I am having difficulty lining the screw hole up.

The remote control does not lock the trunk, trunk button does not work, and there is a red light on the trunk button that stays on. The trunk has to be locked manually

I left work got to red light when I took off is when low gear was like a lack of pickup

I just got a 2003 dodge neon with 75k miles on the engine and transmission. I bought it knowing that something was not right in the drive train of the vehicle. When I put it in any gear it makes a grinding noise.

It happens when car is warm. Music pauses then Beep, beep, beep every 10 seconds or so.

Replaced both bank 1 & 2 heater o2 sensors with TDK brand, goes from low voltage when cold and to high voltage when warmed up and lean condition code, replaced a very greasy k&n filter and cleaned air flow tube up to throttle body opened flapper and cleaned out some greasy film from inside throttle body, could mass airflow be problem with these codes and if so how should I clean it or replace. Thanks for any help with this

I got an oil change on my car yesterday, about 5 hours later oil was everywhere car was smoking I drove about 2 miles on it...they called me back in after they changed it because their was a big puddle underneath my car after they were done, the guy checked it and said it was fine

we take the car to a repair shop. will the sealer cause any damage to the engine.

i can see the little thing inside moove when i push the switch.but it wont unlock all the way.and if i cant open the door i cant get in it to work on.please help thanks

also is this trhe part # that i want, also price

It looks blown the plastic cover for the fuse is broke and the fuse look burnt my car starts but after a few minutes it cuts off i replace battery,fuel filter and alternator.

Please help me. Thank you very much.

on one end they go to this little black round plastic connector, a little bigger around than a pencile, but only about 2 inches long; that connects to another connector. The wires go up thru the trunk and along the trunk wall to the right. Without tearing the trunk liner off I can't tell where they go from there. Question-Can you tell what this part is called so I can get a new connector and splice the wires in to the wires that are left. Does that make sense?

I have been told that the two parts are issued new as one permanent part....I do not believe this and wish to confirm that the flex pipe can be replaced to an existing cat.conv.

no additional details, just problem with both turn signals.