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Replace timing belt?

When starting the air bag light goes off and then 30 seconds after goesn on

My driver seat is clicking while sitting in the driveway or on the highway. It would stop for a while if I were to adjust the seat in any way only to start again by days end. We came back from a week long vacation and our battery was dead. What could be making the clicking noise and putting a drain on the battery.

My van has not started twice now, once after a lengthy drive the other time i may have had a lengthy drive, and now i notice that a red, seeming random light, next to steering wheel but not really associated with dash, is on.... what is this light and could it be connected to unknown starting problem?

Where is the sensor that detects the trunk open/close? The only electronics I can find is on the latch but that looks like its for the motor to open/close the latch.

mecedes oem changer. when I hit CD button, screen reads
NO CD CHANGER........ took cd cartridge out and placed back in 4x.Still reads no cd changer.Any idea what to do for a FIX?

Check engine light came on when driving to work. Stayed on when driving home. I could not detect any other problems.

It came on in the morning when going to work. Not driving on highways. Was still on after work, but was able to drive home.

This cam controls the heater control that changes it from hot to cold. So the heater control switch is not connected to anything. I am not sure what that parts name is so no one can seem to help me order another one. Can anyone help me with this???

once I switch it on it shuts itself off after about 20 seconds
any idea which parts I need for repair and what could be the costs for the parts? I dont have warranty as the car is in Germany, my mechanic can install the new parts but he asked me to try to buy myself, cooling in the seat still works fine

PS above zip code is my zip Code in my hometown in Germany

Hyunday Accent 2003 - In the morning the battery check light does not show but after heating up it shows. Is a alternator problem?

I had the transmission rebuilt and the problem continues
with the slipping on shifting from first to second on take off primarily. I have taken it back and they can't get it to duplicate. I do not know what to do next. The last time it did it was on 4/13 twice and it sounded like it was shaking.

it had drum brakes, and the bearing is whinning when I am driving.

im going from 4.64 to 4.9 ratio, i have lift kit with 35x12.5x15's and needed to get speed-o and odo back in range. ive found all bearings and seals for pinon and diff and spacer as well as bearing adjuster and im not sure i will need shim kit for this model. i have the H433B rear axle diff w/o lsd.

When the a/c is on the temp is just above middle. When I turn it off the temp goes almost to the red. I have replaced both fan motors, thermostat and manifold gasket. radiator two yrs. old. One head replaced. My mechanic and I are both stymied. HELP please.