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I own a 2008 Mazda 6I and have noticed that the transmission clunks when it shifts from 3rd to 4th. 1st to 2nd, 2nd to 3rd and 4th to 5th are all fine just 3rd to 4th when accelerating with medium to hard pressure. Th...
I broke 2-pully bolts. I attached a serpantine wrench witha 19mm socket and attahced the wrench to the bolt. the wrench was pointing to the front htoe ht car. I pushed down on the wrench and broke the cast iron pully ...
I cant see any oil leaking but im 2 quarts low after a month of driving what causes this? I dont know much about cars but I think its the gasket right below where the oil goes ( I have a 2000 Hyundai Accent)Is this th...
car will not start.replaced coil pack,plug wires & spark from coil pack to #1&4 plugs.could this be a computer problem,or what else could it be.
when the vehicle is turned on approximately 5 to 10 minutes gauge begins the move rapidly in an up and down motion nonstop
i have no working guages or odometer no rpm's or there a fuse?
Leaking valve cover gasket - drivers side
I was just told from emissions that I have to complete a drive cycle in oder for my car to pass, what is the drive cycle for this car?
I have been quoted $1600.00 for the cost of this repair - on my Exploder for which I paid $3500. Is this for real? The dealership (Novato Ford) told me the parts alone cost $800, and the labor involved in removing/re...
Gas gauge show the car is empty at all times.
I checked the fluid, and I even changed it, but it still slips during initial acceleration. Can anyone suggest any solutions to this problem?
everytime i put key in it will not turn
The rubber seal on the moon roof is rusted and leaking through, what would the cost be?
What is the anticipated average annual maintenance costs?