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engin runs good just wont shift out of fourwheel drive

I have had it in the shop when it isnt working and they have said that it was the blower motor getting ready to go out. However, When I brought it in it was working and they said that they could not find anything wrong with it. Could it be something other than the blower motor? A short in the wiring some where? When it does work the fan speeds all are normal. It seems to not work when its cold out, and as it warms it up outside, or maybe hit a bump, turn a corner, etc.. It will come on instantly...

Was at an intersection, didn't even realize it stalled, had it towed, got home switch tanks and it started, switched back to other tank, tried to back into driveway and it stalled, luckily it started and parked it,there was a sort of buzzing noise also at one point, but not constant, before it stalled it was like the engine flooded, and sort of rumbled, there was a smell of gas but not strong or constant,Five months had the float replaced in the gas tank, but it does not register full only goes to 3/4s

does not blow thru the dash vents, only defrost and floor

cant get to some of the wires because they are in the body

I am replacing brake pads and rotors. Thought the pads came with the sensor(s) and need to know if I should order one sensor or two.

If you have any problems with cluster/climate.please text or email me at

i got the code po455 when i did the oil and oil filter and air filter what can i do to stop the smell

I occasionally find water inside when I remove the panel to change the brake lights (driver side only). Can't figure out how it got in, and this last time I replaced the bulbs, they were out again within a couple weeks. What could I use to seal, and where? everything seems tight when I bolt everything back up.

There are no strange noises, one side works fine and the other does not work at all.

brought it to the dealer before warranty was up and they put it on the computer and adgusted something and it worked for about 26000 mile and problem is back of course its out of warranty now.i have to pay for them to hook it up again

I have been told the fan clutch on my envoy is bad. I have been quoted repair cost from $300 to $850. The engine has a growl on acceleration. I was told the transmission is OK.

A battery cable came undone and now I need to enter a code to make the stereo work again. I know I need the serial number on the back of the stereo in order to retrieve the code. How do I remove the stereo?

I had the rear air shocks replaced with a converstion kit in April. Since then we have noticed the leak.
We have hosed down the car to find the leak and we found nothing.
Any suggestions?

This is correct mileage. Purchased in Nov 2007 and there are no leaks on garage floor and only had to add about 1/2 qt since had oil changed in May 2011. Was advised there is a "pan" that kept to oil from showing on floor. Is this a common problem and what happen if do not replace the seal. What's approx cost for this. Thanks Doyle