My check engine light is on my dash, and my car stalls out if I'm driving more than 30min. I got a code for small evap leek, and I cant find the vapor can to trace the hoses. any help or suggestions?

having trouble finding it some say behihd glove box others say under hood

I can use the manual finger paddles behind the steering wheel to shift...the problem really seems to happen with 3rd gear and the automatic function. Took it to dealer who was puzzled and offered $7400 transmission replacement from Germany. Seems strange and drastic ( and EXPENSIVE!) to me...always dealer serviced and well taken care of.
Please help...could this be a recall in the making? Can it be rebuilt?

it is a new battery and alternator. if this is a common problem then why hasnt there been a recall?

where is it located on 2004 gmc envoy how much does it cost

i have a melted fuse box in my car, i need to know how much is it to fix it

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this is a orange light on the dash

I can't seem to find a short, the fuse is fine, both headlights are fairly new, the switch seems to have power and works, the dash lights work fine, dome light works good, tail lights/signals/brake lights all work.

The guy who worked on my truck said they were working this morning and the night before. He is frustrated as to why they stopped working.

Underneath the steering wheel, where the fuse box is, I noticed a hokey setup to allow the brake light to turn off when not in use. Could it be possible there is something similar for the headlights?

the engine feels like it wants to stall while sitting at a stop sign or while in reverse stopped waiting to get out in to the traffic also I sometimes have a bit of a jerk forward when first taking off it feels like maybe there is not enough fuel getting to the engine ..I just replaced all 4 sparks as I had a power problem I couldnt get up any speed this has been solved any help would be appreciated....

Code P0031 ,where is h02s (B1 s1) located at exactly? Do i access it from top of engine or below? I have prescribed to Alldata.com but still location is not clear? Do you have a real photo of sensor location? many thanks

when idling, it appears that the engine wants to stall...or there's a hiccup when idling...what are the possible cause of this problem...

There is a distribution box where the brake fluid lines join. I need to replace the front and rear brake fluid pipes as they are rusted and are starting to leak. Where can I get the lines as I was told that they are not available.

Alex Findlay

This is on a 2005 Crossfire.Replaced sensor,locking tab broke off.Is there an easy fix? Dealer wants to replace entire wiring harness,are Mercedes parts interchangeable?

I can clear the code and it stays off for a day or so. Will this sensor cause any major problems until I can get it repaired? Is it an easy fix or do I have to take it to a dealer?