I can drive for a short while, then my radiator fans stops and I go up to 244 quickly.

It started with the battery light coming on then the red over heat light came on. when i opened up the hood the water resuvouer cap had pop open i added more coolant and closed it but still was over heating.

Does anyone know the location and removal process of the engine ECM on my 94 Lexus SC 300? Can I get the part number off it before removal?

happens all the time have to pull fuse of batt cable to have stop

Speedometer started not working. It takes driving awhile for it to kick in and catch up to speed. Odometer goes on and off randomly. O/D Off Light blinks. Turning off the car resets the O/D Off Light.

The motor of the 1995 is in good condition and the 1997 motor is broken and need to be replaced.

when i apply brakes theres like a clunk in the reat.on does it when i take off

my battery went dead twice in 3 weeks.and starter keeps coming unhooked

How do you solve this issue? I believe there are several issue with the electoronics due to this. Can you help? There was not an option in the Model area to choose CTS. THIS IS NOT A DEVILLE

The truck runs great Have stop to see if any smoke or smell but nothing

What do I need to know when I take it in and a ballpark figure

if i take it out of overdrive it seems to be ok does it have a speed control that tells it to down shift

Engine started making noises like a large ball bearing in a tin can, I stopped. Steam pouring out the passenger side of the car (outside), opened hood, radiator was 1/2 cup low, reserve 1/2 full. Little bubbles were fizzing where the intake manifold meets the engine block. Once it had cooled, it did not make any noise and ran fine. A mile up the road, the temp was almost to red line again. No water spray on the engine, oil is clear. The radiator has never been flushed that I know of....where do I start? Has never done this or anything else before.

Okay. So my husband was driving my car, 2000 Hyundai Tiburon. He said the power steering was leaking. By the time he got the car over to get looked at it was spurting out power steering fluid all over the engine. So, the air filter system was removed and put back together again and the power steering pressure hose was replaced.

Now, we have two new problems. The car is running really rough and there is black smoke coming from the exhaust. We don't know where to start. We called some mechanics and they said the leak has nothing to do with these new problems, but these problems weren't there prior to the leak.

Could this be a problem with the map sensor or some other sensor? Nothing is coming up on the computer as being wrong with the car.

I had a "miss". The dealer unplugged the sensor and said I would have 4WD and the only issue would be a light showing up on the dash. Instead, this turned off my 4WD. I want to plug ti back in myself.