the vin # is 2g1wx12k6y9373130 i need to know if it is the ldb or the lmb tranny

The manual says there is supposed to be a control at the end of the windshield wiper control arm to change the computer to see average mpg. My car has no such control. How can I view the average mpg on this car?

I live in Sacramento ca.

I have a 2002 Explorer Sport and I want to find the keyless entry code for the drivers door. I have read that it is on the keyless control module but I dont know where this is.I bought this vehicle used and the code was not with it. Thanks

I drive at 60-67 mph.

Never and hard acceleration.

I got me a 97 Buick Riviera Supercharged 3800 series II engine. when i got the car those lights were already on. the vehicle also had a bad pulley on the alternator so i got a new alternator itself and got me some new spark pluggs while i was there . everything works fine car rides smooth but my "abs light, check engine ,and battery light" are still on now keep in mind the battery light appeared after i installed the new alternator but the alernator has been tested various times and passed every test. if u could help it would be great ! thanks.

Car has 127,000 miles, runs great and I plan on keeping it

New Battery

I have checked: the Bulbs and the connections-no problems noted. I did noticed while the engine was running, the cooling fans turn on and the lights blinked? I do not have a repair manual to turn too. Help!

there is a leak in the tank beside the radiator i need to know how to remove it, can i remove it

i can't get it to do that. but it does idle ruff. and intake is leaking a little. fuel pump pressure is goog.

We flushed the transmission, helped for a few days then went back to same problem. Was told possibly bad torque converter but doesn't seem to fit from what I read earlier. What do you think might be the problem?

Full on oil. Some people say it is the oil pump? Will not crank even when cold?
A couple weeks before got codes for catylitic convertor and egr sensor. I replaced the sensor, but not catylitic convertor.

got the three nuts off of the mirror, but the wire goes down into the door.

car shifts fine in 1st 2nd and 3rd but no overdrive help