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I recently replaced the fuel pump and fuel filter in my 96 buick regal. Now when the car gets to a normal but hot condition it runs rough or wont restart until it cools down. Could something else be wrong with my car? If so what? It starts right up when its cold, but when it gets hot and you turn it off for a short time, it is hard to start and/or runs rough.

i was told that its the fly wheel is cracked but dn`t kno for sure car wasn`t loked at

this car don't have a stick to check

wondering is a 4matic torque converter compatible with reg converter for mercedes 300e

It appears the fan is OK and running in the morning before the heat of the day, but the hotter the outside temperature reaches, the less A/C comes out and the fan only works sporadicaly.

engine lopes at idle speed

My battery died and when i jumped it several fuses blew replaced them however there are still many things not working blower does not turn on or wipers and can't get gas cap open

50,000 miles

can i weld a piece of pipe locally or suggest a good option

is there a recall for oil leakage for the 745 series?

lower alternator bracket leak on the bmw 745i recall

Can oil leak cause heating problems? The car does not overheat easily as before after replacing the thermostat, sensor, upper hose and overflow tank and cap.But despite the replacement of the valve cover gasket, oil is leaking badly around the "neck" of the coil pack (front driver's side)and pouring on alternator (passenger's side). Is this problem specific to that type of Mazda? The leak is bad around crank. Is it a problem of worn gasket that needs replacement?
Please help with some advice. Thanks.

it smooths out after 10 seconds and runs good I have replaced the spark plugs twice witch helped for a little bit then went back to the same problem and i replaced the plug weirs.

thet both have drained the battery in the last 2 months and the car dies

When pressing on the brake pedal to place the car in gear it does not fully depress what is the problem.