The noises sound like a lose belt hiting under the dashboard.

ABS light comes on and stays on during driving

This happens most every time about 8 out of 10 times

Should I have the water pump replaced as preventive maintenance or just replace it as needed (when it breaks)?

leaking pinion seal by tranfer case,but dont know which one,and wanted to know cost parts/labor

It is an automatic transmision and it hestitates

i don't see any tensioner pulleys to get the outer belt off in order to get to the lower belt ????

I have Lesus ES 300 140 000 miles. I had it washed yesterday in local wash shop as soon as i walked in i saw the tac off.
I saw this error in 2004 when I bought the card which was 4 years old but had warenty they fixed.

Now car has 140 K miles and I is 12 years old and it drives find except this error. Deal would charge me arm and leg and I would like to save money have service and pay decent price and still drive the car for awhile.

Advise course of action

you hear a clunk infront of van when accelerating, like from stop light,also sometimes when stopping suddenly,and when turning. just had motor mount (front) replaced,sway bar links replaced,alignment, and tire rotation. also had struts replaced in front. could it be cv joints? had them inspected about 6 mo. ago with boots intact.

please help

need to put trans fluid in but dont know where fill is

Hi i have a 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse GTS, there is no check engine light or anything, but my car seems to be smoking a lot (white smoke) usually when i engage the clutch. I had recently done timing belt and water pump, also recently there was an intake gasket manifold leak which was repaired as well.

Thanks !!

My '04 Sonata fails emissions due to the readiness monitors, specifically the catalyst and the oxygen sensor. It has failed 6 or 7 tests over 3 1/2 months and 4,000 miles of mostly highway driving. I replaced the battery last October and the first failed test came in early November. I've been to 3 shops and called a dealership, and they all give the same advice to "just keep driving and the drive cycle should complete." But no luck so far. The check engine light has never come on, and it drives just fine. Having read what is required for a typical drive cycle, I should have completed many in my normal course.

Prior to replacing the battery, the car would require a jump frequently for things I felt shouldn't drain it. Such as having the hazard lights on less than 10 minutes, or the radio on while parked for about 15 minutes after just driving for about an hour.

Any advice would be appreciated.

The engine sounds like misfiring air comming from the manifolds at reving 2000 rpm and will not go higher then 2500rpm. Took manifold off and backfire came from the second manifold hole from left to right. Car will not go more then 30 miles per hour because of missfires, will just putter at 30mph misfiring? Too many codes to mention (At Autozone), changed plugs and air filter. Check engine light on. Any help?

if im driving n shift to neutral n let go off the clutch before it reaches belo 1000 RPM the car would rev up to 1500 RPM by itself even at shifting gears.
other problem is it turns off while breaking with clutch

my truck iddles rough as it warms up but will iddle good after it warms up. If you turn it off after it warms up and let it sit for 20 mins and start it back up it will do it all over again. when you try to drive it it will hesitate unless you full trottle it.