Snow button worked fine before getting new tires.

My car is idling really high and I dont know why. I have cleaned the idle control valve and checked the timing but nothing happened. When i drive it the check engine light comes on.

the car will run good one day and them one day it will keep dying even while u r driving it they dont know whats wrong could anyone help out

I was driving along and then I heard a bell go off. I looked down at my dashboard and all electricals were going crazy. It said I had no gas,no speed,my seatbelt was not on, my tires were low and a little wrench was lit up. I pulled over and turned off the car. When I turned it back on it made a noise like it did not want to start. It is revving high. When I take it out of park it makes a clunk sound like there is a problem with the transmission and when I put my foot on the gas the car barely moves.

I was thinking it might be the linkage

Would like the estimates from the Charlotte area

where is the location of gasoline relay in 96 lexus es 300

i bought the car go halfway home and the speedometer stopped working the rest of the guage cluster still works

good but canot get aground to coil

Does anyone have installation instructions for a DSC control unit?

if i let off the gas it will stop

front driver seat & electric mirrors not working.. please help

what could be the problem

I asked a friend who works on vehicals everyday and he said it was the EGR valve, but the model I have dose not have a EGR valve, what could be the cause, I do have a check engine light on. This only happens at Highway speed, when the trailblazer has made it's final shift, and we are cruzing. Just want to know a little before I get the run around at the shop!

I travel roughly 100miles at highway speeds every day and even on dry pavement my 4LO light blinks constantly. We recently had a snowy day and I put the truck into 4HI but the indicator light on the dash that shows you've locked into 4WD would sometimes show me locked in, and sometimes not.

I have also been experiencing a very strong vibration traveling at any speed coming from the Front wheels. Getting an estimate done this weekend (non dealer), but I am curious as to what you guys might think is going on.