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That is the battery temperature sensor the sensor has rust where the sensor sets do i need it
I have a 2008 Buick Enclave, 65,000 miles. Recently we have been unable to get any air to come out of the floor or defroster vents. Any ideas on the problem and/or fix?
how do i know if it's the sensor or the thermostat and what should it cost for repairs?
Our windshield wiper arm has quit working on the passenger side. it swings freely if you move it with your hand. how do you repair this problem.
how much to change all 6 injectors and govenor springs just labor on a 96 dodge 3500 diesel
I know that the resistor the bad It only blows on high now but were is the resistor located?
where is the cabin air on my car?
Just about every day the service engine light and reduced power lite comes on. Several times the transmission locked up in low gear. When you shut the engine down for a few seconds the problem goes away momentarily. W...
To change the water pump will I have to remove the timing belt and if so what's the best way to mark it so I know I put it back correct
my car lose's coolant almost every 3 days. no leaks, no milky oil,no white smoke from the exhaust. When I'm driving it will feel like its gonna turn of but it doesnt and then the check engine light comes on and the ra...
How much does it cost to replace a sensor light? A red light has come on my dash stating coolant is low, check coolant. The coolant was checked and it was okay, not low
My Pacifica won't start! I have replaced the battery, and put gas in it, but it only cranks and won't start. I have run out of gas in this vehicle, I don't know if that's part of the problem. Was thinking it may be so...
where is the thermostat located
where is the theromstat located?