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Is there more then one blend door? Last year I didn't have heat or air. Changed out blend door and now I have heat but no air. Have added freon and air still doesn't work. Is it possible there is another door or maybe the compressor.

Mine are stuck in the locked position. When I move them to unlock, the doors still won't open from the inside.

I have a 2010 mazda 3 hatchback 11,000 miles that has had the clutch petal replaced and now needs the clutch master cylinder replace-is that normal for a car with so little miles.

Mechanics have checked the starter, battery, all the fuses and the alternator. Can't figure out the problem

once i try and give it some throttle it bogs and dies out. as long as i dont touch the gas pedal it will stay idling for a long time but then eventually dies and when i try to go and start it again sometimes it just keeps cranking and wont start at all. what could be the problem? do u think maybe the fuel pressure regulator is bad.

my car has reported unibody damage what does the unibody of my car include

The passenger side actually feels just a little bit cooler then the driver side does. Blows fine, it's just cool air coming out. The temp does not increase or decrease when you change the climate control settings. Could it be just a clogged cabin filter? Does it need to be charged with freon? Could it all be in my climate control switch?

I turned it off last night, and this morning it just turned over with no fire, no desire to start. this has never happened. I've had this car for two years.

At this point I have replaced several Drive Belts oil is at the timing cover outside and is seeping out from an unknown area does anyone know how to stop this type of oil leak. Weird thing no drips on the ground. Thanks to anyone that can advise me.

help help

had a diagnostic done and that is the code it came up with

some one help

I want to replace it myself but not sure where to start

What is the issue with the ABS light and the main causes or defects?

The heating system blows out hot air on passenger side and rear of car but only cold air blows out on driver side of car