I put my foot on the brake and started it, and when I went to put it in drive the gear shift lever either broke, or came loose. The tranny was in PARK because it wasnt moving, but the lettrs on the dash read about halfway betweeen P and R. So the key wouldnt come out, and the lever is totally disconnected minus the wires. I am going to look at it in the daylight in the next hour, because the front interior lights do not work, and all I had was one small LED to see. PLEASE tell me that this is a fix I can handle myself because if I seriously spend one more penny she is going to shoot me and then kill me. PLEASE HELP!

It stopped once before a few months back and than it starting again so I didn't take it in for service.

I need to remove the tcm and not sure which one it is. is it the A0215452232?

My Bosch Electronic Brake Control Module no longer functions which affect not just the ABS but also the
vehicle's Traction Control. I ordered a replacement,
but I would like to install it myself. Everything is
clearly accessible. Please help!

When should the timing belt be replaced, how much does this usually cost. What are other repairs that would often be needed around the 200km mark.


just going down road and made a right turn and it died

When i'm sitting idle & my car is running. i hear tapping under the hood

after battery died I cannot open the door Key turns but door will not open

When I was on vacation my Maintence Due light came on. Now today I tried to start my 2005 Highlander and it won't start. Now the VSC, CEL, and Maintenance lights are on. There is no loose hose to the air filter. I also tried opening the gas cap and closing with three clicks. I can still not start my truck. Also, I accidentally didn't have the gas pump nozzle all the way in the tank when I was filling with gas and some ran onto the ground. Do you have any suggestions for me? Thanks.

have a used car dealer warrenty through an extended warrenty company.

The lightning bolt indicator is on. Car turns over but won't start


my abs light is on

Stopped at a Shell gas station. filled 1/2 a tank of "gas", car started acting up, found out the gas station messed up. their delivery guy put diesel in their tanks instead of gas. so I got diesel in my gas tank. took it to the dealer. system was flushed. advice the dealer to check the reduce oil engine light. they recomended to change the sensor. i believe either diesel/coolant is my engine. please advice. tnx

Ignition went out so I replaced the ignition switch. Drove a couple days and car would not start. Somehow, the wires for the aftermarket alarm had come apart under the dash and they were spliced into the ignition. Reconnected them and the car started right up. The car started running rough at idle after it would warm up and the check engine light came on. Cod P0133 - 02 sensor bank 1 position 1 slow start. Replaced the 02 sensor. That was a B*@5h. The car is still running very rough at idle but only when it is in gear. It shakes the whole car but not all the time. When it shakes, it feels like I'm in a funny car at the start line. When I shift to neutral, the shaking stops. No lights are on now, and I have tried fuel injector cleaners and treatments. Any help would be appreciated as I am unemployed and can't afford a mechanic.