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OK so I have fixed the pcv valve elbow but need to reset engine light how do you do that?
sometimes the heat comes on then it doesnt work.
Brake lights are'nt working. Checked fuses, stop light switch, wires, etc. all ok. All other lights work as well.
just bought the truck it ran but had a water leak, new water pump installed, checked timing marks appears correct turns over but wont start. pulled # 1 to check for spark appears good. found harness wire near igniter ...
rough cost of replacing tie rods on 1996 Exlorer XLT?
I recently had to replace the rear transfer case seal on my 2002 Denali XL. right before the replacement when i hit 50 + mph i can hear a very distictive noise. As the mph increases so does the noise. So i thought onc...
losing power steering fluid rapidly
Blower works but no Heat or AC tried 3 different repair shops and was told by all to take back to dealership..purchase 2003 ford explorer 3 years ago. Was there every a recall?
my explorer( auto transmission) is stuck in gear 2 and could not get out. I just have all the fluid changed a few days ago. should I have someone change the transmission filter first before we do a total teardown t...
When I started my car the battery light came on, when I drove the car it went off. Then it came on again and then the other lights started lighting up. My speed ometer stopped working and the car started to hesitate ...
when i step on the accerator the battery light comes on. what could be wrong witht the car
Its not the shocks but some of the rubber boots and grommets where the suspension connects. There doesn't seem to be any wear. I think the car was wrecked and repaired once. What is the best lube I can use that won't ...
I notice a vibration when the car is stopped and in gear. Is this a big problem
the truck just randomly shuts off- sometimes it seems to sputter before losing power
Engine seems to be starving for fuel.