The crankcase position sensor and brakelight switch were diagnosed and replaced and I received a bill for 611.00 dollars. Also a relay switch which cost 27 dollars was replaced. The parts totaled 187.00 dollars and labor was 403.00. Was as I over charged?

170,000 miles. Went to Aamco for free computer scan before smog test. Mechanic says replace idle control valve PO505 showing on computer, leaking radiator, have oil change to pass smog test. He wants me to replace the upper and lower radiator hoses and cap, idler and tension pulleys as well. Do you agree so far?
Will a slight scraping sound on front brakes cause me to fail test? Besides front brake pads and rotor resurfacing, he is replacing timing belt(not done before), broken harmonic balance discovered, water pump, and changing transmission fluid, gasket and filter(it's been 40,000 miles).
This will cost about $3000 in Los Angeles. Any suggestions?

I have to keep the peddle to the floor for about 10 secs for it to keep runnng no problems any other time

the fuild level is full with adjusting the bands what happens turning clock wise and counter clock wise

left or right keep pulley from moving

battery went dead now radio does not work but buttons light up

I want to change the seats with newer ones can this be done and how much would it be.

when the light goes out they both work

The problem I'm having is that it drives very rough only about 10% of the time. Stays rough throughout the ride. If I shut the car off and restart it...its fine again. HELP!

Went to Advance Auto, they ran a diagnostic, they said it was a misfire and recommended changing plugs. Smoothed out a little but still got a miss. What else could it be if diagnostic said it's a misfire?

Check Engine Light Is Still ON.

How do I get to the heater core on a 1999 volvov s70

Lately I have been having trouble shifting gears in my truck. It is not real hard just harder than it is supposed to be. I filled the clutch fluid reservoir cause it was empty thinking that would fix the problem but it hasn't totally fixed it. Is there anything else that might be wrong? I just hope my transmission is not going.

will not go passed 2000. I have no power going up hill and can only get to about 30 mph on a flat, straight away. I tried replacing the throttle body and that did not help. Now the truck is idling rough and acts like it is bogging down and want's to die when I turn the engine over. I ran it for code's but nothing really came up other than the idler is to high. I do not think it is the transmission because it is not acting like a trany that is getting ready to go out (this one in particular has been re-built twice). I try to floor the pedal and it get nothing. No extreme rev up of RPM's and nothing past 20 on the odometer. Any advice?

it only triggers the overheating light when going up a hill, and when i slow down the gauge will go down as well. What is the problem?