end and plugs in to a another connection well the part the screws in to the egr has wires coming out but their are just to wire and no end connector to plug it in to the other connection can i cut the other connection end piece off and just crimp the wires straight together? the only thing is,, does it matter which wire goes to witch? because the one that doesn't have an end connection doesn't have wire colors they are just black.. what could i do besides buy a new one??

How much should I be prepared to pay for these services?

We used platinum spark plugs that the auto parts store recommended. A friend recommended radium plugs. What is the difference?

I follow the intructions in the owner manual and the oil change light is still wont go off

The engine mount is cracked, broken. It is possibly called the "dog bone" nt.

I had the spark plugs changed fuel line tighten . i dont know what else could it be.

my van runs great in cool weather but sputters and boggs , runs very slow in hot weather,but when the nite temp cools we can bring it home . can't seem to fix the problem .we have changed the fuel filter and a sensor i'm not sure which one

has close to 80,000 miles on it. No problems. Just getting it tuned up and wondering if it needs the transmission flushed?

getting poor gas millage it has 209,235 miles on it is there something else i can do to get better gas miiage

i had the a/c control change and still the same

Trying to change the Headlamp.

my driver side power sliding door was working fine then all of a sudden when you hit the button to close the door, it starts to close but when it gets about 6 in from closing it stops and opens again. sounds like a sensor or something but im not sure. it opens fine and every once in while after repeated attempts it will close fine. all other doors work fine

the pipe expansion joint holds the 2 halves together.

whenever im stopped with the engine running except when i first start it the engine revs between 500 and 1000 rpm. also if it sits for a while it has a hard time getting out of the first few gears. runs perfect 20mph and over. code registers an emmissons problem. bought a new gas cap MIL didnt come back on for a couple days

I took the car to the Mecedez dealer and they said it was some thing in the front end which would cost over $2000.00 to fix. They said its a safety item for state inspection. They said it passes fine and is safe but just squeaks. There must be away I can grease it or something?