all the lights started flashing last saturday night, they never went off, not sure if it is still safe to drive? i hope it not something major?

my my car keeps cranking but won"t start . I sprayed starter in the air intake . nothing still

I am installing a rear back up camera and it requires that you wire it into the reverse lights. I need to figure out which color is negative.

Can't get car unlocked.

My check engine light start coming on in 2011. I have a toyola Corolla 2009. The light come s on within 30,60,and 90 days. Dealre have checked the problem. The only answer given is check your gas cap.Can some one tell me what is wrong with my car?

Fuel pump needs to be replaced.

Already replaced the crankshaft sensor,2 weeks ago. but now it is doing it again.Also when you start the car the rear spoiler comes up??

I'm wondering if it's just because it's an HHR, or if new tires would solve the problem. The tires aren't old, but even if there is a slight dusting of snow, that car cannot drive over it. It just spins tires.

When I push on the brake pedal, I hear a sound,

I need to know the location of the body control module on a 1996 chrysler new yorker?

need to change asap

Is it difficult and/or expensive to fix

Will go in and lock if I turn key to start engine, but will not go back to off position. Stays in position 2 in auxillary. Could it be the tumbler housing? Will not lock in by pushing straight in and then turning to off. I actually think my original ignition tumbler was OK.
Perplexed in Idaho

turn signal and flashers do not work

no power to fuel pump relay but asm relay is fine