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Seat warmer caught on fire.Has anyone else had this problem?
car idles between 850 to 900 and at start up 1000rpm and then goes down after awaile.
it will crank and gets fuel but wont start
On my pickup when I push the throttle to around 3,000 RPM's, mainly on hills, the e-brake light and abs light will come on. However the lights will turn off when I turn the engine off and back on again. I also just re...
we have been told we need a lifter replaced on our 2001 chevy monte carlo with a 3.4 v6 motor. about how many hours does the manufacturer suggest this repair should take? thank you & happy new year!
the doors constantly unlock and lock by itself while driving and not driving the car. So I want to disconect this problem.
Will the front, back bumpers, side skirts and C43 AMG 'Back Box' with twin chrome tips fit on my 1994 C180 sport? CAN ANYONE ANSWER THIS QUESTION?
was diagnosed and told the 4wd mode switch was faulty. It does shift to 4wd and works properly what i need to know is that the switch in the dash that changes the modes itself
can the ignition coil cause the plug wires not to get any spark and cause it not to fire
Only in 5th gear, my car(57000 miles) hesitates(hicupps)before it changes into 6th gear. it runs fine. i was told that it was the higher level of ethanol in the gas(dealership by phone). I was told to use Chevron mid-...
How many lower engine mounts and how to replace them. Very rough idle while stopped in drive. The top mount has failed twice in two years. Any advise? Thanks.
Number 1 cylinder misfire, changed spark plug with no change to problem, need to know how to test coil
battery is good but the car does not start
just started doing this and I have stop driving the car.
I have a programmer pluged into the vehicle and it says No communication check key is on.The manufacturer of the programmer gave me a new unit and said to go to the Dealer (chevrolet) and have the computer set back to...