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The fluid all leaked out of the transfer case and dealership states a complete rebuild is needed.
The VSC warning light and the check engine light on my used Camry 2009 XLE turned on just after I drove it for few miles after purchasing it from the dealer. I took it back to the service and after checking it, they s...
The steering on my 2006 Jeep Commander limited is extremely touchy and even a very slight movement of the steering wheel causes erratic side to side movement of the vehicle, which in turn causes those riding in the mi...
what is the cost of replacing the panel cluster - the rpm and speedometer is malfunctioning
Does the 2004 have a sealed transmission?
Other night I woke up to find the ocean had tried to reclaim the street I live on . The salt water was up to the wheel wells and the interior was fullof water the seats I guess had shorted out and went all the way for...
we have had four sencors go out on us at four hundred dollars each stranding us all four times now another one has gone out and auto zone says it is the cooling system sencor ok where is the sencor located
Are these ceramic brake pads?
Is there a o-ring in the fuel line connector at this device. How does this connection come loose so that it can be repaired?
under light accelleration there is a rubbing noise that comes and goes,it is worse when it is cold.i replaced the right axle but it still does sound like something is rubbing like the motor mounts are bad but i ...
does the sportage have a head light fuse
My check engine light is out, and also the power outlets and lights inside the car aren't operating. How do I get these things fixed?
Front left wheel makes a type of grinding noise, not all the time. Will make the noise when braking or not braking. Seems to not make noise over 40 mph. Seems to make noise when it is colder out.
I want to know the please of the no of the engine . send me a pic please my Email:
cost for tune up