the transmition oil pours right to the ground keeping the transmition bone dry. so when you drive it the transmition slips.

Pulled the lock door relay switch will this stop the drain from my battery?

There is a new feul Filter, i have checked the feul pump and there is lots of feul flow at least to the feul rail. i thought it may be clogged injectors. When this started a few days ago, we were driving down the road and it just stalled. we waited awhile and it started . now if it is idling and u give it gas, it sputters and stalls. but still will only run for about 5 mintues idling in the driveway. put injector cleaner in and topped up the tank. the electrical and charging system seem fine. everything works. i did hook up a charger to the battery and it seems to me that after it gets a certain charge, it will start. but that may just be timing. tried last night to get it going. it did start. ran for 5 minutes and stalled. now without hooking up the charger, i went out this morning and it started. ran for 5 minutes and died again. the back seats are out because i pulled the feul pump. it is fine. u can hear the whine from it pressurizing the system when u turn the key

I replaced the ICM as they are very sensitive to heat damage. Put it together and it still fires and dies while turning the key. Won't stay running. It fires and stalls in cycles while the starter is cranking. Bad distributor? I did notice a little oil past the "O" ring when removing the distributor.

it is difficult to get too.

Changed egr valve vac Modulator and ox senors. I even changed gas cap.

is there anything the car will do so i will know it is time to change

after fill up with gas engine stumbles have to raise rpms to keep running then will clear up also noticed when sits all day and hot out side it happens

Tail (brake)lights stay on. Brake pedal not depressed.

it happens everytime i turn on my AC for a prolonged amount of time it begins to jump and my speed then decelerate and i have to pull over cut the car off then crank it back up then drive again without the AC on it only does this when the AC is on not with the heat

I know it might be a wheel bearing just wondering if anyone else has had this problem

We were driving down the road and the frame seperated from the front driver's side strut due to severe rust. It almost caused a very serious accident. Ford tells me they can't help and there's no recall.

I am being told the engine needs to be replaced. I wondering the cost of a new engine.

I have checked tie rod ends, engine and transmission mounts. The drive axles are not losing any grease and appear to be tight. The vibration goes away when you let up on the accelerator.

It seems like it just doesn't want to go up past reverse