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Replcing the sensor was step one. Is there a common issue other than the sensors which might bring up these codes?

the dash cracked and the pieces fell and now th a/c only blows on defrost and floor

it would crank if i let it sit for 20 to 30 mins.but then it got where the only way i could get it to crank was to turn on different things like ac,lights,etc.and moving the tilt on the steering it want crank at all.

Shifter handle can go to "Drive" or "Neutral" but car still moves in reverse. Car was shutdown in reverse because car will not shift to "PARK". Shifter goes to "PARK" but car still reverses.
Thank you

The high beam is working.

The check engine light on my 89 CRX recently started coming on, usually after I've been driving it for awhile. When I got the chance I checked what the code was and it was 12. After doing some looking I found out that its the EGR Lift Sensor, but I don't know what that means for my car. How will that affect my car and how can it be fixed?

My belt broke some time over the winter and it looks simple enough so I wanted to know how to put it on..

It happens every time you run the car even with the heater/ or air on.

It was checked by a mechanic and they claimed it was coming in under the hood next to the windshield. they claimed to have fixed it, but it still leaks in.

service light is flashing,motor runs ruff at a idel or driving

It did go off when we popped the hood to disconnect battery

my daughters car, i added stop leak and freon, i guess i over did it and pop off, made a heck of a noise for about 2 seconds, tried to recharge, looked good except the compressor won't come on, its like i blew a control fuse for the compressor, checked under hood fuses, o.k. checked driver side fuse panel, all seems well. any ideals. i am broke,unemployed, and she is hot, and in college. help j.g.

It just went out while I was driving down the highway.

will the 2004 2 wheel drive dodge rams trucks rear axle fit into a 94 2 wheel drive dodge magnumm pickup?

My clutch and compressor has burned out three times this year. Freon and other readings are normal.