It has 111000 miles on it.

I have replaced the starter (twice), water pump, tension pulley, a belt (twice), battery, and a fuel pump. I thought my car had another problem because of how it was running, was told it could have been bad gas, ran rubbing alcohol through the gas tank, as I was driving down the road, I was pumping the gas pedal to try and run the "bad gas" out, then my car started acting out. It was spitting and sputtering and backfiring and acting like it was gonna stall. I pulled into a parking lot and it died. Then it wouldn't start back up. I also have a crack in my radiator, temporary fixed by jb weld, but I cannot afford to replace it. PLEASE help me pinpoint the problem, I am a single mother of 2 and cannot be wo a car.

i do have an invoice.

falls flat on take off from a stop what could be wrong and what could be possible repair

how do you remove left side mirror housing needs to be replaced cracked

Uses no oil, does not smoke, no leaks located. Runs perfectly. When sitting at a stop often times I get the nasty crankcase vent smell through the vents.
Can only make it go away by switching to recirculation mode. driving me nuts....what causes this to come through the vents? does not always do it either...I'm perplexed. wish it had a cabin filter but found that it does not.

left side mirror housing is cracked. need to be replaced

My 2005 GMC Canyon 2.8L 4 Cylinder runs fine then out of nowhere it loses all power?I can pull over and shut it off then it runs normal again but sometimes it does it(loses power) several times a day and the reduced power light flashes then sometimes it will do it right away after getting the power back,then i pull back out and it does it again right away and sometimes it may not do it at all.Does anyone else have this problem or have an idea of what could be wrong?This is dangerous when i have kids after it smoothes back out and go to pull out onto the highway and it does it over and over.Please help.Thank you!

My truck broke down, i had it towed to repair shop, they informed me that the timing belt broke, but they could have it replaced the next day for approx $800. Is that about the normal cost for this job?

I have checked the fuel pump, replaced the crankshaft position sensor and the distributor cap ( new alternator, map sensor and battery within past 6mo)....I smell gas and am getting a spark to the plugs but it still wont start...I need Help to figure this out....I am low on funds, a single mom with no family and trying to do all the work on my own...so any suggestions will be helpful

The light first came on a few weeks back and stayed on about a week. It then went out for a few days. Now the light is on all the time. I took it to a local auto parts store to have them check it. The gentleman told me the code but didn't know anything about it.

The code he came up with is - P0732. I was hoping you could help with some info on the code.

Thanks in advance for any help you might give.

God Bless,


I am considering buying car from dealer $1995 the driver side window control panel is sketchy what is repair cost?

runs fine until plow is raised or lowered then looses power and dies.

hoses are hot , thermo not sticking, heater core not clogged but no heat inside my crw vic police interceptor where can I check to find the problem, also blend door operating fine.

I have had this happen many times once it was a burnt valve, so I had a new motor with low mile installed and ran fie for a year. Another time was a burnt valve again so I had the complete valve job done no holds barred. Many other time the check engine light would go off by itself. This time I have a check engine light and a rough idle?