Just pulled my hubbys teeth to buy me my second Jetta. Its a 01 Auto 2.0L - I desperatly need help! I think its in "limp mode" When I start driving it seems a little slow start at first then when I hit 35MPH its RPM's shoot up to 2500, at 40MPH the RPM's go to 3000, and at 55MPH I'm at 4000 RPM's. My check engine light is stuck on. My left blinker gets stuck on sometimes and I have to disconnect the battery so the light doesnt drain the battery. Sometimes disconnecting the battery fixes the blinker but eventually it will get stuck on again. We did diagnostics and got codes- P0715, P0303, P1296 which I think means speed sensor, cylinder 3 misfire, tempiture coolant sensor and turbine input shaft or speed sensor. We have replaced the input speed sensor located near the transmission. I know there are two more on and in the transmission. Anyway we replaced the one and there is no change, waisting a easy $100. I absolutly love jetta's, I just need this one in working condition or my husband will sell it. I dont want to lose my car. Do I need other sensors? if so which ones? Do I need a new transmission? Is it transmission fluid? and how do i check and change my transmission fluid?!!! Could it possibly be a ground wire? Any answers would make my life right now!

the heater/def blower will not turn off, runs constantly, unless the fuses are removed.

what would the estimated cost to fix this problem be

I hear a loud vibrating noise from tranny tunnel, mainly when RPM's are a little high and I let off gas pedal. If I engage clutch or step on gas pedal it goes away. have new muffler and pipes. heard it could be cat. converter has gone to pieces. 2. noise is a tapping or ticking noise constant from engine. I assume a flat spot on lifter or valves need to be adjusted.

sometimes if you tap it in your palm it will work, then sometimes it wont!

I have a 2002 Dodge Stratus 4 door with a 2.7.
Can a 2.5 or a 3.0 Work with out having to change the Trans, CPU/ECU or any of the wiring harnesses?

parking brake lite on brake fluid lite on,fuel guage ,temp guage,tach guage ,no reading

still building up and now she's having trouble starting (2-3days later). Now I've notice white smoke and she's driving a little rough. The check engine light is on and I was told she's misfiring. What work should be done?? First I was told a major tuneup and now a valve job.... Not to mention almost 2yrs ago the engine was replaced and oil changes had been maintained.

RPM's Sputterd and engine felt jerky. when I parked the car and tried mash the pedal it would not even rev and a yellow wrench symbol appeared on dash. I turned the car off checked oil and transmission fluid they were ok. I let the car sit for about 10 minutes started it up and drove home. No engine light on and made back with no problems. Could this be a fuel pump? Car has just hit 40,000 miles.

Dang after i final got to the spark plugs and all, i found oil in 3 plugs, is this a valve cover gasket or o-rings. Just on the side note, i was adding oil to the car couple months back and it spilled under the engine cover a good amount ,could this got into the plugs somehow, because their were small pools of oil after i took the engine cover off, around the coils

things that are ok,fuel,voltage,compression.trigger or pulse

That was all I was told.

Out of three estimates that was from 1 to 2 hundred dollars cheaper than the other other two. Is their anything I should know before I have the cheapest price do the work. Thank you for any info.

we checked all the fuses and they still dont work can anybody help

I just bought my 95 SAAB 9000 Griffin Edition a couple of weeks ago. The guy I bought it from said it needed a new radiator, and a heater core. I bought the new radiator, but before I buy a new heater core I want to make sure it needs a new heater core for sure. Alot of people have been saying that alot of the time it's the o-rings. Either way the guy I bought it from said the heater core was leaking into the car. When I looked at it, the hoses were cut... All in all I guess my question is, is does anyone know how to remove the heater core? Do I have to remove the dash, or anything from inside the car to take out the heater core. Or, can I just remove it from under the hood?