then it start dropping off until it about 1000 rpm. no engine codes. you can pull the fuel pump relay and it dies almost immediately,. is it the fuel pump or what?

also have code 505,300 my scanner says enhanced tdc my book says for 1320 ignition signal primary circuit falt. it will not idle and missing

how do you get window regulator out it looks riveted in

also the gera is stuck

I noticed the rpm's take a while to catch up today the car started shaking i smell rubber and the car is not excelerating what problem could this be?

On a smooth road at speeds over 30 or so, a rumbling noise is hear from the front end. (no vibrations or shaking, etc. -- just the noise.) It seems to increase in volume as the speed increases?


it will return to normal after it sits for a wild

I check the oil every day and it gets low either sitting or driving it. I put about half a quart in so it doesn't over heat....what needs to be done for temporary job?

Ive noticed coming on more and only when accelerating

The remote to enter and lock my car, was stolen.

what would cause this

and lots of moisture came out of tailpipes also converters were glowing red within a minute

car has 180000 miles but timeing chain has no slack

it goes away after maybe 20 seconds or so. I've had numerous people tell me its everything from the tensioner to the power steering pump to the belt tightness.

when it idles for a while and then you step on the gas blue smoke comes out of the tail pipe and shorting oil 2004 BMW X5,4.4 with 70000km, E53 N62 Valvetronic engine