my idler pully has no give

just tell me how to install heater cor on i30 2000 infinite

have had the dash out three times the blend doors are ok i have put new heater core in sitting at idle you get good heat you start down the road good heat then drivers side gos warm the pass side stays hot also have put new therostat in waterpump and anew rad have to trucks doing this

When the rain the car is wet it happen, but not happen when it dry

trying to find on motor,is it near oil filter or on top?

heater only works in on defrost, only vent cabin doesnt work. all the lights come on but blower motor doesnt run. what can i do

The van is coding out with no spark or power to the fuel pump.

Had already replaced Fuel pump, replaced the ECM with a rebuilt/Repair
Tested the battery, and tested all the fuses within the Main Fuse board and the Dash Fuse board, all is well

Could not think of anything else to try.
If any suggestions would greatly appreciate the help
It has power to the car, when I trys to start it up, it will run for a few secs when you Press the gas pedal to accelerate after doing that, and when you let go the gas pedal then the car will immediately stop from running

I'm new to this forum, but hoping to gain some good insight in the ongoing issues I am having. So I am having the same IMA battery problems that everyone else is. SO here is what is going on. Let's say I arrive home from work, the IMA batt gauge reads FULL. the car remains parked in my driveway. Next moring when I get in to the car, the IMA battery gauge is down to 2 bars. I start going and in just a few minutes the IMA batt gauge spikes out again. Over the course of my 22 mile commute the battery drains and recharges at least 3 or 4 times. Issue 2- the Trip-o-meter, both trip A and Trip B at stuck at 35.5, and hasn't moved from that reading for weeks. Dating back maybe 6 months prior to experiencing all of these issues, the tripmeter would flutuate at least 1/10 on a mile either up or down, depending upon my driving behavior. THE QUESTIONS- 1- I was wondering if someone would be able to advise me how to reboot the IMA CPU.
2- if anyone has any other suggestions how to address these issues.
3- suggestions for mileage improvement. the best I have ever gotten is 36.4MPG.
Battery replacement is not really an option right now financially speaking.

Need to replace my transmission fluid adn filter. I understand that quarts of transmission fluid can be very expensive for my ML350.
Tryign to estimate how many quarts I will need.

I have changed water pump/computer/fuel injectors(all)/fuel pump/fuel tank/filter/tune-up/fuel relay/disconnected anti-theft..and still the car stalls. It is running fine now that it is winter. However once the warmer weather gets here...back to the stalling. I have even disconnected the relay for low coolant but that still does not make it start. It seems to be an overheating relay of some sort. Rad levels are up. Any ideas...it is driving my mechanic nuts and my wallet to the poor house. It is a very ghostly issue..Thanks Amy

My car makes a noise every time I start it and turn the wheel. when I turn the wheel, it makes a humming or grinding noise. It stops after the car is warmed up.

The sounds so loud, its coming from under the hood.,my mufflers in tact.

disappears when I depress the clutch all the way...what could be the problem please?


promble can i still drive the car or what