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I hear it but don't know the location

My air shock will not lift at the back...I can drive it...but under a load it scrubbs. How do i go about trying to fix it. Will a blown fuse cause it to not lift all the way.

If my timing belt breaks will it destroy my engine?

A towtruck driver did something to disconnect the automatic transmission because he didn't have the keys and wanted to make the car act like it was "in neutral" - I was told. The drive shaft seems to be fully connected, so he did something to the transmission itself, but I don't know how to find the spot to fix it. It's supposed to be a lever or cotter pin or something like that.

A-C not blowing icy cold air but rather fluctuating from "cool" to "warm" depending upon rate of speed. Warm air only when idling, cooler air when cruising between 55-80 MPH, but steadily-fluctuating between cool-warm. Engine emits loud noise when started for first time/daily, but usually ONLY emits it once upon initial start-up, and during hot weather--above 80 degrees-F.
Technician recently determined HVAC system had too much freon, thus evacuated excess, thereafter--loud noise began emitting from engine compartment upon initial ignition during hottest part of day (West Texas).

what is the problem and the fix

When I turn the fan on the AC compressor turns on even with heat and the AC button off.

the ABS light stays on. How can I fix this?

Radio quit working. Had power before and no doesn't work.

i was driving and i hit a good sized pot-hole in the ground about a week ago,it messed up my tire that hit the hole and i fixed that and im pretty sure it knocked my allignment out just a little, no big deal, but ever since then the car has been making a scraping like sound, but my real problem is today, all my rear(brake&tail)lights stay on when engine the is off and my cruise control wont work going down the road! all happening in the same day. Whats the cause for this problem? Are these problems connected to one another in any way? Im sorry i dont have diagnostic codes or "tech" stuff for '93 toyota corolla.

now i have OBD codes of PO171,PO174,PO304

they know that seat belts and /or air bag. can and do go bad the owners of the vehicle have no choice, but pay a large sum to repair have a seat belt retractor that is bad and light on, it now has disabled all. not a good system. ford/lincoln no help even with low milage.40,00 miles
was told that $650.00plus will cover it

My suv dies. My son jumped it. Then the door locks, a/c radio, etc. didn't work. Had a large fuse replaced. Replaced battery. Now when I have the a/c on and I stop at a light or stop sign it dies.

I have taken off the first face but do not want to damage the puley.

There seems to be a rumble, like you are going over rumble strips on road, when shifting. It rumbles then smooths out again. This happens with the car cold or at normal op temps. Had filter changed and still happens. Checked fluid and it is within levels but seems a little discolored and has a slight "burned" smell to it. Any ideas?