if its a wiring problem what could it be.if it's the alternator how easy would that be for me to replace?Thank you.

wheres the switch located

I have to change the 3.0L belt and I know there is a screw you loosen to take off some of the tension to be able to replace the belt but I just cannot find it. Can you help

The indicator light goes on when I push the unlock button on the key
The valet key turns the door lock but does not unlock the door
There is a beeping sound inside the car

my electric throttle light keeps comint on. when i cycle the key it goes away,, how much will it cost to get it repaired

I have recently changed head gaskets on two different cars the both ran fine but seemed to have developed noises sound ing like rod knocking or rattling, the oil was completly drained on both cars ,and changed.I have heard that this happens from time to time after a head gasket switch.What would cause this?

so i changed my front hub assembly and switched the other side becouse the sensor was damaged the brake lights went out but accelerated passed 80 and the lights came on again any suggestions

Timming belt broke when my wife was on the freeway I changed the belt but it acts like its not getting compression. it has spark and full. I suspect all the vales are bent how do i check to see if they are?
i took it apart three times to make sure the timming was right so i am 99% sure it is car was running befor timming belt broke.

My 2oo7 Lincoln gets stuck in park sometimes. Why?

got conflicting opinion at parts store.is there any pictures around.

call this noise tappet noise. It goes away usually after the engine warms up.

and the heater is on to

My car is ML350 Model 2009.

MY original chain has a single chain and sprocket whereas the kit i bought has a double.
Is this correct?

how to remove cylinder and is security sensor built in