Recently changed the battery in my 1998 Tacoma. Now the radio and antenna have no power? all fuses in box are good - baffled and need some help!

I know nothing about cadillacs. My dad left his car to me. Looks great on the outside and runs great except that the power locks dont work (you have to do it manually), only some of the windows work, the driver seat doesnt work and the cassette player doenst work. Where can I get this fixed in Oakland CA or in bay area? I am nervous to have electrical done by someone that will mess up my car.

In cold weather it may take 3 hrs to start if at all. On hot days it clicks for 30-60 minutes and starts. After it starts there are no issues.Fuel pump relays have been replaced.

The bolt will not clear the fuel tank do you have to drop the fuel tank?

gov. and pressure solenoid replaced/ OD/TCC switch not replaced. Could that be the problem?

I bought this 2003 C70 preowned, certified from dealer in 2009 with 33000miles on it

Thought it could be an electrical issue, a sensor, fuel injectors. After having some things replaced and taking it to 3 different shops , it still is having the same starting issue. We then noticed it only does it after weve been driving for a little bit. The other day we noticed the temperature was up to 250 when it happened again, it normaly runs at 195.

The check engine light came on at 184000. I brought to a dealer and was advised that catalytic converter needs to be changed. I went to a mechanic and changed the catalytic converter for a cheaper price. Now the mechanic said that check engine light will still come on and said he will just reset it. The light came on again and he reset it. After a couple of days, the light came on again, he said it has a code P2238. Is this right?

rear speakers don't work sometimes intermitently

while replacing said shaft note that it is seated properly in the trans it moves around excessively and i am concerned the seal may be damaged

Replaced the engine but it won't start. It will turn over but not start. Transmission lights flash PRD54321 and panel reads NO BUSS

my ford escort is making this squeal noise when i hit the brakes does that means i need brake pads and if so how much should i paid to get new brakes ?

Dose the drive shaft have to be removed, I just bought the car and do not have the manuals .

While driving my jeep liberty 2006, the engine stalled and would not restart, On checking i found oil in the air intake and on the filter.Could this be the reason for engine stall, and how can oil get into the air intake?.

Does anyone know where I can get download a free service manual? Where is EGR valve located and how difficult of a repair is it? Thought I'd try changeing it out before bringing to shop. Any insight and help would be great.