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axels rotors brakes bearings all replaced but when car is coasting it doesnt make grinding sound but when it is pulling bad grinding sound sounds like in front middle of car and right wheel feels like cal...
I purchased a 2007 Jeep Compass from a dealership and while driving home experienced the joys of a flat tire. Now after replacing all four tires, the ESP/BAS and Traction Control lights all stay on. The manual says to...
I can't go over 40 MPH until my ABS & ASR lights come on, then I can drive normal. It started when I road on a flat and wires came lose on the passenger front tire.
I just recently installed a tow hitch wiring harness. I connected the pieces to my factory plugs, and now when i step on the brake, the rev lights come on????
My power locks and trunk won't lock. I have to manually lock doors and strap trunk down. I checked all the fuses and changed the battery. What else can it be?
i want to do a compression test
have no spark, replaced coil,cranck shaft sensor and ignition module per Chiltons repair manual. part store shows a camshaft sensor. where is this located.
I noticed it when I started the motor. Mechanic found the belt moving and shaking the pump. How much for the water pump and labor?
there is no B+ in one of the two wires that plugs in to the coil i check all fuses they are ok can you give me an ider what coud be. my email:
Location of the OBD connector for the 2001 Subaru Outback H6-3.0 VDC: I just can't seem to locate the little devil. Any advice/guidance/photos welcome. Thanks!
The rear vents will not shut off even when the air flow is shut off to 0 (zero). If I turn off the heat, the vents still blow in the back as if they were turned up all the way. It's loud and it gets hot. HELP!
the trans shifts soft is there an adjustment for that?
wont shift into gear while running, clutch is soft n wont kick back, reservoir is full
How do I program a new wireless remote