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Need to know if it is done in 2 or 3 steps.

how many litters of gear oil dose it take to change it

I took out the screws and can't figure out how to take off the plastic cover

It is leaking fluid causing the brakes to stop working after a day or two it is a small pump with 4 flared lines coming out of it and brake fluid is leaking i dont know what its called or if there is a gasket available that i can replace can you tell me what it is ? Its not coming out of the master cylinder or booster its a small black pump on the driver side behind the radiator.

This has been drained twice already and next week will be the third time.Why does this keep happening? Is it because Kia is not draining it the proper way and it keeps comming back? Need some info on this.

without touching it and it gets locked in park and I have to turn off car and restart it to put it in gear. also, the clock will not keep time

The sunroof quit working and all of the fuses are good

Is the tranmission going bad or should just change the fluid and filter

I recently noticed I have a burning smoke coming from what appears to be my exhaust manifold where the front pipe connects to the manifold with the 2 stud bolts. Does anyone know what might be causing this issue?

have already checked the fuel filter and pump. The rpm goes up and down and the car struggles to stay cranked. What do you think could be the problem?

no codes came up when scanned

I was quoted $661.00 by a local service center I use.

What could be causing the motor to do this/

Shifter feels like and appears to go into first and second but are actually in third or fourth.

is the output bearing hard to replace?