the suspension to select the correct rear rotor??
hi my headlights wen out like 30 minutes after start driven can some one please help me of what could be the problem thanks!
need to know how to take cyllander off to remove rear struts
after i steam washed my engine, i observed that the gear engages with force produce a noise before moving and while in motion trys to enter the 4th gear and goes back to 3 abruptly
I recently tried to install rear brake shoes on my pathfinder and the shoes seemed to be too big has anyone else had this problem
when turning on switch inside for motor blower to the fan do not come on replace thr motor bloer and the heater resistor still the blower do not come on now i need to know wher e the bloer fuse is located
idols up and down, i replaced the throttle sensor didnt help.when i hit the brake it idols up and idol screw all the way in still idols fast ...i cant adjust the idol.
how do you change a license bulb in a 1993 240 Volvo
4.3 v6 hard to start when cold starts fine hot has missfire around 2300 &5000 rpm