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car cuts off while idle at a light. then takes 5 to 10 min to start back up.
the car has been leaking was told by mechanice months ago need new raditor but it wasn't leaking bad. Now it's leaking bad and i was wondering if i could put stop leak in the expansion tank without causing harm.
I need to replace the pump pulley. ive already bought the pulley i just wanna know how much labor is generally gonna cost me.
My gears are locked and it wont go from Park to any gear!
does the oil pan on the 2001 sable have a safety switch that shuts the car down when it runs out of oil?
with car off and head lights off headlights remain on? why
when does the timing belt need to be replaced
loss of oil pressure when engine warms up.this engine had a crank kit put in it less than 1000 miles ago.oil pressure gauge drops to 0 when motor warms up.can the oil pan be removed without pulling or raising engine? ...
Why would a gas tank get damaged when there is no history of running over anything or otherwise hitting the undercarriage of the car? This has happened to us twice in two weeks after years of no problem...
i need to know thr torque specs for a 2003 chevy 1500 hd water pump.6.0l 2wd 400c.i.
Keep loosing antifreeze/ replaced cap thinking the seal was not tight. thought maybe radiator leak, used sealer you put in radiator to plug any holes, cked water pump/ still overheating/ car runs but am constantly add...
what color is Dex coolant a green or pinkish color
1999 Park Ave interminit starting problems. New Battery, new key batteries, main battery connections are tight, car will not start or trys too but does not, all the gages are peged I then turn off the key and retry an...
There are two cooling fand between the Radiator and engine. They used to come on when the engine warmed up, but now they do not. In traffic the temperature gage goes into the hot zone. I disconnected one of the fan...