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my rpm needle goes from 2000 and drop to 1000 rpms up and down constancely and it travel about 45 mph w/out putting my foot on the gas.I have perchased a position throttle sensor and still have the same problem.

A dog ran in front of my car tonight and I hit it. I went to turn around and my 99 cabrio stalled when backing into traffic and then wouldn't start. It turns over fine but acts like its not getting gas? Is their a fuel switch or something

The last year or so, the brakes shudder when hot. This only happens when doing mountain driving. The steering wheel shakes. I realize that the pedal is supposed to shudder when the ABS system is engaged, but the shuddering steering wheel doesn't feel normal.

My rear window wiper motor has not worked for years on my car. Could not find one that did not cost me an arm & a leg until now. Just want to make sure I do everything right because don't want to mess the new one up. Thank U!!!! KC P.S. The motor is off a 1998 Mitsubishi 3000GT. It will still work on my 1997 Mitsubishi 3000GT SL?

1993 Dodge Caravan 3.0l,in manuals it says x relay located in power distribution block but not in which position. Have found pictures of earlier model vans and dont match what I have. Can anyone help me with information.

Secondary emissions pump failure.

Can hardly find anything about the older astro's but found a broken 86 for $ hopeing to find out if it's worth it to buy the van. Cost generator wasn't helpful in the replace or rebuild transmission area. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

i changed the plugs and wires and the tps its a 4.0 im not getting any codes and if u get on it all at ones it starts miss and wont rev over 3500rpms

After the flood it ran for two days then it stopped running.

low oil pressure/shut off engine comes on information centerwhile chiming --intermittingly just changed oil/oil filter

I picked up the module 40 and module 41 code on an OBDI but do not know which parts these actually are.

I no its in the dashboard but don't no where it at.

Car turned over at first but put foot on the gas and it quit. This happened 3 times. Since then, it will crank but not start. AC had been leaking freon. This has never happened before so I am at a loss. Any help is appreciated.

Engine is running lean

now the engine light goes on and the air flow meter runs like poop but when i disconect the mas flow meter it runs a lot better and cuts out once in a while thank you foe your time