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Is there more to removing removing the front tire on the 4-wheel drive slx than removing the lug nuts. It is 20 degrees outside.
Lincoln 103,000 miles. Time and price to install L/Rfront sway bar link kits.
how to disarm theft system without keyless remote keys
engine overheats after 5 miles, needs to be cooled after that
Just realized my No. 1 and No.2 settings on my fan control do not work,but 3,4,and 5 settings do. All ready tried another control unit and that did not help.
My temperature gauge is running hot. It is less than 5 degrees outside and the heater is not working. It also appears to be leaking antifreeze but only when the car is running.
there is a rattling sound coming from the left side of the engine when truck is running gets louder when i give it gas it started off being a low noise and would stop for days then come back now its dong it constently
1st incident, driving my truck and just dies? however she starts up after 5min. 2nd driving home friday traffic she just dies no other sign of anything wrong try to start her she just whines, get truck towed home and ...
I have a 2000 Bonneville SSEi with the supercharged V6 my fuel gage is not working correctelly. Everything I read about this problem points to the fuel level sensor the question is for the model year 2000 is there a d...
How do you change the belt?
car wont start early morn or when just cut it off and try again after going into store, replaced batt
Overhead console mode button out of place
I believe I have to replace my ball joints because when I drive or even get into my explorer it makes a rattles alot. My tires get worn out quickly as well.
i was wondering how many liters does a 1993 ford escort take?
I was recently in a car accident on (1-22-2011) and was hit from behind. My rear bumper and the back door were damage and want to know a esitmated cost of how much it will be to get repaired.