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Since all the other windows work fine, its not the fuses. It does not make any noise when the button is pushed both from the door itself, and the driver's side controls. The light on door is working, so I presume its getting power. Does this mean the window motor is shot?

mileage 120,000
otherwise in good repair

Anyone have a detailed diagram of where it's located? Or know where I can find one? Thanks.

how much clearer can my question be

how much clearer can my question be

The steering vibrates and will not turn in either direction without making a terrible noise.

but nothing ac, no heater . no defrozes

it starts to over heat white smoke from hood and tank broiling

it starts to over heat white smoke from hood and tank broiling

Also, while driving I feel as if the gears are slipping and the engine light remains on.
What is causing this problem and can you show me a diagram of where is the shift solenoid B is located.

for a short time, about every 75 miles I fill the coolant container.suggestions? temp gauge runs normal, everything else seems normal.

The battery is fine, it is not the starter or the alternator. I had been having some issues with the door locks and now key will not unlock the door either manually or remotely.

I replaced the pvc valve. Someone said it might be the gas cap. The code comes up PO441-Evaperator Monitor Failure. What is this and what is the cure? I put Seafoam in the vacuum line and some in the gas tank. I can unhook the battery and the light stays off for about a week, then comes back on.

Have had few problems with rear lights. Park light switch was making fuel pump run, that has stopped now. Front lights are fine, replaced flasher, rear signals are fine too. Ran new ground at bumper.

My daughter ran into my other car with my Hyundai. There was minimal damage to the front of the car, but now the car won't accelerate above 20mph. We replaced the Position Sensor based on the code received, but it is still doing the same thing. What could possibly be the problem?