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How to change radio time on Bmw 2003 Z4 radio?
Can anyone tell me what P0455 code is? Autozone has a Vacuum leak, but not sure about this. Can anyone tell me the exact problem?
How much should the labor charge be to have a new engine installed?
both front and rear wipers will not come on. i replaced the fuse even though it was not blown and still nothing. started working suddenly and then quit again shortly after.
How Can I erase engine codes ?
i have an 88 s10 and to put it in4 wheel low or 4 wheel high i have to shut truck off and to take out of 4 wheel also, fluid level is fine,
How do you replace the starter on a Saab 9000 2.3?
The headlights do not shut off automatically and no alarm sounds to let you know that you left them on.
nothing happens...just need to know where to locate fuel filter on my car!
the water in fuel light keeps coming on and i drained the fuel filter housing to replace the drain valve that was leaking. is there an external water/fuel seperator
1999 Saab 9-3 - 2.0L 4 cylinder turbo - air ventilation system keeps fan on after turning car off, may be relay? where can i get step by step directions to gey relay. thanks
has no problem shifting thru 1st & 2nd but doesn't always hit 3rd. fluid level ok.
I have noticed the smell of fresh gas coming from the heater vents at startup on very cold days 20f and lower. The smell seems to go away after 10-15 minutes. Normal?
i replaced brake pads and calipers on my 92 sable, but now after driving a bit a get a whining that is intermittent at first than persistent.i can move the steering wheel left to right to stop the sound but it comes b...
I heard a weird noise from my car drivin to the store and when I came back from the store the brake n battery light was on and the wheel is really hard to turn and when the car is in park the number thing that goes t...