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when I turn on the headlight switch the passenger side turn signals don't work, they work fine with the headlight switch off.
transmission taking out filter changed and seal the crack and put back in
My rear wiper quit working a couple of weeks ago and now the defroster isn't working either. Thought it has something to do with rear hatch replacement after an accident back in May, so went to the body shop where the...
engine running/driveing door ajar chime/buzzer wil not shut off? can i just pull the fuse for this?
What is the fuel pump pressure and where is the port at to check fuel pressure jlelandthomas
I am working on yjis for a friend it has good fuel presure and spark it pops and tries to start but won't start timing chain is mark to mark and changed the plugs ?????? 39 years on the line but been retired afew yea...
My son was driving my truck down the road and all of a sudden a bunch of white smoke came out the back.
how can i turn off the horn honking when the driver door is opened with trans in gear?
It recently turned cold and not my 2010 Titan will not run past 2000 RPMS. It started sluggishly but after warming up it seemed fine. Anytime you reved it up it would die past 2000 RPMS and while driving it would not ...
engin warm driving on road, stop at light engine rough, take off gain speed engine smooths out. put injector cleaner in gas, no help after 25 miles.
My truck will start, no light, guages, push on gas and nother happens.
I'd like to put a new seat belt assembly on the driver's seat(weak retractor) Does the cover on the center pillar merely snap in? Thanks.
truck wont start although glow plugs where changed
does this vehicle have a mass air flow sensor and if so where is it located?