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need to fix lower control arms ( front )and how much it will be the cost ?
Car has intermintent misses at highway speed. Misses when holding throttle steady. Spark plugs are good!!
my engine light came on and stayed on
My trail blazer 2005 is stuck in park how do i get it fixed
i have a 6 speed 5.7,i took my car to autozone to get codes but they won't come out.,my car sometimes jerks horribly on take off. it does not do it all the time, which i think it would eliminate any clutch problems.,i...
Im having to replace my rear differental. how much does this cost.
Gear was stuck in park. Service had to replace shifter. The "accordian" piece that covers the shifter well was broken. Can this tiny part be replaced?
At about 100,000 miles, our windshield washer pump started squirting out all the fluid when the wipers were turned on. The dealer looked at it and said it was fixed. It started again so we replaced the pump and the fu...
need to locate the fuse for the cruise control.
I have a 1999 Chevy blazer and my security light, battery light, seatbelt light, are always on my oil temp needle dosent do sentdo-sentdocentmove, gas says its empty and the shifter dose not light up. i had 2 get a ...
bought the car off a friend 2 weeks ago he got a new car so he stopped driving it. said it happened to him but drove it anyway. i dont want anything bad to happen to ruin the car
the pocket in the driver's side door has become detached. How do I reattach it.
When I am idling and turn on the defrost to the windsheild the rpms drop and the engine light flashes. What could be wrong?
This one looks like it is on top of the exhaust manifold. What has to be r&r'd to get access to it?
The "Service Ride Control" light comes on. What does this service entail and how much should it cost?