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Car is making no heat, temp gauge does not budge. Is this doable by me, where is the little devil located?
When the car has been sitting awhile especially while it is cold it does not want to start right away. The fault in the automatic gearbox light comes on but then the car will finally start after hesitation. When the...
When I push softly on the brake to slow down, the steering wheel shakes. It does not do it of I push hard or stop quickly.
I hear a knocking sound from the rear of my car. The sound is like a single muffled knock. It's like someone is inside the trunk and gives it a single knock with a rubber hammer or fist. You have to listen for it some...
i was driving my beetle. it will now only go 40 miles an hour the RPM is high..........i can't go past 40 miles. what is wrong???
how do you drop the drive line and tranny to replace freeze plug on back side of enginge?
This summer AC would occasionally blow hot air on driver side. sometimes it would correct after turning engine off, waiting a few minutes and restarting. Then it stopped blowing on lower fan settings, so we just had ...
New plugs and wires; in-line spark tester shows NO SPARK on cylinder 2, even though primary and secondary resistance good on coil-pack..???
when i start up my 4runner the battery light stays on
the car dies while on the highway driving and will not start even after it has set all night long. It will crank but not start..I know it is not the battery.What kind of problem is this? The engine runs smooth,no mis...
How do you remove wiper blades on a 1999 Camry?
Does a bad fuel pump cause my 1994 Oldsmobile to hesitate
i bought a new fuel pump for my chevy and the wires on the body are the exact same as the wires on the fuel pump and i hooked all the matching wires together and it still will not start, how do i connect the wires cor...