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Once the car reaches 4000rpms(@25-35mph)it sounds and feels as though it's winding up around 6-7000rpms. If I let off the gas pedal the gears will shift between 2500-3000rpms(normal).All other gears perform properly.
the passenger car door is completely broke, i had a friend try to fix it and he totally ruined the metal parts that connect the door to the frame so i would need a used door and both the parts for the frame and door h...
all4x4 is not working, when the back tires are spinning the front tires do nothing. The back drive works fine. when I put it in low 4 it works fine all tires spin. help me out it snowing Thanks
i have a 99 surburban that cranks but will not turn over and start. i changed fuel pump and filter. still doesnt start. noticed a trouble code p0108. can anyone help?
how much does it cost to do a transmission fluid change?
how much would it cost to have my bmw motor rebuilt that I have in the car rather buying a new one?
How do you turn off the alarm system? We need to do that for an auto train trip. Thank you.
Does mercedes benz c230 have antilock brakes
i have a 2007 Toyota corolla the check engine light came on after i started the car and i could not rev over 2000rpms then car shut off waited 20 mins and now it seems fine just light still on.
why does it cut off while driving a mechanic told us it was erg valve then the coil we changed both but still cuts off we even changed fuel filter,and fuel pump wats wrong
Isn't the lock ,up clutch deactivated by the brake curcuit?
mass air flow wiring
When I refill with fluid it leaks on the ground and received alert indicating "washer fluid low."
where is under dash fuse box located?
I have a leak at the transmission. I need to replace a front transmission seal. Can you tell me what is the estimated cost to replace the front transmission seal.