I'm changing the oilpan gasket.

have had sensors replaced and still the same code what do i do now

my sunroof works on and off

module or hanger assembly

module or hanger assembly

This is for my car Kia Sportage"96 model
I whant for the both cykle

It occurs at random times. It's happened while backing up, and when turning right.

was driving it i got it put on the check engine machine codes came up one of the was a oxgen sencors and he said thts why the car is running ths way the next day i was leaving my house got to a stop sign and it cut off it will turn over but will not start could ths b the sensor the codees tht came up are po441 po446 po449

I was driving one day and it cut off. When I tried to turn it back on it made a clicking/grinding sound. I assumed it was my flywheel/ starter. Mechanic says he can't do anything because the engine is locked and it needs to be replaced. I honestly don't want to junk it after I just put in a new compressor plus other repairs. Is it worth it to replace the engine. My mechanic is charging me $1,800.

It works on and off but always works from driverside. I am guessing it is the switch. How hard is to replace the switch and do I need any special tools

How often should I change my coils/springs on my 2002 Toyota 4Runner? Im at 200,000 mi now.
The car looks fine to me, no sagging. But I took the car in about a noise I was hearing when I drove in & out of drive ways. The shop said I should have 4" of spring and I only have 1". They think it's "bottoming out" and hitting somthing (exhaust pipe, etc). Does this sound correct?
Even if the new springs don't stop the noise, I'd like to get them done if it's something that should be changed after 200,000 mi.

filter and new hoses and after it sets for 2 days it won't start. loses pressure What to do?

How Should locate and open that part of the air vent open it and clean it

when you replace the PCM you must short the injector & coil circuit. how?

When the fan is turned on there is a high pitched squeal it changes frequency when i switch from panel to floor or defrost. it sounds like a leaf is hitting the fan blade or something.