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cant afford new cables for my 5 speed accord transaxle. had to get picknpull ones for now. dont know right oil for shift cables. need to find out. no one at my dealer could answer the question for some reason.


I took my car to a shop to replace my Radiator. When I got my car back, I noticed that my Key's Panic button had been tampered with and it was not working at all. it appeared something was missing inside. I know the system worked,prior to sending it, because a week earlier I had mistakenly pushed the panic on the key which set off the alarm and scared the hell out of me. What could the shop have done? This is not a dealer.

No noise under or over that range. Car has 128,000 mi. Other then that, runs fine

1996 ford explorer sport

We obtained this avalon about 3 years ago and have put on around 28K and we don't know when it was last tuned up and now has 170K miles total, but we're hoping to maybe get better MPG (now about 23 town & 28 hwy), but it seems to be running fine and we hate to spend the 200 - 300 req'd to tune this vehicle, if it likely won't help. Also if ti does need it soon, what price should I expect to pay to get done right, but not get riped off ?

I started my vechicle and the air conditioner just blew hot air when it worked great the day before. I looked at the clutch and it was not spinning. I checked fuses and could not see anything wrong. The neighbor works at a used car lot and said it needs freon, so he brought his gauges and filled the system. I do not know how he did it without the compressor not working. He did say that sometimes when the system is low it would stop itself. But to no avail.

Do I die, paint and with what?

The alterator is fine, silinoid is fine. Have not tried an amp tester yet. Any advise where to start. I know a little but not alot.

I cleared eng ck lite with diag tool and tried turning on
AC. Again AC good but after a few minutes got ECL again. During diagnostic test their were no err code/no err shown at all. Did not reset after the second test failure. Car has 100k on it but has been manintained and TLCs during life. When AC is turned on the compresser dosn't slow eng down/maintains idel,good cooling. All belts were changed/inc timeing/ at 101k. Temp was at or below eng normal during failures.

Switch only latches bright lights on

brake msg comes on when ignition turned on with sub msg service brakes shop visit.

How do recharge my ac unit thats running with r 12 freon?

haynes manual didnt help

replaced the blend door actuator it still does the same thing