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leaks when running

Daughter hit a bump in the road killing the rear 02. to be safe I replaced both. Can't get rid of these codes used factory parts

My alarm system goes off intermittently while i am driving. this causes me to stop the car, shut it off and put the key in the drivers door to stop it . sometimes it happens 2-3 times when i start it

car engine stops when brakes applied

Coolant system was just drained and reserviced. The coolant low level light will not go out. The sending unit appears to be an internal part of the reservior. Do I need a new reservior?

i was wondering if 2001 rotors will work on my 1995 cadillac? Also my service ride control light stays on and someone said it could be because I need to replace the struts in the front because it sounds like the front end is going to fall apart when i drive it especially when I hit the slighest bump.

The lights would not dim and I had dim light bulbs replaced.
That didn't fix problem and i ordered a switch Number S14469.
I received it. Can I install it myself? If so send me instructions.
Thank you.

it is as if it not getting enough fuel or air. it does it for may be 1/8 of a mile then it picks up speed and goes

I have already had the visor with vanity light replaced once by the dealer and within months, the same problem ensued. The light stays on ALL of the time. The dealer says they'd need to replace the visor again but I don't want to pay the ~$250 to do so when I am not certain it won't happen again. If I simply take the bulb out, does it cause any hazard?

drive but shut off at lights/slowing down, sometimes feels like it wanted to take off even when foot on brake. when it shut off, able to turn back on. engine light would come on
at times. began a few months ago, happening more frequently, and now the vehcile will not start.

My car has 75,000 miles. This started about 3-4 weeks ago. Initially, I could just turn off the a/c and wait 1-2 minutes then turn it back on, and it would work again. Now, it seems to take longer and longer to come back on. I also think it seems to work better and longer when I am going on the freeway without stop and go traffic. Would like to know what your recommendations are for what tests should be run, and the cost of anticipated repairs. Thank you.

Recently, my car started making noises when going over bumps. The past couple days the car is making really loud noises, especially at low speeds. Based on your problems list, it seems like it is probably one of these two things and I am wondering what I can expect as far as a repair cost? And how do they test for it?

Removed drum and inspected shoes, inside of drum shows very little wear and both shoes are wearing evenly. All appears normal. But, problem occurs with every application of brakes forward or reverse.

I cant see the mileage disply on the dash board. It dosent come on any longer. Also it seems the lights on the bottom of the dash are not on as well. Help!!

I can smell gas under the hood and coming out the tail pipe