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The truck has to cool down for an hour or so before I can try starting again. Its not the alternator, starter or battery. It started happening when the weather started getting warmer.

mechanic at shop says that he hears noises in the engine and it has a oil gasket leak. He thinks I should not put the money into it b/c of the mileage and other things might go wrong with the van that old with that amount of miles on it.

a problem i had 1st was with my a/c the drivers side vents were barely coolto warm and the passengers side blows really cold. working on that now spmeone said check the blend door. doing that now. im not sure if it startd making the noise before the ac problem or not.

ECM on 2004 has 1 single plug on back side ECM on 1999 does not have this plug in the harness. have no fire and D4 flashing on steering column. Can you help Thank You. Harry

just a answer

it doesnt chirp, or overheat it just started yesterday. what does that sound like. wish i could explain the sound better. It sounds sort of like when u were a kid and you would clothes pin a playing card to your bicyle wheel. the faster you go the sound changes. Is there anything that could be rubbing something under there. I know this isnt much to go on. I need some direction. thanks.

The car's steering shakes when brake is applied in motion.
what could be the possible cause?

Powersteering not working

I checked the fusses there ok.BMW wont give me the code anyway,

It's intermittent. All of the gauges just go off, then for no apparent reason, come back on. Nothing works, speedometer, fuel, oil pressure, etc.

I have replaced my alternator and computer about 3 months ago. Now the alternator only charges sporadically, what could cause this?

I have a 2007 Jeep Liberty with 38,000 miles on it. I found out today that all 4 of the brake pads and rotors are excessively rusted out and needs to be replaced. This is, according to them, because I do not drive it alot (is an avg. of 170 miles a week not considered alot?) and the salt used on the roads in Michigan. I have a hard time believing this. To me, it sounds like faulty parts. BTW, the Lower controller arms on the rear suspension was just recalled today for excessive rusting out and causing accidents. Please help

EML light came on

We have replaced the Pick up coil in the distributor, the coil, the cap and roter and the ICM module. The van won't produce more then a yellow spark at the distributer wire 1 x per new try. Almost every thing has been replaced and we are still scratching our heads. We don't have any other Ideas can you help?

after car warms up, doesn't seem like it is getting any fuel. doesn't go over 20 to 25 miles an hour even if I floor it!