every time i start the car and i'm checked the gas cap

About 2 weeks ago I bout a 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee & it has a transmission leak that is getting worse. I am on a budget seeing how I just moved & am looking work for the first time since 11/2011. The truck leaks fluid every day & right now it has say for 13 hours & looks like its lost a quart of transmission fluid which is worse than it was few days ago.

also when excelerating

car runs rough when cold or damp

My car vibrates when its is in drive and i have my foot on brake

I have 1986 Mercedes-Benz.The rear brakes need to be replaced.I have already removed brake calipers & pads,but having a hard time trying to remove rotors.

What could cause this noise. It also has started backfiring.

Could all fail same time or are they all on same air system, 1 fail all fail. 2nd Q. transmission slips out at hard stop, jerks back in gear when gas applied. Is this adjustment or major overhaul.

oil pooling on ground underneath vehicle

where are the adjusting screws looated

Engine starts fine and idles okay, but has no power, economy gage all the way in red, doesn't shift properly. Does not straighten out even after up to normal temp unless engine is shut off and restarted. Can restart after driving a short distance, and everything runs fine, economy gage in green, plently of power, shifts normally. Subsequent restarts even after a couple hours, everything works fine, but that first cold start. Happens every morning and problem never goes away until it's shut off and restarted.
Where do I look? Temp sensor? O2 sensor? Some vacuum control? EGR? How to diagnose problem?

sometimes it will,but lately it will not come out of park.

my 1990 chevy lumina 3.1 ltr v6 all of a sudden died on me while driving then it wouldnt start at all. the fuel pump works the starter works it has compression so i thought spark. so i wiggled the wires and there was some wires that looked a little burnt then all of a sudden the car would start when moving the wires so i bought new wires and a new coil pack and new plugs but now it still wont start. any suggestions

I reolaced the Throttle Position Sensor (TPS)and i think it need to be adjucted. I have not enought power on my nissan quest. also when i pushed the gas it stall and is does not changed geears on time

I checked fuses and do not see any that run the reverse lights. Parking lights and signals work.