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My trucks has begun to make a whistling sound while driving, it;s becoming frequent and louder, what could be happening.
When i go to start my truck itgets to thepoint of starter disengage and it does not start. When i try to start again it won't do any thing,go to start and all the dash [info] lights go out and no start engage. I tried...
On four occasions my son's car would not start and had to be jumped off. Sometimes it is after he has driven it and sometimes after it has sat overnight. Boost it off and it runs fine. I had the battery tested where i...
I need to know how much oil is needed when changing the oil and filter in a 2004 Buick Rainier with a 4.2 liter engine?
How much will it cost to have the cover of a headlight replaced it was broken in an accident
Sir, My car is facing a problem. Even my Heater Button turned OFF but heater/fan blows the air in passenger compartment. This happen only when my car is moving. Some times this creates lot of problem & I can lot of...
can you jump a hybrid just like any car?
my brake light is on in my car i have a 1992 ford taurus wagon 3.0v6 my brakes seem to be working fine any idea why its on? plz help me
I will com to a stop or slow down it will just shut of
Someone jarred the car from behind while parked and now the car won't start.Does it have something to do with resetting a fuel valve that automatically disconnects when bumped?
The code is reading bad crankshaft sensor
Once it got cold (40*), car started having a rough (low) idle. Changed air idle control valve with little results. Car starts and runs fine for a few seconds, then rpm's drop, runs rough, backfires and eventually dies...
interior lightas come on and cause battery to go dead sometimes when at work and car turned off and keys out of ignition i have taken fuse out and also tried disconnect battery (but that is ahassle) would like to fix ...
i need to know how to replace a brake light bulb