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the truck is actually an 87. anyway, the passenger side window dropped down and we couldn't roll it back up. well we got it up but it won't stay and when we try to roll it down it goes down crooked. any ideas how to f...
Took car to mechanic after engine light came on. Replaced mass air flow sensor. A few days later light came back on after refueling. After 3 weeks took car back to mechanic. They replaced mass air flow sensor agai...
i hit a pot hole about few weeks ago and now i here my car making a noise from engine i took it to be checked out they told me that some thing broke inside engine and im looking at 800 hundred dollars to fix it
The (red) signal is flashing intermittently, but the gauge says my motor is just at normal temperature, what's wrong you think?
So I'm deciding to save money by doing my own service on my Lr3. Any advice on doing an oil change? Difficult?
Truck has 145,000miles on it. Lately it will not shift into overdrive when you first start out, after setting all night. When you drive approx. 3 to 4 miles it shifts to overdrive and acts right the rest of day. Ne...
Fan belt has to be replaced, however, I don't see anything obvious that will allow me to adjust the belt tension. Please advise on the procedure.
when driving on the concrete freeway that has the rain grooves scribed into the surface the steering wheel vibrates left to right. What is causing this?
i have a dodge ram 1500 360 was wondering where to find the centerlink on the truck was told i need to replace it
how to reset after oil change
Cost to replace the front sway bar links. Labor or parts seperate please
my jeep will start and idle fine until you shift it into gear then it just dies. I want to believe it is the torque converter but I might be wrong. If it is how much does a repair like that usually cost?
My jeep will start and idle fine until you shift it into reverse or drive then it dies. The idle is a little rough after shifting it but if you start the jeep and never move it out of park it will idle fine all day long.
1995 ford aerostar. I have plenty of air pressure on defrost and floor but very little when it is placed in mix. Is this normal or is there a problem i csn fix
In cold weather (below about 28F) my brake warning light stays on. Brakes feel fine, and hand brake operates normally. No squealing from brakes. Fluid resevoir is at mid level. No ABS problem. The pads have been in f...