I added two quarts

what causes the dash board light not to come on?

is it behind the dash board

When I first bought the car it would click when I tried to turn it over, but it was almost always start after the first try. That was during the first month that I bought it. I asked the dealers about it bc there were heated O2 sensors that they replaced. This is the second month, and then it starter to happen more often. I would have to turn it over 6-10 times before it would start. There is also a rattling sound underneath my car. On Friday, it would not start at all. I replaced the main fuse and battery and it started, however when I try to crank it now, it won’t start. When I hit it with a hammer, I can get it started after about 3-6 turns. It’ll crank up with this awful rattling noise and die. Also, the dash lights flash on and off after bout 5-10 secs. Starter? Solenoid? ?? Thanks!

glass isn,t connected to track for some reason

came on. What is going on?

I would suspect multi function switch, but i cant ck out for my daughter since she just moved to TX. Anyone familiar with this prob. on this model?

Is the serpentine belt the same thing as the drive belt?

all fuses and maxi fuses are good and replaced inadvertent relay. everything in car works except interior courtesy lights and lighters.................lost

according to my schedule maintenance

I have read many issues with the Air Conditioning failing. I think one reason is a design defect. The two lines run along the left side of the car over the wheel well and through part of the chassis. This section that runs through the chassis is suppose to have a plastic bushing or isolator so that it will not rub on the chassis. In my car this bushing fell out and the high pressure line dropped against the chassis and a hole was rubbed into the line. This started a chain of events where metal entered the condenser and eventually the compressor causing both to fail at a price tag of over $2500 for repairs. I recommend checking if this is still in place or removing it and wrapping the lines with rubber tubbing or similar insulation.

When the cruise control is attempted to "Coast" it malfunctions and ststes to "Go to the Workshop" for diagnosis. If the car is turned off, it resets and works again. I disengage the Cruise to slow or tap the brake instead. Once in a while it does not want to work at startup but this is seldom.

gas tank relief valve was replaced after new tank was put in. within 45 days new tank was split at seams by pressure build up. Gas cap will blow off in your hand everytime you open it. Not sure what is causing this??

This has only happened once. My battery went dead, I tried to give it a boost & my "immobilizer failure" indicater came on and completely locked up on me. My key will not turn at all.

replaced all electrical relays under backseat and car is NOT getting fuel. How and where do u test the sensor to the fuel pump?