the engine will start normally but will begin lose rev as i push the gas pedal down and eventually cuts off

I replaced everything new in my car (battery, alternator, belt, plugs, plug wires, head gasket, heater core) and when driving it the battery and anti theft lights come on and it just quits and wont start back up unless someone boosts me off but that only last for a few mins. I really need to know whats going on, please help me..

Took car to autozone and code p0303 came up with 1217. The car can start and drive for a while and then it keeps shaking, losing idle and dies at red light. Can a defective head cause that? A mechanic told me it needs new head/block, but I think it is a matter of compression.There is a tapping noise coming around the valve cover.Please advise on what to do or focus on to get that car running.

or turn signals or hazard lights

interior panel of the driver side door fell off, I had the window glass replaced this winter and wonder if the weather could have warped the panel. The anchors for the screws holding the panel came out with the panel. I wanted suggestions to fix it. thanks

I have replaced the ujoints ball joints. pulls to the right

The problem happens every time the car turns off. The fun runs for about 10 minutes.

ive have change the driver side wheel hub were i here most of the noise and the noise is still there is it something eles i should be looking at

Will they look at transmission, spark plugs, small items? I'm a widow, and no nothing about a car. Just want to be able to inquire questions that need to be asked, but don't want to be charged for things that are working properly. I travel alone a lot and want the safety of my vehicle.

car would sit for 3 or 4 days nad we would have to boost to start. Eventaully the battery would only hold a 11 volt charge and then evry time we tried to start it we would have boost it. I replaced the battery and the car sit for 3 days and then no power. I also changed the battery cables.

so we broke it down again and did rod bearings. started and runs perfect except when you accel the is a loud tapping sound that appaers to be comming from the balance shaft aera of the steal oil P0011 and P0304

It is freaking me out. I know about hesitation problem when accelerating but this is when just driving at the same speed whether going 30 or 60 miles an hour. I have had transmission checked, it is not that. I have had several things replaced, gas cap, O2sensor. Does anyone else have this problem? Or know what the heck it is? I am getting stressed out over this. I am about ready to call it quits on this car.

locate canister filter

fluid is leaking from somewhere behind the rear driver side tire

how hard is it to fix i have some knowledge