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top and windows do not operate. top light button flashes, after being stored, vandalized, battery dead
Everytime I release the gas pedal, then hit it again the truck begins to wobble....why? My tires have been rotated, and balanced, shocks have been replaced....idk?
I have a list of all the codes but need a way to read them.
i replaced my cluch in my 87 mighty max because it went out i thought. i still have no cluch it just goes to the floor when i push the cluch in but the cluch cable is not frayed or broken looks ok. and i was told it w...
Heater doesn't work in my 04 Vanden Plas. Blows cold air only.
Won't start, battery bad so I put a new one in and still won't even turn over. All dash lights come on but no sound no crank no start.
where do i find a fuse panel diagram
car revs high sportatically when idling, periodically stalls when in park. i had a mechanic check and they found a faulty seal that they thought was letting air into the fuel. this seemed to be fixed for about a week...
The problem just started to where the car is sputtering when it is shifted into gear either drive or reverse. It sounds like it will stall out. I had the timing belt replaced about 60 days ago.
there are 2 speed control knobs one for the front one for the rear. the rear seems to work just fine except blows less on one side than the other. the blower motor in the front only works when the knob is turned to hi...
car running fine then started running ruff hooked up my codekey and got code P0304 referring to cylinder 4 missfire. looking for help to resolve problem never owned a german vehicle
should you change thermostat after replaceing water pump?
1995 Ford Probe: Passenger headlight does not go up when lights are on; driver side goes up and down? What can it be? Cory
how do I fix the glove compartment