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my audi is overheating.
truck started left for work,quarter mile check gage light came on, in the past turned on and off and re start stays off,tried on/off- started and not long on highway just quit running,just a little shake, lights went ...
if its cold it wont shift from 2 to 3 until worms up then works fine
sometimes you start the car and the power steering works sometimes not turn the car off and back on again and it works any ideas possible recall on it?
how do I change spark plugs on a 1998 chevrolet lumina LS 3.8 V6 engine? DO I have to move the engine over to get to it? If so, how do I do that?
speedometer sometimes stops working when it stops working the rpm gauge stops working and gas gauge goes past full and light stays on .what is going on
My ex replaced my original radiator with one from Ecology (the junkyard). Its from a car that looked just like mine, but the difference in the radiator is that it has 3 rows instead of 2(i really dont know what that m...
I replace the supply pump . Ichage the fuel filter , bleed the line .Car starts without problem . Turn it off and then crank it agai n , the car woud not satart .
what will happen if i keep driving on a bad wheeling bearing and is it hard fix
what will happen if i keep driving on a bad wheel bearing passenger side and is hard to fix
Van sounds funny when you let off the gas. Turn signal just all of a sudden popped out!
have to keep foot on gas and brake to keep it running. runs ok when driveing. then the engin light comes on.after 20 minutes of driving.
Drove the car 50ish miles on saterday and now Monday will not start. I have pulled all the plugs checked gap and made sure they were all firing. The engine will crank but not start. Every now and again it will hit in ...
only 68000 miles. skips when cold and when hot. New plugs= wires-etc.ADDED fi CLEANER {TECHRON) and dry gas. ?????
I was told the I have a small leak from my automatic transmission, probably a gasket. I have no problems with the shifting or anything. How much would it cost to have the gasket replaced?