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step by step on how to replace them

shop has car and it is getting very costly.i have put in fuel pump,filter,egr valve,plugs wires.i am just about to let them keep the me please.i need help.

does anybody know where i could get a breakdown or a schematic of different engines so i could locate certain parts

Fuse is good. Bulbs are good. Contacts are in good shape.

besides the impeller how do you check for a clogged radiator

Emergency Brake light & ABS Brake light comes on when applying brake, then stays on. Took my '93 Ranger in for a Dianostic Test, which showed a Code 4. Received quote of $800 to replace the RABS valve.

Thinking the parts @ $490 high, I checked for the part online and am now confused. Are there 1 or 2 RABS on my truck? Also 2.5 hrs + $490 parts seems high. Any thoughts? Thanks for your help! emartin

I have a 2003 Maxima 6 speed, I just replaced the engine, at first I kept getting the p0335 code, but the car would take a long time to start but eventually it would start and run strong. I realized the reason for the code is I mixed up the sockets for the Crank Position with the O2 sensor. After correcting the crossing the car will now start right up but idle like hell for a few seconds and die, I tried pressing the accelerator and that doesn't help. I have an OBD2 scanner and I checked the readings from all the sensors and everything seems to be responding ok. Any ideas? I went through the, Accelerator Pedal Release Position Learning Procedure for 2K2+ and the Throttle Valve Closed Position Learning Procedure for 2K2+ still with no luck, any suggestions on where to go from here? If I unplug the crank sensor it runs fine just takes a while to start.

Thanks everyone for your help.

after you stop it is stuck in 2nd

What is the actual price to buy a new engine for a 2005 PT cruiser?

The problem starting a week ago. I took it to Sears Auto Repair the next day and they diagnosed the problem. Sears also indicated no problems with suspension, etc. They suggested I go to the dealer to have it fixed. Is this a fixable problem and how much will it cost (ballpark figure).

Fluid appears to be full

Had fixed while still under warranty. No longer have warranty. What could be causing this. Also, when the green light goes off, the a/c does not work. Fan does, but not cool air. You might guess, it is worse when weather is hotter. LOL

Somehow this message 'WAIT' came on the screen therfore cannot operate the radio.I have the security code but cannot insert it with this message. Followed through the manual but it not going off.



has a po700 code wont shift out of second gear