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is the speedometor electcial or cable and could this be a relay sensor its a duramax 2500

is it cause manifold crack

engine starts, runs rough, cuts out, will not run with out pumping gas pedal.

plus parts and labor cost.

over bumps the suv makes a knocking sound. sounds like horses are running. is this the sway bar ?

I bought it in 2010 and it never had cruise control. Now I see all the others advertised with cruise control and am wondering what happened to mine ... does it have to be installed or is it maybe just a fuse I need to put in?

I am pretty handy with cars but never fixed engine codes. I would like to do it my self this time... the car has 88k and is mostly highway driven. What steps should I take?

occasional slight clunking noise from rear end when backing up

after starting car will jerk and not accelerate

The engine is not getting enough fuel to keep it running.

when turning the key holding dwn my clutch it catches nd starts no problem, then at times it doesnt, nd i hear a grinding noise as if my ignition is stuck nd makes grinding noise and i hear the starter spinning, what can it be?

its a 05 ellement standard, i got my battery, starter, and alternator tested and all 3 items were good, what can it possibly be? I hear the starter spinning, as if its missing a catch.

check engine light will not go off

what is the problem if my check engine light won't go off

replace Window Regulator