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The headlights, turn signals, brake lights work, but my gauge lights and taillights do not.
I just put 2 new head gaskets in my Oldsmobile cutlass supreme and got the car to run, my problem is that now it idles very fast and doesn't want to stop, also when I put the car in drive it wants to move only 6 mph, ...
My truck will not go into 4x4. I lock the hubs shift it into 4x4 High and low but my front wheels still dont turn.What should i do where should i start looking to fix the problem. ive replaced the end of the truck 4 y...
does this vehicle have a timing chain or belt and if belt when should it be changed
Im looking for the fuse panel. lookin for the fuse that controls the radiator fans.
how do you get the pulley off the drive shaft
i am buying a used car 210000 miles for 500.00 good condition great deal doors haven't opened for a while but it was single owner so no big deal
keeps turning
Not a problem...Just a question.... At what speed must you be going for the front steering wheel air bag to deploy on impact??
New thermostat, still overheating after 1-month. Mechanic says problem is between engine and transmission? Could this be right?
My truck Drove and ran great; Took it and washed it;stopped by Wal Mart and when I came out. Istarted it and it Idled great. Put it in gear and it wouldn't take no gas or isn't getting enough. But it idles great. Any ...
The rear of my ext cab leaks....when it rains....I am told that the seals are dried out.....the ones which run parallel over the top of the can I remove to check this??
Why doesn't my remote control working after replacing car battery? Also, my interior lights don't come on and after turning the ignition off and closing the door, the head light flashes several time by itself and I t...
i have 60k miles and my front brake pads are getting thin. the rotors still look fine. how hard is it to change my front brake pads.
How do you change the spark plugs in slk 32 amg