I have heard that flushing the transmission is the solution.

Squeaking doors and Roff

I replaced the gas cap but I am still getting the same message.

I changed the alternator on my 2003 ford explorer. I connected everything correctly but the car won't turn over at all, no clicking noise, no power inside the car. The battery is fully charged. When I started, I disconnect both the positive and negative cables from the battery.

when i turn off key car turns off but Ignition dosent turn all the way off and dashboard lights(security and battery) stay on.

The undercover edging/valance was damaged and had to be removed. What year cars are compatible for these parts, and is this part absolutely necessary?

a/c has stopped working. the on light comes on but the compressor doesn't ever kick on, thought i would try the relay first.

From a stopped position, especially when the wheel is turn when I accelerate my the traction control light comes on, care hesitates, then jerks into motion. Problem getting worse. What could it be

computer keeps sendind all kinds of messages

where is it located

when i drive for over 30 minutes it go on, it did it twice.

m.....145 up and down readout on display panel

check engine light is on

Does it have to be welded or do I have to replace that whole first section? It appears that it connects the manifold to the rest of the exhaust and just that one small section is the problem the rest of the exhaust system seems to be in good condition.

Sometimes when the car going to engage to 1st gear, while stepping the clutch pedal the transmission jerk. Frequently happen...Need