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how do I remove the windshield wiper arm on my 1999 ford windstar
Hi, there! My vw passat W8 is running rough, Had it check, after replacing 6 coils and two injectors,which was sum of the codes which flagged up. Still not right, on start up fine , then 15-20 sec later idles rough, r...
I have a 4 barrol electric holley carb in my 1985 ford mustang when i installed it it would idle to high. the place where you hook up the pedle i would push it back and it would idle a little lower but when i let it g...
I was charged a additional $80 for a camber bolt while having front end alignment, I was told that the car does not come with adj bolt and 1 needed to be added is this common?
how much pressure to put in a pressure bleeder to bleed the system
The other day I got in my 96 nissan 200sx & went to start er up & the clutch went all the way to the floor & stuck there. I had the car towed to my local garage & was informed that the clutch linkage was broken. 1st q...
when I try to accelerate, the van sputters and hesitates. The repair shop said that I need new plugs and wires and the fuel system cleaned but they may or may not change the fuel filter. Depends on what it looks like...
blower motor does not come on were is the heater fan motor located
My check engine light comes on when I reach 50mph on the freeway. If I slow down and let the rpms get below 2000, the light turns off. Around town it's fine, only happens on the freeway.
started with minor coolant leak, without warning started heavy coolant loss. Repl water pump, radiator, therostat. Leak stopped now leak is worse. Leaking below intake manifold under shroud on the side facing firewall.
I can get up to 70 or more on the freeway but I must always excelerate slowly or it will stall and I have to hit nuteral and turn off and or the ignition and restart. Is it the computer or something else? doncarlosfir...
plug in for heater where?24 valve engine
Oil leaking from valve cover gasket. Smell burning oil. Plz give your cost to replace the valve cover gaskets. Thanks.
The car has been diagnosed with a faulty fan clutch.
how to fix a po713 p1864 po753 code for smog check