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wats the deal, y does it not want to start when cold
After driving for 20 mins highway or 40 mins city, the temperature gauge on the dash is all the way up and blinking, however theres no steam and still heat inside the cab, hoping I dont have to replace the rad, temp g...
I am looking around for a new trans. for a good price new or rebuilt? Moreover; a good place to get parts for my truck model here or around Lake Elsinore? I also, am haveing trouble finding headrest for my "club cab s...
The seat belt on the front seat passenger's side is stuck and will not come out. When I tried to pull it out it will not come out. What's the problem and fix?
passenger side low beam headlight goes out shortly after being turned on,time to malfunction may vary from 2 minutes to 20 minutes; if lights are turned off and then turned back on, the low beam will again function fo...
I'am haveing truble with my "Automatic Transmission". I had it checked out and was told by two othere Mechanics it is the cluches and I need a rebuild :/. Were, would be the best and most affordable place for me to go...
my gas gauge doesn't work, how should i go about fixing, do i need to replace the entire fuel pump as someone suggested?
My Oil pressure gauge drops to 0 when I push down on brake pedal. What could my problem be? Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks
I need advice...tried to send question but don't think it went? Ok so purchased set of rear tires (350.00 for nice set) within 4 to 5 months worn down to what resembled a set of racing slick local repair s...
when i hit the brakes or slow down, and the rpm's drop below 1000 rpms, the car jerks real bad
cant found were the transmission speed sensor on a 2003 chrysler sebring coupe Lxi
The fuse card doesnt seem to match the fuses needed for my car
Right front end leak believe it is the water pump. No heat in truck.
1990 535 i bmw - the fan makes squeaking noises. How do I replace it?
How DO YOU replace the drivers seat arm rest for a 1990 535i thanks