no fuel to filter

im needing to replace the driver side axle seal. how long ca n i drive it before i replace it . it is leaking grease.

does ot even go down?

when first pulling off, car hesitates and makes a clanking noise fron engine. once im over 40 mph it runs fine. Is this transmission? or something with replaced alternator?

my 2002 jeep liberty, gas mileage has been low 15-16 mpg, had radiator replaced in july. Heater does not get warm enough unless driven for extended periods of time. check engine light flashes, seems to have lost power because it drives sluggishly, exhaust smells funny and once it blew out a small puff of black smoke. I have not driven since I got check engine light.

As previously stated,recently purchased,less than 50k mileage-about 2 weeks ago it doesn't want to go into reverse at all.I'm using the "bump and roll" technique whenever I can or just avoiding circumstances where I'd need to use reverse altogether.
Definitely needs mechanic attention,transmission fluid level sufficient.Do I need to see one that specializes in transmissions or can I just take it to any shop?

ac making a hissing sound and blowing warm air. turn off the ac button and blows outside air and no hissing sound. please tell me what the problem is, and about how much to fix it.

how long dose it take for the check engine light out after replacing gas cap

out thank you

was told possibly the drive axels...was also thinking maybe the hub bearing??

car has to be push started but once the engine is run for a while i am able to turn the car back on with just the key. what would cause this?

i just bought the car from one owner did not get recalls fixed

I was stopped in drive, when I tried to put in park it just flopped without changing gears

crouchingtutu, February 26, 2012, 09:13

Thank you. I did some further investigating, and I think it is the relay that I have a problem with. It won't turn on the cooling fan even when the car is running for a while. normally it would make a click noise when I turn the key, and I am not getting that. Does this make sense??

already replaced front axil actuator motor. always blows fuse