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they told me it was the coil#2 where is it located
stuck in the middle just today
my father looked at me car its leaking water when its running and when it sits... he says its leaking water from the water pump... how much will repairs be??
as long as you don't go past 3 grand it's all right but you floor it it will shift up and down repeatedly.
engine light comes on the morning.seems like it not getting power but after about 5miles light goes out
The gear shifter won't come out of park and I don't have any brake lights. I checked the fuse that controls the interlock brake system with a test light and no light with key off, but lights with key on. Is this the p...
Whistling noise after cold start while driving or idling. Stopped after engine warmed up.
While the engine is running, smoke is coming from the oil cap.
My ABS system is leaking hydraulic fluid, but the rest of the braking system seems to be ok. But since both the front, back and ABS system draw fluid from the master cylinder, it empties out and leaves the brake syst...
The third day i had it i had to change a oil pressure sending unit. Now i may have a intake gasket going out not sure though. There's oil on top of the driver side head and looks like by the valve covers also.
I need to replace a trunk hinge, but to do so, I have to remove the rear dashboard (where the rear speakers rest). How do you do this?
My wife's '99 blazer developed a major antifreeze leak today! It has 160K miles and I've been told that this is a common problem. I'd like to know what the approximate labor/parts repair cost would be so that I can de...
I've looked and it's not near where brake fluid is put in as some suggest. I need a more detailed explination.
my heater went out before it did it blew on high only then just stopped i replaced the blower resistor but have no idea why it still doesnt work