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It sounds as if the car is under stress whenever I make turns, especially left turns. The noise is a kind of low-pitched squealing. I haven't noticed any fluid leaking onto the ground.

drivers side window will not roll up. power windows

the hose and values were fixed but freon leaked out

cycle a cettian amount of times first.

Also the key fob will not work.

changing front axels and wheel bearing on my 97 mountianeer with awd

The Blower will work sometimes and sometimes it won't come on. last week it would not go off after i turned the car off. It will also be blowing the stop then come back on while i am driving. Does this mean that the Blower motor is bad or some other electical problem?

My neighbor said to take it to be taken out and measured back in but some body shop said to just take a screw driver and let some of the freon out until the unit kicks on.

How much does it cost to repair suspension on an 06 Kia Rio

my system isnt turning on, there are no leaks, and i tried to add coolant and the gauge is in the red and wont take any. It doesnt sound like the comp is turning on. dont know if it is the comp or if it is to full and needs to be evac and recharged?

Two weeks ago the dealership replaced the front thrust link bushings. Today because I was hearing a clattering in engine area, I was told that left catalytic converter needed to be replaced. It is just coincidence that after the work done two weeks ago in same area as catalytic converter and now catalytic converter is clattering? Yes, I do now have about 111565 miles on my 2003 C240.

heard rubbing/metallic clank and grinding while driving down the road - than shaking and hard to handle or steer than ABS lite comes on and no brakes - hard to control. now brake pedal goes to floor - what is the issue? and avergae cost to fix?

The dealer we've taken the car to has told us that the car has two cc that need to be replaced. Are there really two??

it has good on oil and trans fluid

I changed the blower motor and the fan only works on high now,but no noise.