never stalls warm

this started last night after I unlocked the car with key less remote any ideas?

My 1995 Buick Riviera starts to run hot after a while of driving it. The water pump is circulating the coolant. The temp on the the dash reads past 200 but does not go all the way to the red mark. What could be the problem? Need help. Also the catalytic converter makes a knocking sound when the car is running but at most times the knocking is silent.

I need to replace the PCM on my 2003 Acura, I don't know where it is. Car wont start and is getting no spark. I already changed the crank sensor.

can it be install by me at home

Does it need an alignment at this time?

Does it need an alignment at this time?

The sound comes from the right front (can be heard from inside or outside the car) only when turning to the right, and only after driving more than short distances. It's not a squeak or grinding sound, just an "er" sort of sound... don't know how else to describe it.

my car is 1989 cadilac eldorado

how do you stop the pump from pumping the fluid from back there

I came back from pt and my car wouldn't start. I took it to firestone and they told me that there was no compressing in the engine.

where can i get the hornese for my oil senser, where you plug the wire into the oil pressure senser guage, i just need the wiring and how much would that cost

When driving 45+ mph the trans will shift rather harshly down into third gear and never shift out, even after stopping it stays in third gear.I have to stop and turn off the engine for about 5 minutes or so for it to recover then if I go over 45mph it starts over again. Fluid is fine and no other problems exist. This has been happening on a more consistent level.It only happens after engine is at operating temp.

The problem happen when the car ran over a big rock left in the road at night.

The car rarely starts on the first try. It can take anywhere from 2 to 20 tries before the car will start. It sounds like something spinning when it won't start right away. When it does start, it cranks properly and we are on our way. Can you give some ideas as to what might be causing this?