I know how to remove screws/bolts and the cap, but cam't remove the coil pack. There is a round metal around distributor whic prevent coil pack from coming out. Need procedures/steps on how to remove the coil. Would appreciate any advice with steps for removal. Thanks

If I'm standing at the hood of the car with the radiator and driver seat in-front of me which way does the harmonic balancer/crankshaft pulley (BOLT)-turn to loosen?) clock wise or counter clock wise. please be absolutely sure before answering. i have tried with 2 6ft breaker bars and the Honda crankshaft damper tool turning counterclockwise and no luck. I'm afraid I'm tightening it

What could be done to fix it.
There is no different engine noise or other problem, van is running great but, with high consuption.

i replaced cluster body control module speed sensor and output speed sensor with no luck what should i look for now two codes p500 and p500 pd

My 1999 Mercedes s500 noisy fuel pump was replaced but the new one is making the same loud wining noise when it gets hot, they also replaced the fuel filter as well. It's it the type of manufactor pump being used or is there another part somewhere in there that kills the noise? What helps to clean up maybe carbon build up? My macahic poured some engine cleaner some kind of solvent cleaner and told me to drive it over the weekend, then I went in for a oil change. But still have the ticking noise. It's not as loud and it comes and go now. Meinly at cool start it's fine but as I drive around town it comes. If I take it out on the open highway and open her up it sometimes go away. Ugh frustrated.....

difficulty in changing parking mode to other modes

I read the manual and the idle is supposed to adjust automatically.

sometimes when i try and start her up, the ignition sensor or whatever it is does not read properly and she wont start up. I than have to unplugg the negative from the battery to let it reset. This is the best that i canexplain this problem. how can i fix this?

is this an expensive fix can i still drive my car? i have smoke come out from the tail pipe and poor gas!

No other details

I replaced my battery today and afterward I couldn't get it started. I was told to put the key into the ignition but I don't have an ignition only a start button. The light on the outside of the car comes on however the dash light don't come on when I enter the car. Everything appears to be working but I don't think the key is being identified.

The rear cabin lights are on and I can't figure out how to turn them off, I read the entire manual and fiddled with all the buttons and gages and they are still on. I am afraid my batter will go dead since they stay on after all the other stuff turns off.

Dealer wants to replace the antisway bar with only 30K on the odometer and I baby the car.

Bled brakes more than once. Can't really pump brakes up now to check and see if it power booster.

I just had new tires put on so I know it isn't my tires or sounds from my tires. I think it is a wheel bearing but noboday can seem to "hear" the sound. The stearing wheel doesn't feel tight and sometimes randomly swurves. I don't know if it is a bad wheel bearing or the rack installation I had done 6 months ago. Everyone that has been under it says the rack is fine. Something is wrong though.