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Car not escalating . Missing

Last week after leaving walmart i went to start car and it wouldnt! A guy checked it out put in a new thermostat and temp sensor on, car started! Sunday morn he put a new motor mount and O2 sensor on my car. Went to drive off, it drove maybe 2 feet and cut off. Temp gauge started back going straight to hot. It was on E, put gas in it and temp gauge still going straight to hot and wont start?!?!?!?

When I turn a/c on the vent turns cold but fan will not blow then check engine light comes on

I made a stop got out went into the store got into the car made another stop tried to open the door and couldnt get out so im climing over the seat how do i fix that problem its agavating?

Drove through some water before this happened. When arriving home the car shows it is in D but seems to be in P.Won't release the key. Lights turn on and seems like battery is ok. Is this the transmission or could some wires have gotten wet causing this?

car lopes while at idle

Dome light does not turn off so we disconnected it.

this always happens early of the morning and we have to jump it back off. why? WHAT IS THE PROBLEM?

has the blower motor gone out?part # 1408300508 or is there something else wrong?

The car was jerking and not firing right. I have also recently changed fron brake pads. Called my mechanic that has diagostic Machine to read, but not sure about his interpretation. So Ineed other opinions before I let him undr my hood
Error Code PO 300- Random/Multiple Misfire detected;
Error Code CO 210 Right Rear speed Sensor: C!241 Low or High Power supply voltage; Error Code C2122 Transmitter ID2 not received (main)
What do these mean and how can I fix them.
Thank You

ive replaced starter, ig swicth, fuesable link, relays,key cylinder,it will not start with the key but will if i jump the starter at the energizing wire but no power to start and run the car.

I'm thinking that my air conditioning problem on my Escalade is the Low Pressure Cycling switch since it only blows air that is the same as the outside air temp. Any other suggestions are appreciated.

The front struts are leaking and the arms are broken and need to be replaced. I got a quote and want to make sure I'm not being taken advantage of.

Had a bad ignition coil, cracked with molten metal boiled up out of the crack. codes were P0300 and P2305. Replaced coil and plugs and still no action. Found a blown 20 amp fuse and got spark on cylinder 1 and 4 but not 2 and 3. Anybody have any ideas?

it only does it when it gets hot and i step on the gas just wondering if it goes way with a service