my mechanic said my van needs the harness to be replaced.i can't afford to install a new one,so one from the wrecking yard,would do it?????

traction off light staying illuminated

How Many Labor Hours Does It Take To Change The Starter On The Tsx 2004

I have a 03 blazer with 154k miles on it and just put a used engine in the vehicle with 56k miles on it. After we completed the job i went for a drive on the interstate and at 70mph the check engine starts flashing and sets random misfire code then goes away. I removed the distributor cap and found moustire inside so i replaced the whole distributor and cap and rotor. Went back for another drive and is doing the same thing. Everything is new on the engine basically, replaced injector syster, new plugs, new wires, new cap and rotor, new fuel pump. I work in service at a volvo dealer and our master technication is helping me but we have no access to GM info and when i called a local dealer to ask if theres any procedure after i replaced the engine and he had no idea what i was talking about.

I fill my container up drive 3to4 blocks and my front resavoir go down add more same thing but I can'nt find a leak I check under the hoo around the wheel well nothing but I lost braking power.

This happens when I am pulling into my garage which is a right turn or into a parking space either left or right turn?

Checking on how to take out a fuse and replace

my car acts like it wants to turn over but doesnt i was told to go bang the startwer to see if it helps what do i do

I recently took my car in to a dealer for an oil change and the courtesy check I received said that there was fluid leaking around my timing belt and I should take it in to Honda for a diagnostic. What kind of problem is this? My car currently has 82,000 miles.

check all the fuses inside and out .the car break lights work .the over head light works just the dash lights wont come on .. kinda at a stand still to why they wont come on.

it just started and i really need some assistance asap.

Engine suddenly - after decelerating unto an expressway ramp - started missing on number 1 and there is "valve noise" and no compression on number 1. 150k miles.

There is always small amounts of oil on the pavement wherever I park.

sometimes the cruise control will work sometimes it wont.. at times if i keep tapping the on and off switch it will come on, then again it might not.

It does not blow at all.