My car sounded like a lawn mower losing out gas. Drove it on da freeway died out.. also my TCS light came on along wid the check engine light. What do I do?

took the car to a lexus dealer to have oil changed and was told there was a small leak in the rack n pionion steering rod.

My other shifter cable is broke,i can see it is broke,i need to know how to change it,i dont have money to take to shop

the driver side power seat stopped working, partially. The butt will raise but the front part of the seat where the knees hang over will not come up. how do we fix this?

Cranks, but won't turn over. I primed the fuel filter, there's fuel there. What else should I check?
The engine light is not on. I loaned out my code reader, haven't got it back yet.

33 or 39 mm bearings cuz i need to replace mine

Took the car to Auto zone to have it check and it was diagnosed with "running lean". I changed the oil, changed oil filter and used gas cleaner but engine light reminds on.
What else can I do?

the ddm 30amp fuse seems intact. what else could cause this ?


startng problem only occurs during rainy weather no other problems engine runs smooth

How much should I pay for the repair, obe shop gave me an estimate of 700. They are going to put in ceramic pads and premium rotos

gmc savanna van from a chevy car dealer

i have changed crankshaft sensor fuel filter fuel pump timming belt new sparkplugs the sparkplugs get wet after a few turns of the crank codes dose not show a thing--three flashs on the check engine light and that is it
please help-----flustrated john c ----thanks

I was driving my car down the road and it just quit and it won't start back up. The fuel pump turns on. checked the spark plugs and their's no spark. I've tried replacing the ignition spark module and that didn't work either. I just don't know what else to check. The parts are so expensive for this car and just wondering if anyone has any ideas.

this morning i tried the heater for the first time for about 30 mins and then turned it off well 30 mins later its starts overheating but the gauge says its cool and now its leaking coolant