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I have changed out the front driver’s side-lower & the front passenger’s side-upper & lower motor and tranny mounts, had to adjust the frame-since evidently the car had been in an accident (salvage title), changed the motor & tranny oil & filter’s, temporarily fixed the shifter cable (since it was too short, which made it difficult to put the car in “park”), the lower ball joint, spark plugs, air filter & box, radiator reservoir, oil pressure switch, new tires, alignment, the MAP sensor, and the steering column (which is when one thing after another went wrong).

After I switched out the steering column & adjusted the shifter cable again, the car started up briefly then died & I have not been able to get it started since. I have checked all the fuses & relays, the battery, tested the neutral safety switch, which were all good, & fixed the wire harness, since there was no connection from the ignition switch to the starter solenoid.

I do realize that there are many issues that could be the cause of this car not starting. It was runninng just fine before, and I do have a couple of ideas to still check, but if anyone has any ideas as to why this car will not start, I would love to hear it! I have been working on this vehicle long enough & would really like to get it back to its owner! Thank you.

I bought a used 2009 Murano. After a/c runs, using the vented air causes a god awful smell. Does'nt happen when heater is used. What up?

Idle speed wavers sometime but will surge when stopped at light ect
Its happening frequently..ever 5 10 min

Motor is locked up tight, engine will run but it will not drive

I have bought an alternator online that is a 110 amp alternator and the first seemed defective so I sent it back they sent another one. I just put it in and the car runs but if I turn the radio or anything else on it starts going dead. No check engine or battery light comes on before the replacements the battery light stayed on. What is the fix to get my car on the road fully functioning?

i still here drops and see very small oil spots

replaced ignition switch,electrical part

we just bought this car and it drives great for about 20 minutes and then it has a hard time going into 1st gear when you come to a complete stop, otherwise it shifts smoothly

it is making a loud knocking noise under the hood, is this from the water pump or another engine problem? The car has 86k miles and dont know if its worth fixing?

P0496 EVAP High Purge Flow Fault

the car runs for 15 - 20 min and then goes in to limp mode it is an automatic trans and p1780 per tech bullitens seems to be non helpful . p0725 indicates speed sensor ? on cost and time and there seem to be 2 speed sensors any way to narrow down cusotomer is 120 miles away?
thanks chuck

again it coast 800.00 But the light keeps comming on.
could it be a problem in the electrical system? Which was
replaced three years ago

el carro se apago corriendo dejo de mandar gasolina al motor se le cambio la bomba de combustible le pongo la llave para arrancar el motor y no responde el panel de instrumentos prende la batteria esta cargada y no esta trabajando

replace roller blind

I cannot find the fuse for the power window - it has stopped working. the fuse is not in the usual box under the hood and I cannot see a secondary fuse panel under the dashboard please help