had it checked out again, because check engine light still on . The problem I was told, was the same things that I just had replaced

Quick question? After coming into contact with a pothole with my cts my cars stabilization system kicked on and began to cause the car to have a rough ride comparable to your tires spinning while they attempt to catch traction and will not allow the vehicle to reach speeds about 35-40mph. When attempting to brake during this time the cars ABS does not seem to brake and comes to a very shaky rough slow stop. After some time the stabilization system turns off and the car is fine with no issues with acceleration or AbS just a light on the dash stating the stabilization system is deactivated. The steering wheel is at a slight angle and after researching I thought it could possibly be a misalignment of the steering wheel sensor. The wheel/rim has a slight scuff but shows no signs of being bent, which im being told it is. The car rides smooth still when the stabilization is deactived and before it causes the car to go into a frenzy prior to deactivation. The dealer called and said its a 1,000$ job, is this true or am I being attempted to be scammed? Any help is greatly appreciated!

The fuses are labeled but the relays are not I need to find which is the high speed relay and blower relay

Transmission shifts fine until check engine light comes on then will not shift into high or low. It stays in the gear that it is in at that time. Might run for a mile or 10 miles before it does it.

Anytime the vehicle is in motion, whether you are using the brakes or not. A mechanic looked at the brakes and advised that the pads looked good.

The electrical problem happens occasionally.Had the alternator replaced, still having problems.Battery is good. Yesterday the problem escalated to lights flickering, power door locks went up and down and I even loss engine acceleration for a brief moment. I keep taking it in and they can't repeat it on demand so mechanics don't know what is wrong. Help!

i thought it might be ing switch, if i hit area of ing switch lights go off. however i have no idea about alarm could it be related

it sometime hesitate and then jumps really hard when put into drive or reverse

After putting 3/4 of new gas in tank the yellow engine light came on and will not go off. What can cause this?Does this need a code to get off? or is it bad gas and will come off over time? The car seems to dive okay

where is the abs module on a 01?

thAnks for the help

it started after i temporarily turned off the engine to call in at a friends place. On turning the engine on gain, I discovered my odometer did not come on; tried turning on the AC and found all the controls for AC no longer working too; and finally window control no longer functioning.

after about 5 mins of driving it heats to around 250 degrees! What could it be?

1994 LEXUS GS300 Fuel Pump

what and where is the egr filter