Over a week ago she just cut off in traffic. She would start but cut off with a loud bang(like a gunshot). I had to tow her home and she set in the driveway for about a week and a half. On 3/19/2012 the fuel pump was replaced and she started up. I was glad if that but didn't try to drive her. I wish that I had, when in park you could give it gas and the engine would rave up. But when in drive or reverse I had to push the gas pedal all the way to the floor and she would not move at all. What is the problem.

if I jump across starter selinoid it cranks, jump starter enabler relay it cranks, but no fuel to injectors.

i was on a drive from ny to pensilvania when i noticed the problem.. everytime i try to engage cruise i get a cruise control malfunction ..how can i remedy this problem..

Making noise is since a dealer did tire rotation a few days ago. Did tire rotation effect to damage wheel dearing ? Now it will cost over $800.

it start but will die out when it heats up usually at long traffic light

The heads have been change, theres no water on any of the dip sticks.

I have a water leak on the drivers side floor.After rain or a car wash,water shows up.Someone told me to check the FIREWALL!!

Is the motor bad?Can you oil this motor?Also the transmision has a lot of play on one of the wipers.
Thank you!!

Problem began about 6 weeks ago, and has happened about four times. The honking occurs in on-and-off bursts. I'm able to stop it by pressing the red panic button on the remote. It has happened in both the a.m. and p.m. hours. The car has no electrical problems of which I'm aware.

I have a 2004 Lexus Ls 430 and I need my shift selonide replaced. I'm looking for a good price but great work.

The top goes down ok but doesn't come up unless you help it by pulling it up.

keeps wanting to die as you accelerate. last one i owned had fuel pump replaced twice.

shaft and hub one assembly

I changed the breather hose and lost where the extra little hose on it connects to. finally found where, and i then took off 2 wires to distributor cap for inspection. I put them back then car wouldnt start. I changed ignition coil, spark plugs,cap and rotor which were very bad condition, car still wont start,cranks but wont start. I noticed the engine fan stopped turning.Now im sitting for three weeks....help!!!!!!

The ingition module and coil has been replaced. The cycle is repeats, vehicle runs for 15 min then shut down. Need help and suggestions.