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I tokk my 1995 BMW 325i to the shop to have the engine checked. Cylinder 1 is showing low compression. Oil was found to be inside the spark plug. Any ideas?
stalls while driveing two times a day starts back up after a couple of minutes
The error code is 406 for EGR system.
at start-up oil preasure is 72psi.when warm it will idle @15psi
engine light coming on/off for over a year. oxygen sensors, hoses, thermometer,radiator,water pump,timing belt,etc replaced. no loss of power, car running fine, last thing would be to replace would be catalytic conver...
Original rack made by Mercedes Benz. It is for 2002-2007 C230. If interested, give me a call at 626-450-5404 or email me at
HI, Engine light comes on when I start the car. NO detectable problems.
I found the fuse box but can't find the fuse I lost the cover that tells me where is the one for the radio please help me
can anyone tell me where the bcm is located?
What would it cost to replace a locked up transfer case, which jamed up and cracked spline in transmittion which cracked front pump in transmition which cracked the fly wheel. Only part supplied by owner is a used Tra...
how to change the lifters in my 2000 mirage 1.5 liter. how complicated is it.
the drive pulley on my water pump is froze up and i dont know how to get it off to replace it there is no bolt in the pulley only a threaded hole
is my elantra have a interference engine
Check engine light came on last week. Took to put on diagnostic machine and was told it was the air metering system. What is this and estimate of cost to repair