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the fluid is not frozen. Where is the fuse located for the wiper motor? I replaced this in another car and it worked
where is the fuel pump relay
what should the timing be set for in this car?
Is there another place to mount the sending unit if I replace the OEM remote oil filter assy. This unit has the sending unit attached and I want to replace it with an aftermarket unit that doesn't have a place to moun...
Engine will not crank-no lights/buzzer or they work sparadicly.Can a "short" somewhere be causing this.Also,cruise control once set will accelerate on its own
Why would my rear heater be blowing cold air?
i have a front wheel drive voyager 6 cyc. as your facing the motor,to the right side of the motor and below the carb and right above the tran. there is a metal pipe coming out and curving toward the radiater and conne...
my car has recently developed this problem,my car's oil light comes on then on the following engine start it's off, but after awhile running, engine light comes on, car begins to jerk and won't rev up or accelerate mo...
how much would they charge me for the trasmision oil change
Could you please give me repair price estimate for the following repairs; Rack and pinion replacement, Brake pads, engine power belt, replacing power steering fluid
Do any major components have to be removed to replace the clutch slave cylinder on a 2003 Ford Ranger with a 3 liter 6 cylinder engine.
Mechanic only took a look at it. I don't think he actually took anything apart. Said it is a known problem. The car has around 80,000 miles on it, and we still have to pay on it another 1 1/2. Thanks.
I've noticed past week that there is a little antifreeze under car when I park, not much and not all of the time. Shop I took it to said I have a crack in the top of the radiator in a plastic peice. (This is right af...
My 2005 Montana Transmission hesitates from 1st to 2nd