On 2 of the coldest mornings this year (~20F), I've started the car to warm it up. After the car started normally, I noticed that nothing electrical either on the dash or head lights would come for the first ~5 minutes. Eventually, power would start flickering in such short durations that it was almost un-noticeable, and then in longer and longer intervals until continual power. Any ideas?

Checking for codes came up with code 43 what else can I do to fix it

dont know whe to start to anyalze the problem just boug it a couple of days ago it just start doing this souinds like at time it wants shut off

The engaged light on steering wheel is on and the dash light" CRUISE" is on, but no engagement or function of system. Not fuse or relay, already checked. It is not showing up on scan/diagnostic either. Can you help?

My heater blower shuts off at times. Most of the time it happens while I am driving. It did this a couple of months and then stopped. Now it is shutting off again.

truck is using lot of oil

the light came on once in a while all the lights came on in there when driving but when i stop and turn the car off restarted it went off what is that and how bad

service enngine light is on and read out indicates O2 senor is bad. Thanks

I just bought it in July 2010, so I have no service records. The brakes seem to work OK, then the other dy I needed to avoid a cat crossing the road and when I slammed on the brakes, the went "squishy", but worked. Just not as fst as I would have thought they would. The service manul says to ignore the ABS light, because it will go off and on all the time, which mine does. In december the mechanic who changed my oil told me I needed to rbing it in to have the brakes worked on. How can I know when to do this? Thanks in advance for your prompt response...

does thge seat go through or ontop of the cvlutch fork

everything was working for 10 min, then the radio quit. the car was idling as i was looking for a solution, then the interior lights and radio came on for a few seconds then went off again.

RPMs has to be 3,000 for heater to blow hot air. When RPMs drop the air cools off. ??

i change the brake light switch and the 15 amp fuse still don't work

after it's all warmed up the suv comes out of park

retreved codes using an actron scanner