last week my car wouldn,t start,i got a jump,drove 1 mile and went home. The next morning the barrey was totally drained,igot it charged overnight, and it ran fine for a few days, now the light come on, but it won't start, i don't here anything when i turn the key, what miight this be?

when cold pedal goes flat 2000rpm max belows black smoke put in nuetral rev engine goes away code given is p0216 misfire and fuel when warm runs great has a banks turbo system

When I reverse the car down the driveway and turn the steering wheel to go down the street, the wheels (or something) make a shocking noise and then when I try to straighten up, it is like it is wound up like an elastic band. I have to let the steering wheel go and let it straighten by itself.
It clunks turning corners going forwards and backwards.
It has also, on two occasions, cut the engine out as it was going round a roundabout. Not very good when you have no steering as well. please try and help as we have given it to Jeep to look at, paid AU$360 and they havent improved it.

done drive cycle 1oo times no codes and no mil light ;-)

It had the head bolts over torque by someone,3 0f the bolts wouldnt come out they broke impact sockets using them with a breaker bar ,finnaly they rounded of ,im having a hard time finding advice on this or a mobile machinist who can come and do this for me,i tried to drill the bolt heads of with a cobalt drill bit.but they are to hardened ,anyone have an idea what i can do?

Car has been overheating very quickly in the past two days. I believe that my thermostat is going bad. i don;t know where it is but i hope that someone can help me

royal purple oil and filter

Thanx for reading, the problem basically is that I have the top down, and when I try to close it, it gets stuck in the first phase, which is the trunk lid opening and the top getting out of it! Basically it stops, half way, it did it a couple of times, and I had a friend yank the top and it went passed the resistance point, didn't do it again for several days untill 2 days again! and it's raining now, good thing I still have my other car!... so does anyone know about this problem? solution? suggestions?
thanks in advance :)

my engine check light is on and i want to know could this be from the mis fireing.

I have a leak from rear main. Is there anything else that can be done to slow it down or correct. If not what does that typically cost?

For about 6 months now when I first start the car and go to take off the stability light with wrench comes on along with the traction assist light, if I turn the car off and restart it the light will go off, the last few days it will just come on while I am driving. I have read some post that talks about the steering wheel sensor may need replaced, is this a possibility, how do you know for sure and how do you change the sensor, I have found the sensor at autozone for about 120.00

i have a 700r4 trans out of a 92 yukon will this trans work in a 94 yukon that had a 4l60-e in it . i know it will bolt up just need to know abt the computer and the lock up converter on it and how to make it work .

I had an oil changed 2 days before that happened Im wondering if there is a iink


Have a 2002 Volvo S60 with Code P0785 only. Is this an easier fix or possible c