at 25,000 maintenance required light came on, now 25,600? and all other lights came on, it kind of sounds like something is clicking

others not that long the last one only one week they get very hot ends up with the fans stop working sometimes the relay goes bad sometimes the controler melts help if you know a heavy duty controler thanks

Hi I have a 1997 Honda Civic DX 1.5 engine, and 5-speed transmission. The car worked fine until I drove over a flood on freeway during a rainstorm. About a mile down the road speedometer started to bounce off of zero and all dash lights flash on and off then check engine light turn on and car still runs.

canister purge for a lexus gs 300 to be replaced

The lights on the button selector are lit but when I push 4 high or low it stays in 2 high. Any ideas what to check? thanks

the new pads, but on Beetle you turn clockwise w/special tool. Are there threads inside of these "clockwise calipers"?, and if so, how do they work with pressure?, because that's usually how calipers work.

at any speed all lights will keep blinking

I tried the slide hammer and all that to NO avail. I have removed and split the diff and still am no closer. Any suggestions?

Cranked up the car and it wont shift from park the release button wont move at all on the console floor gear shift. Was told it might need a lock smith,but not a lock smith that unlocks your keys.Please do anyone know how much this can cost me and why wont the gear shift out of park.

Also what do i need to install switches?

No warning lights on dealer says leaking a bit. No sagging in the rear.

have add sound system (sound security) add amp speaker system,where is the gage sending unit, or is it a fuse if so what fuse box location thank you

The horn and the horn sound when you use remote locking isn't working.

Can I install a TRANSLATE COMPUTER ASSEMBLY my self or do I need to have the dealer do it? I have the new part in hand but don't want to screw it up.

when a drive the suv and stop for a red light