Need to replace my transmission fluid adn filter. I understand that quarts of transmission fluid can be very expensive for my ML350.
Tryign to estimate how many quarts I will need.

I have changed water pump/computer/fuel injectors(all)/fuel pump/fuel tank/filter/tune-up/fuel relay/disconnected anti-theft..and still the car stalls. It is running fine now that it is winter. However once the warmer weather gets here...back to the stalling. I have even disconnected the relay for low coolant but that still does not make it start. It seems to be an overheating relay of some sort. Rad levels are up. Any ideas...it is driving my mechanic nuts and my wallet to the poor house. It is a very ghostly issue..Thanks Amy

My car makes a noise every time I start it and turn the wheel. when I turn the wheel, it makes a humming or grinding noise. It stops after the car is warmed up.

The sounds so loud, its coming from under the hood.,my mufflers in tact.

disappears when I depress the clutch all the way...what could be the problem please?


promble can i still drive the car or what

Is this a problem I need to have fixed rigt away?

My low oil pressure light came on warning to stop and is full of oil

Rotors were fine, clean with plenty of metal still on them. The dealer wanted $800. that is insane. How can I get the warning light to reset.

It was fine yesterday except the last time I started it, I had to start it 3-4 times to get it to run; acted like it wasn't getting enough fuel at first.

When you turn the key on you usually hear the fuel-pump motor but when I tried to start it today, I didn't hear the fuel pump motor and it turned over but wouldn't start at all. Could it be the fuel pump gone bad?

why is this?

and where would i go to see it, and can i down load it

It flashes sometimes.

install alternator bracket

checked all plugs, wires and coil packs they are fine, O2 sensors and mass air flow sensor are also new as well as fuel filter. now it is smiking bad from exhaust, and oil drips from mufflers, rough idle revs and stalls