usually after the car is driven for a while. no warning lights are on

I have changed the whole EGR System and nothing has helped any ideas.

I have a 2003 Neon five speed transmission, that will not go into reverse. All other gears working fine. Have just under 80,000 miles and clutch was replaced in 2007 at approx 52,000 miles. Original owner.....

Or should I say,the outer end of the transmission. Do they affect the way it changes?

When I turn the carr off it takes about 10 minutes for the fan to cut off. Is that normal for a 2005 Acura RL?? I just bought the car used and I didnt know if that was normal. the current temparture in my region is 63 degrees farenheit.

brake lights are not working. running lights are fine. I think its a fuse but it is on my daughter's car and she is in another city

Sorry I Left This Out Of My Previous Question What Is The Part Number For The AC "S" Hose,"Clamps" And The Filter.

The key got stuck in the ignition about 6 months ago, so I thought it was alternator or battery bad due to having my key stick when these items had to be replaced recently but they were still good. took to a mechanic they replaced the dash panel and the starter worked for two weeks complete shut down after that they said needed a new battery since mine i just had gotten went and got a brand new one and the car was fine again for two weeks. Took back to mechanic and they did some things to starter and was okay for another two weeks but the key being stuck in ignition was draining the battery. Once the mechanics located the switch advised me to use to get the key out worked for about a month. Then i went to get some gas put my car in park and it would not cut off. Went to use the lever under the steering column and it cut completely off but was still in start. The mechanic has had it two weeks they got the key out but cannot find a solution and i am so frustrated i cant afford a car note but i cant afford to keep fixing this car.

Truck has 80,000 miles on 08 suburban. Chronic front end alignment problems. Have worn out four sets of Bridgestone tires due to this. Dealer states this is not a lemon, but my problem. Now being told that the A arm that keeps the left front tire is loose and has to be replaced for $600.00. Dealer states that the all tires have to be rotated every 3k miles and if I don't do it, new tires are needed. Is this correct?

The AC Just Stopped Working Two Days Ago. The Leaking "S" Hose Is At The Very Front Of Car And Difficult To Get To. Supposedly This Leak Has Caused The AC To Stop Functioning For Lack Of Retaining Refrigerant. It Is Also Possible I Need A "Filter". What Are Cost For Parts.

pulled code p1320

I changed out the relays and put in a new distributor. I thought it was the fuel pump but was told because there is a click when I turn the key in the ignition and it turns over that is not that. any help totally appreciated.

I checked the radio fuse and it was ok. I could not find a power window fuse.

2007 Taurus 3.0 V6 - 125k Hwy miles and has become hard to start warm and cold. The P0300 & P0303 are regular, P0174 popped up and went away after about a week.(check codes and clear daily). The fuel pump does growl with the key on after it sits over night but it does charge the system at 39psi when the P0300 & P0303 is set, RPM's range from 700-1500 when code is set.

I have replaced Plugs, wires (50k miles on them) & coil (orig w/hairline crack), Cyl 3 plug was discolored but not fouled or built up with residue. Other plugs looked clean. EGR tested OK on the bench and on car w/no carbon build up (did not test MAP sensor), cleaned MAF, sprayed intake with Carb cleaner w/no increase in idle. Tested Cyl 3 Injector with VOM and is with in spec of the other injectors. The mis comes and goes at idle. The IAC motor appears to not zero out when ign is turned on it does move when visually inspecting it. When idling, the IAC voltage varies from 0.8 to 0.1v. Cyl 3 has 145 psi of compression.

What do I check for next - what direction can you give?
Thanks Brian P

Do I need a control module or is it the electrical hook-up?