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how can i make my engine faster but keep it stock

I have trouble starting my vehicle in the morning but it's not the battery could it be the sensor?

Check Engine light comes on/off periodically. Had a real dirty air filter. Replaced and light went out. Came on again. Cleaned MAF and light went out. Came on again. Now out again for a hundred miles or so. Car is running good. Plenty of power and good gas mileage but rough idle on cold start. Any ideas?

I was told it could be bearing than I was told the bearing are sealed.

No water visible on ground after AC has been running and have found the passenger side carpet wet

is not very cold when running

2006 dodge ram pickup

I repaired the Egr valve in January

Tag lights have been replaced but still do no light and transmission gear indicator light goes on when brakes applied. In addition, car shudders in the front when brakes are applied

Is ball joints a repair and/or replacement issue? Does your website have a detailed visual and explanation on this maintenance issue? If not, where can you refer me. Thank you!

Is the fuel pump on a 2006 sonata under the back seat?

It first happened when I stopped for a red light. Then again when I sat waiting for someone. It will turn immediately when I turn the ignition key. Have any ideas? I'm told it could be the weight of my keys, or the evap line may have cracks. Is any of this true? I performed a system check. Negative. Initially there was a one code for EVAP monitor, but it's gone now.

We replaced the battery and the black box has to be hooked
up or car won't start, Is this just a ground ? And can we just
run the wires from it straight to battery since the box is broke?

feels like entire back end going to fall off.. when driving..horrific jerk,,, momentary,, repeats,, dealer says cannot drive it,,,got rental... Dealer wants $$$$ to get me another car.. I feel I should get same car,,poss newer or of equal value,, and no $$$ output....
there is thousands back ordered

When you push on the brake in park, reverse, and drive it makes a rattling sound. it sounds like it is coming from around the pulleys. after idling for awhile the sound goes away. no lights or anything come on in the car to let you know there is a problem. The rattling sound comes and goes but never happens when you are driving.