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is there a way to do a rear axle bearing and oil seal with c-clips on the axle with out opening the differential to pull the axle?? can i pull the axle without removing the c-clips? i see 4 bolts attached to the brake plate. will that work? what type of tools will i need to remove the axle work?

The truck spends most of the time in the garage and tires looks good.

Would the car breakdown abruptly or overheat abruptly if I am unable to fix it right away.

its a 2000 montero Sport 3.0,

I want to change the coolant myself. I think it needs to be flushed before adding new coolant. There appears to be a breakdown of the dex-cool. It is overdue on this change I admit. I had a bad experience on a Honda I had once. Is there any ports..drains,etc. that need to be opened to make sure that air is out of the cylinder heads when filling with new coolant? Also need to change the thermostat.

i check the fuel pressure it read about 63psi when i turn the switch on and went down to 56psi when i started the truck

Power steering hose sprang a leak. I kept just adding fluid. Now seems to have a leak in reservoir? Does that mean the pump is bad also? Can you give me an estimate of costs I should expect?

some say near the oil filter,others say somewhere else

still on after checking wiring

Occurs only during acceleration.

I mysteriously got locked out of my 94 325i.
All was well a week ago the car started fine still in driveway. When we tried to unlock the door with fobs (2) they both failed to unlock any doors.
It also has rendered the key useless on both doors & trunk. I have heard that there was an issue with the door lock actuator...that caused an entire lock out.
Any help...signed perplexed

new mass air idle control selinoid

wont come out of the ignition at all

pressure/fuel switch sensor it runs alot better.. Why ? Transmission seems slow to down shift alot.. Has done this for a couple of years but was told the probem in internal.. Was wondering if it could be anything external??

60,000 miles on the car