check engine light is on

Does it have to be welded or do I have to replace that whole first section? It appears that it connects the manifold to the rest of the exhaust and just that one small section is the problem the rest of the exhaust system seems to be in good condition.

Sometimes when the car going to engage to 1st gear, while stepping the clutch pedal the transmission jerk. Frequently happen...Need

I have recently. Bought this bike. I am have a hell of a time trying to find parts and accessories ... I have a wirering problem I'm in desperate. Need of a wiring schismatic.

dash lights have mind of there own they stay on for a while then off only thing can see is mph anybody got an idea of what causing it or how to fix help would be appreciated thanks

I recently had my engine replaced so when i got my expo back the mechanic told me that there was a little shake nothing to serious but still I didn't want to driveit,mechanic told me that it was the catalytic converter because on the freeway it was fine so it couldn't be the engine,and when it was stopped it was shaking.also the check engine light was flashing my dad told me that the reading on the codes was engine misfire and catalytic converter so could it be that please i need valuable info maybe it has happened to you thankx.

How much should it cost me for labor and parts to replace 2 serpentine belts (air conditioner AND power steering, etc. belts). Also need to replace ac belt tension pulley, as well as on the power steering ,etc. belt the idler pulley and tension pulley (cover and wheel).

trying to change front breaks need the wrench size

i just had a big service done to my acura tl 06 it was to replace timing belt, spark plugs and valve adjustment service. and know its 5 months later and the car sounds horible i finally took it in and they said i need a axcel seal, transmision mount replaced, and bushins i believe and they want to charge 1600+ dollars for these repairs could any of this had come from as a result of my previous serice

Are there more than one fuse for the power windows? Cause i checked the fuse in the cab its fine....

I even turn on car and attempted to turn on lights by pushing buttoms for lights on ceiling!

I tired to cut lights on with buttoms on ceiling of car but nothing happens! Also, my windows wont go up either!

new clutcn diagnostics checked alarm faulty, flashers go off horn for alarm goes off disconnected it diagnostic scope couldnt read key

I have a 2005 Chevrolet Uplander 4WD. In the past week I needed a new battery. Then all of the sudden, it seems like everything stopped working like a domino affect. My turn lights went out, no power locks, doors or windows. The power seat also stopped working. I looked at the fuses underneath the hood and noted that 3 fuses were blown. They were the main battery 2 and 3 both 60 AMP fuses. Also was the . Also blown was the front blower HI 40 AMP fuse. The fuses were replaced and the vehicle was running great with all components working properly. Then a few hours later as I was driving, all three fuses were blown. Can anyone tell me what the problem could be? I would appreciate any and all input.

I have a ford explorer 2006 and the battery light turn on frequently, already check the voltage of the battery and the alternator has the required voltages.