My battery and oil gauges never move...no matter what. When my battery is real low the battery gauge just jumps to normal and never shows any low or high. Same with my oil gauge.

when put the low beams on all four light come on but there are low low volteg lights showing

it also makes a noise when i start to turn the steering wheel.

I need a diagram for the vacuum hose setup! Thanks

Has popped before and after K&N CAI installed. CAI made no difference in amount of popping nor sound of popping.

My Truck just started Lurching forward when in drive and stopped. runs fine when in park.

under the dash is covered

I have an 1985 Chevy truck. The master cylinder went bad causing the fluid to leak out of the back reservior causing the brake warning light to come on. I know the switch is located on a crossmember under the radiator. How do I reset this switch. I have replaced the master cylinder and have bled the brakes, but the light is on and I don't think I am getting full fluid pressure to the back brakes. I need to know how to reset the switch.

not only does it jump back and forth, it will also seems to loose power at times during the jumping around. You can slow up to ten miles an hour when it does so all the sudden, when the power comes back it shifts hard.

when you turn on the a/c knob nothing happens

I just bought a 2008 and want to know if you all had an issue with the lights becuase I just tried to get them fixed but can't it is someething else..
Please help??

91 dodge , nice lil truck but I can never tell just how fast I am going since the speedo does not work , my truck is a standard with a 3.9L V6 also the anti lock lite stays on always ? Thanks for listening ~ FIRE ~

the key got stuck to the ignition so i cant turn on the car

battery may be problem not sure