My fuse on my truck pops and I think its from the wiper motor so I want to pull the harness from it and see if it still pops with the motor disconnected from it then i will know that the motor is the problem.

Where is it located and do I have to replace the evaporator?

At dealership how much can I expect to fix this problem? Took car in for inspection at regular shop and they weren't able to diagnose why the light was staying on.

I'm trying to replace the spark plugs on my 1998 Avalon xls V6. After open the hood, I can see the coils and replace spark plugs 2, 4 and 6, but I can't find coil 1, 3 and 5. Are they behaind the engine? Do I need to take off something then I can find them.
Also, what kind of spark plug do I need for my 1998 Avalon? single arm or double arm?


have checked fuses and bulbs all good need to know where to start next

The car still seems to drive fine. Not sure but it was a very loud spring or band snapping sound (vibration sound).

Also the door ajar light is often on and the ABS light is sometimes on.
The alarm just goes off anytime.

im getting a 1995 honda civic its very plain in great condition and i want a body kit on it. how much would it be to get one professionally insatlled

looked at fuses they are good

Is all this necessary? The car's gas mileage has decreased by 10% in the last 6 months.

My Toy has over 300K on it. I am looking to sell it. It will start just fine, then die once it gets going. Have replaced the fuel pump, coil. Thinking now it's maybe the distributor, since can't find any vaccum leaks. Any help would be appreciated. Shawna

how can i replace the left rear abs speed sensoof my Outlander 2008 mitsubishi

so just what updates do I ask for spacifically in order to fix this "FLICKERING LIGHTS" problem I have? All the dealers around here have no clue of how to fix this problem, they even have tried replacing the headlight switch. If you could tell me what

My belt keeps jumping off the pulley. I thought it was becuase of the air conditioner pulley so I got a new one. I also got a new belt. I dont know what else to do.

It leaks fropm under the passenger side after I shut off engine.