ween i stop the transmission will not go into fist

car hasn't been driven & sitting up for about 1 1/2yrs, and i can't get it to start. The engine is cranking up but it just won't turn over & start. I'm pretty sure that it's getting spark. And when i took off gas cap from fuel tank, it still had pressure. Which leads me to believe that it's not the fuel pump. And i'm sure that it's not getting gas to the carb because when i put a little gas in the carb it starts up but soon die's out. The only thing i can think of is the fuel line is clogged seeing as how it was sitting for so long without being driven. Suggestions please.

The person im buying from it was this persons car used for personel use,I dont know of how meany miles,i was told it runs good the only problem knowen is the air con dont work,however there fixing that problem,and the rocker panil is rusted,i dont know much about buicks,could some one tell me if the car is worth buying?I dont have alot of info on this car this is it,but this person I know takes good care of there cars.thank you

when i am driving down the road around 50 or 60 mph the motor rev's up about 5 or 10 thousand rpm's and then go's back down. it will do this just around that speed for some reason. and i can't figure it out

Bought my 2000 Nissan Maxima 3 years ago with 198K miles on it. It's been running gr8, but she's getting tired and needs lots of TLC and I need to know what needs to be done @ 230K miles. "Service Engine Soon" light is on, ABS light goes off & on, need front brakes, p/s leaks, have oil leak; trans needs flushing, etc., NEED REPLACEMENT SPARE TIRE, just went flat on me one day b4 putting on 4 new tires.

cannot locate the spark plugs for replacement

My dealer told me this when I asked why the cost for replacing the high pressure power steering hose was so expensive!

When I try to start my van and the check engine light comes on, it will start. But, when I try to start it and the check engine light doesnt come on, it wont start

The crack is just to the right of the Lincoln emblem.I notice many other Aviators with the same crack in the same spot as mine.
appears to be a defect.
Does anybody know about this and what recourse I have against Ford?

Sunroof won't work anymore--was a little noisy, then stopped working.

does repair pal provide belt diagrams for cars

My car will shake and shut off when I start it. Sometimes it shakes when its just stopped at a traffic light. I just had a couple vacuums replaced in it that were leaking. Well one was leaking, he changed it and then the other broke. the parts for those cost 68, and 55 a piece. What should I do?

What would be the cost to replace the transmission seal?
I have doe this once 20000 miles ago.


my gti is leaking from the vacuum pump

if i pump it a little before putting it in gear it works or not hold pedal more than a few seconds it works