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I need to replace the carbon canister valve but cannot find where it is located.

We can not fine the sensor.

i changed my o2 sensor twice and 0155 code still comes…..what else could it be bank 2 sensor 1

at, speed runs well, just during idle, oilpressure drops, engine idles rough and stalls.

Problem occurs maybe once or twice past year. Happen yesterday, disconnected battery for 30 seconds (reset computer)and it started. Starter solenoid was replace and bench tested a two months ago. Someone said change starter relay. Looked in Chilton and Haynes and could not find.

i have coolant coming out of the left side of the engien just below the thermostat i was told it was a freezeplug that is bad but i've had noone look at it yet is that where one of the freezrplugs is located

truck runs good till you take it for a ride then oil prssure drops and engines sounds rough just bought it. Any suggestions about what might be the problem it is a chevy 1995 1500 pu.?

since tuning runs great but gas mileage horrible any ideas?

car has 110,000 miles well kept had new plugs gaskets filters and oil change

Replaced a transmission for the "beast" with a used one. Van runs good while in drive. When coming to a stop the transmission does not drop down to first gear.

I turned off my car, then noticed the number 4 on my information panel. it stayed there for about 15 seconds and went off. I turned the car back on then off again and it didn't show that time. Is this something I need to worry about?

Truck will blow hot air until truck is put into drive and it starts rolling.

spark plugs,spark plug wires,battery ,distributor cap, ignition rotor. what is the next step

1996 buick skylark keeps blowing tail light and in dash fuse. where is the external fuse box located so I can check to see if there is anything wroing in there. what could be the problem.

Hit a dip while driving then I stop to find out what below my car was hit, then i saw oil dripping contionously underneath the engine.