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When the fan is turned on there is a high pitched squeal it changes frequency when i switch from panel to floor or defrost. it sounds like a leaf is hitting the fan blade or something.

when i park my car, the key sometimes won't release and gets stuck in ignition. I have to wait, sometimes 10 mins or more until I hear a click, then i can turn it and remove the key. not every time, but very frequently.

Theft light blinks rapidly motor won't crank over!

Wiper washer works just fine. Motor has stopped moving the wiper blade. Any suggestions?

1416 code Secondary Air Injection System Malfuntion Right Bank.

I have bought an oil sending unit and need to know the location on my sport trac.

I have a 2.2 ltr engine. under the hood it says california emissions., but the engine builder says there would be a "breather tube" in between the 2nd and 3rd fuel injector

Hi: My wife drives a 2008 328xi. I know this is the X3 section, but it's where I found the most info on all the a/c-related problems in the 3 Series.

Anyway, our car has been in for two a/c problems in the last year, which were covered by the four-year service warranty. The a/c stopped blowing cold air a week or so ago, and I took it to a local garage that found the freon was very low.

They charged it and did a dye test, which revealed nothing. The service guy at the shop mentioned how many BMW's are having a/c problems, frequently in the evaporator core. He recommended talking to the dealer to avoid having to pay the garage for a hefty repair.

When I called the dealer service department, they were very reluctant to look at the car, telling me to keep driving it to see if charging the system worked. I can already tell the air is not blowing as cold as it should. I want them to inspect it and repair it. Since it looks like a system problem, I don't want to be on the hook for it.

Any advice? Thanks!

How to change exhaust camshaft solenoid and actuator for my error code is p0014. 2006 solstice.

I was at a stop light waiting to turn, so of course the car is idling, then it suddenly just dies. No check engine light or anything like that. This first happened a couple weeks ago and just today it did it again when I was pulling into the parking lot to park, going slow and trying to park. It starts right up again no problem. I just had a full tune up/prevenative maintenance done to this. It happened even before I had that done. What could it be?

They said the top mounts are bad & they cant find the kit for assembling the strut. I was told the complete assembly has to be bought at a price of $600 each plus labor. Does that sound reasonable?

this fault occurred you are driving at above the speed of 120 ,the car is Chevrolet G3500 2002 model

have replaced fuel pump & relay,distributor,coil pack, cap & button, new plugs & wires. timing is right on & belt is intact. what else is there to be checked? and where would it be located? any help is greatly appreciated.

my car is leaking antifreeze from somewhere behind the block above the oil filter, can this be the freeze plug? How do you get to it?

I looked it up and it said that it is a "throotle motor bank electrical malfunction" but I don't have any experience in newer engines. What is the first step in finding and troubleshooting this fault? More info: P0300, P301, P0302, P0303, and P0304 also show which are the random cylinder misfires and I think these are all related to the first code... Am I wrong there?