2003 BMW 745i - Extended warranty is refusing to pay for cost of replacement. Thanks.
Part #24347588725 Sealing Sleeve

Only the passenger seat is affected and the up/down and seat back functions still work.

helppp please

when i am at a light or stop sign and begin to go...the car jerks and then the more speed i pick up the smoother it drives..the check engine lights goes off and on after driving it for awhile..

its not a small fuse. Its a big one with that plugs in like you are pluged something up to a outlet. the flashers keep going off and on. I got the part just dont know where to put it

3,4,ect to the exact cylinder or to fireing order 1-4-2-5-3-6

at speed runs good at stop with foot on brake , runs like its missing sometimes cuts out and stops.idles high

I got a fuel filter recently. It has 95000 miles and seems to have a little "miss" at times in the engine when I accelerate suddenly.

had an unexperienced friend put my hid in and connected wrong wires and shorted out the headlight harness.now the passenger headlight socket won't work is it a blown fuse or what? How do I fix this myself?

and engine oil level low but it was oil in there. It would run hot while sitting idle but when it was driven it cooled down.... it got alright for a while then it did it again this time engine shaking white smoke out the exhuast pipe and smells of coolant .. then thereb is something with the driver side wheel. it had the brakes done but there is something wrong where it knocks off the awd and disables it almost like i cant stop, vwhat could all this be and howv much for repairs? but it has been dwon for 6 moths anyway until i get the mmoney to get it fixed

put front on stands removed wheels start car put in drive passenger side axel runs smooth driver side axel barely turnss and makes ginding noise is the axel bad or is it bad inside the trans where the shaft slides in if any idea pls help

thanks fr1

change motor

I'm not in great need so I'm avoiding the dealers' high price.

It only blows smoke on start up till it warms up. I am also losing coolant, and oil. I had issues with overheating a while ago, and think I may have blown valve seals.

When I remove the keys from the ign and open the door the radio & some pump? under the hood continues to run draining the battery. I have removed all the relays from both fuse centers and radio still on. Any other places I need to look for such relay or is this deeper than that?