just started this monday

Water pours into my trunk after opening it after a heavy rain. How do this get repaired and is anyone else having this issue?

Truck starts fine and runs great until its been running for a whils and engine gets good and warmed up then the vehicle will stall and cut off and will not start back until the vehicle is cooled back off... Truck does not over heat replaced the Idle Air Control because I was told it may be the problem but still having the problem any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

i kinda hit a car that was in front of me, not to hard tho but my chrome bumper is pushed in a lil , how can i fix it to it looking good?

My jeep will run for 2 seconds , then the security system cuts it off .

ok. the rear is leaking and i just repaired it with siclicone. now i need to fill it but i dont know the size of the bolt, is it special? second i have no power steering on the left side after a long road trip, idk if its a control arm or worse

notice a rainbow color leak on the right side

car is running rough and burns a lot of gas fast

replaced power, heated/cool seats module. all works but heated/cool seats ???

Would there be a voltage problem?

Sounds like ball bearings rolling around under valve cover. Idles rough coincides with tap. Give it gas it goes away. Lifters, valves? and can it be fixed with out removing cylinder head?


I know this was a Chrystler recall problem but that has expired my main question is ...do I have to remove injectors to get to the o ring ? if not I can probably fix myself

can still drive it if I take it slow and gradually speed-up.
Difficult to increase speed over 40mph

replace 2 cam sensors