it shut off when i shut eng down
fuse was ok

Clicks when trying to start . Battery is fine. Happens in the Morning when first started and if Car sits too long. Please be specific with answer. Thank you

I was told this needed to be done due to oil leak.

nneds to be replaced. do i need to buy whole pack? which consists of? and the costs?

i checked the fuse in the trunk it's not blown. what would my next step be to check out?

It works fine on #3 and #4 settings nothing on #1 or #2?

Oil like fluid leaking out under the coolers dealer can not trace the sourse

Why would a car lean to one side after the changing of both struts on the front of the car

When leaving the freeway my car shakes badly for some reason as I am slowing down once I have reduced my speed the shaking stops I have replaced both front and rear struts and tire rods the shop that I took it to says they are to busy to drive it I just would like to know what I am missing could it be the brakes what am I missing here and NO I will not take it to the same shop again.

ignition problem

The high beam lights won't shut off when headlights are on

engine thermostat

motor revs but car does not move! what could it be???

How big a problem is this to fix

The maximum is not very bright.