also need the approximate price for ball bearing job on the same make and year.

Is it okay to have another party flush the coolant instead of Lexus?

This did not start until I had upper control armp r/r upper control arm & idler arm repair done when changing front tires. It sounds like small metal pieces.

This has been a problem for a while, but the vehicle is still running normally.

When i keep the car on idle , the battery light flikers.
As soon as i race the engine throttle for sometime , the light flickering stops.

I am only getting the highest speed which is 4. 1, 2, and 3 do not work.

Have the plastic cover off finally, but still unclear of how it comes out. I have the electrial wire off, but all I see are these funny screws that I can't turn. The star type,but with a metal dimple in the middle of them and I can't get a bite on them. HELP!!!!!

need aux fan replaced and the tech said i needed two plugs for this installation. so i would like to buy parts before taking car to shop

All the fuses are Ok and everything else on the car is like factory new. 36000 miles.

went to auto store and they scanned it and came up with 2 issues. P1225 and couldn't give me other code but said running too rich. Could this be my fuel pump relay switch? I check relay switch and it does click when I turn ignition key. Could it still be bad?

The belt will not pull back out

replace engine and cabin air filters.

I have been told by some people yes and by some no and therefor I am confused as I want to do it myself

After a rain there is water in my fusebox and the carpet is soaked. The instrument panel goes haywire. I am not sure but I think happens more if I am driving it during the rain. Seems to be getting worse.

had to take the belt off to replace my drive belt and can't get it back on