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when I take foot off break or backup car shuts off

the check engine light came on, code said timing advanced & cam sensor, car began idling rougher, reset check engine light & it came back on in about 400 miles then check engine light went out in about 100 miles...then this repeats

Tried a new ignition module,no luck. Going for crank sensor. Checked that number 1 cyc. Is firing at proper distributor sequence and it is. If there were a gear on bottom of distributor it would seem it's one tooth off???

Check engine light showed, an OBDII scan was done and revealed P0420 and P0430, Please help

At 85,000 miles a frayed cable window regulator was removed and window was lifted and help in place with a piece of wood.Cable was pushed out of way when window was used.And replaced 2 weeks later,.Mean while the Van died once at stoplight,and check gages light started to pops off and on,AT times its only right side gages ,other its both,or only one gage effected,Once the window seened repaired (goes up and dn) but door wont always unlock,Check Gages light Not repaired,and within a week both headlights stop working,only on bright. Van is hard to start only when Check Gage Light is on Local Mechanic says its A Instrument Panel, its going to be one wire at a time.AutoZone clerk says its a ground wire?? What may it take to get our Van running GREAT like it has done until The window stopped working???

it is leaking all around

It drives real nice until i come to a stop..I have had the egr valve replaced, engine cleaned, catalytic converter, fuel pump,distributor, still hasnt fixed the problem also wont pass smog but since he just cleaned it tonight we ll try to smog it again for the 6 th time..:) plssss help

My car is starting to make a grinding noise when I apply the brakes.

dash cluster has been replaced and back up sensors come on when driving and turn signals dont work,A.C. issues as well

"i got my rear differential rebuild in july 2012 on a 1998 ford expedition and its whininning again and its only may 2012 what should i do ? how long should the warranty should of been?" do i have to pay again

I'm changing the oilpan gasket.

have had sensors replaced and still the same code what do i do now

my sunroof works on and off

module or hanger assembly

module or hanger assembly