The light bulbs on my climate control panel are burned out.

OBD code is P0101 The van will not accelerate and shift properly. It's fine in park or neutral when accelerating

also radio volume does not work at time and the screen does not show display at times

it shut off and it didnt start for about 20 min then it start but after puting it in drive for a few min it stalled again and i had to wait another 20 min till i could restart it, but after a few min in drive it stalled again

need instructions on replacing a fuel filter please

changed the calipers and the rubber lines on front and the still stick after you drive for awhile but only after you driven for awile.

is there a special machine that tests for a code or is it something thats displayed on the car?

2002 Elantra GL purchased used in 2010 with 117,000 kms. Now at about 135,000 kms. 2 days ago started leaking oil everywhere. Thrust washer found in oil pan. Crank-shaft ended up ruining bottom end of engine block. Is it true that this problem was endemic to numerous engines due to thrust washers having been installed backwards at time of manufacture? If so, is there a remedy to my $3,500 bill for a replacement motor? Would Hyundai Canada cover this? - Kingston, Ontario

It was running fine all morning until 30 min ago or so... i came out of the store and in the process of leaving it just shut off. It will start for a few seconds but shuts back off.

installed new alternator and battery is good. won't start now but did before new alternator, just didn't hold a charge. but now it won't turn over. Help please

What could be wrong: 2 days ago driving fine that night Every stoplight/pause/idle and i'd have to hit the gas before it could die. Yesterday I tried it in the drive way started, ran @ 2rpm, while idling dropped under 1rpm, Tapped the gas, shot up to 3rpm, idled and dropped to 1rpm fast, tapped gas Nothing happened, hit gas Nothing happened, dropped under 1rpm, dash lights flicked on/off once really quick, car died.
I'm going to try changing fuel pump & air filter. Any other ideas? Thank y

when you put water into the radiator it goes straight into oil pan. all gaskets have been changed and heads cleaned

hard shifting

i already did fuel filter , spark plugs and wires ,air intake and air filter , transducer "cam sync" , cam positioning sensor . yet i still have an idle issue but no longer an engine light so ???????????????????????? why would my truck idleing so high ?

how to replace