where does my oil filter go on my dodge ram 1500? Or how do i place a new one in there?

The car is'nt picking up speed like i expected, but have no $ for some performance parts.

this happens while driving at freeway speeds, also while driving 25 ~ 60mph

it is released at rear but how to open storage compartment and release at windshield

My 85 chevy truck won't start when it is cold,(sits for 2 or 3 days) unless I put it on a charger. I have had the carborator worked on and replaced the battery and the fuel pump. It turns over fine but it doesn't fire at all until I charge the battery or kick it off. Once it starts it runs fine,What could cause this unusal behavior?

work. the tempiture works the blower works high and low but the air comes throegh the dash vents only not on floor or defrost vent this is my priblem

I have rattling like loose parts under the front right area of the car. Brought it to a dealership and they said I need a sway bar and end links as well as the inner tire rods. The estimate seems especially high. Could you throw out there what I would approximately be looking for on a price?

Does this sound right that I need these repairs?

I also need two front tires but have already replaced tires before and know there cost. Of course it was high too. At Sears I paid $116 for each tire incl. mounting and balance and they quoted $152.71 each.

I have the pads but need to know how to install

my oil lite in on and beeping. My oil level is lower than in should be and I do not see a leak.

I have tried to twist, pull or push the tiny bulb with the needle nosed pliers and it doesn't budge. The auto shop gave me the bulb and said all the work is in the labor. I'm beginning to think this is true.

I have changed the PCV last weekend. Hoping that would solve the horrible gas mileage and hard starting after refueling. Someone told me it was the PCVS which I can't find anywhere. I was told where it should be but I can't find anything that resymbols what they showed. My car is throwing a P-0449 code. If you have a picture of where the PCVS should be would be great! Also, any other issues I should try. Charcoal canister perhaps?

I had the alternator and battery checked they are both car only one click when i try to start it but with a jump it starts right up....could it be the starter?

thing is i think mine is clogged and backing stuff up in the engine causing over flow and leaks,tell me if i can leave it off and drive it till i an get a exhuast pipe fitted in its place.

the wheels still turn, but not even park locks the wheels anymore. What broke?

gas leak and need to replace gas lines