My blazer is running real bad and my brake pedal is hard,and I can not find a vaccum leak

it stalls after i get it started it klls when i put the car in drive

I cant find the correct voltage that a stock stereo power amplifier in a 1995 Mazda Millenia is suppose to be.

Already replaced spark plugs, wires, cap & rotor, oil & filter. Symptoms remain: rough idle, shaking, rich exhaust smell. Going to replace the intake gasket next. Need to fix before May for SMOG.

Motor and fuse ok. Is there another fuse somewhere?

The problem occurred when I broke the mirror

new fuel pump/filter kinda diesels while dying

code p02l65 keep comeing on i check the ebcm relay but problem
would only come back

I changed the plugs and the plug wires it ran a little better, but still sluggish in all gears but worse in 5th what could it be

4.6 overhead cam have bought new alternator but is not chatging the battery. Thought it might be fuse link can not locate it. If it could be something else besides that I would appreciate any input. Ty

center vents, occassionally air vents will work but go off .

Dodge dealer replaced TPS several times for high RPM during idle but they could not fix and I had to pay for the TPS's; A local service shop set the TPS calibration to .2 volts for it to idle correctly (it should be .5 - .6 volts); At .2 volts the check engine light stays on. I need to get the transmission repaired but they will not warranty work with the truck showing a bad TPS. Any ideas what the problem would be.

was told 2 deferent stories that you can replace front and rear seperate and was also told it comes in 1 piece

If I don't drive the car for couple days, the battery needs to be charge. I found couple cable unpluged on the battery coming from the right back of bunch of cables couple black ones what are those?

after changing the distirbutor cap that when the problem distirbutor cap wasnt tight.tighted down now it wont start turn ove but wont start