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The sign pops up during summer time (about this time) and goes away after a day or two. This has been happening for the last two years. Each summer it happened about two times. There was a recall of ECM module two years ago which was replaced by the dealer then. Can you help me narrow down the exact probable cause?

Job 1: Replace engine coolant thermostat and temperature sensor $914.00 plus tax (My dash temperature gauge fluctuates from cold to middle of gauge during drive. This is the reason I took it in for diagnosis)

Job 2: Replace driver and passenger front suspension upper link inner bushings $776.00 plus tax

Job 3: Replace driver and passenger side engine mounts $1,010.00 plus tax.

Every time I go to the gas station and turn off my car and I put gasoline, and I have trouble restarting. This only happens when I put gasoline

need 60000 miles service-

2003 Subaru Outback 2.5 engine.

I changed out my Alternator A/C belt and found that there was no belt tensioner or provision for adjustment of any kind. My belt now squeals whneve I turn the A/C on. Any suggestions??

The truct makes a noise when the accelerator is released

This occurs most often in rainy weather

I have a 2006 silverado crew cab and my question is, my rack and pinion is leaking through the pinion lower retaining nut where the pinion lower bearing is and i only have 71000 Mil and change. is it something that has to go to the shop and even have to replace the whole rack and pinion ,or is it something i could fix. what do you think?

RPMs just race up to 5, and was making a loud noice, and deep bogging sound.

Gets faster the faster I drive.

have had one machanic say he can take it apart and clen it and reseal for $500. if I have it removed and a punch a hole down the middle of it and replace will it regester as good? open to any suggestions.

Sometimes when I'm stop and start to move I get delay engaging with a back lash

I replaced the battery a year ago, cleaned the corroded negative battery terminal. The car has been fine until today, it wouldn't start. Lights and radio came on, but engine wouldn't turn over. After about 5 tries, it came on. Still a bit sluggish turning over.

When i am going up up a hill the car starts to slow down andd sputter, but it only happens when going up hill what can i do to fix this? will throwing some gas treatment in help?