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when the car is idle it revs high and low and sometimes even stalls
first time has happen no codes shown and no problems
will changing to synthetic oil cause oil to get into radiator?
when i turn key switch off radio goes off,and is not able to turn key back for radio to play after car is off.
126,000 miles on truck. I shut it off 15 minuets later went to start it again and it would not start. Talk to a mechanic as I was out of town at the time, he said to try the reset button. I did this and it ran for a l...
The car was chilly on the trip south from Idaho in zero degree weather. The coolant is up to level. The blower is magnificent. The heater hoses are hot. The engine temperature is 85 degrees centigrade. It seems t...
I have a GPS and I really want to stop getting lost and wasting my gas but I can't charge it. Guessing there's a problem with the fuse? Any help is great cause I'm not going anywhere until its fixed! Thank you!
I recently purchased a Honda and the person who owned the vehicle before put a passcode for the User 1 in the navigation system, I am unable to change anything with the navigation without this passcode. Is there anywa...
this question is to roy about crankshaft sensor.i replaced sensor with one from autozone and magnet isnt as strong as old one .should i get origenal equipment from dodge. i have been working on this truck for almost a...
What could be the cause to the gas smell in my car, I have looked every were and still could not find it, I took it to the machanic and he failed to find it. When I first start the car and turn on the defroster the sm...
How much would it cost to fix a supposed leak in the exhaust...I smell exhaust in the cabin
how to replace a power steering hose from the resevoir?
above light came on yesterday... manual says it is emission controls related...what am I looking at in part and labor costs??
between 30 to 45 MPH truck shakes front end or could it be tires?
The driver's window works fine, but the other 3 windows do not, from either the driver's master panel or individually. Is this a fuse problem? If so, which fuse!