fuel gauge, tachometer, and temp gauge, turn signals and brake lights do not work

satellite radio stopped working. Get message NO SATELLITE RADIO.SIRUS bill paid

Shifter keeps popping out of drive and the car only has 74000 miles on it

There is smoke coming from the tailpipe even on a warm day and sometimes the engine makes a humming noise when the car is running but at a stop and when I accelerate from a stop. The noise usually quits when I reach around 40mph. The oil light comes on and off even when the oil is just a hair low. I was told it could be a vacuum seal. I had the same problem with my 93 Marquis but never had it fixed. There are 88k miles on the car and it just started doing this around 85k miles.

It runs fine plenty of power idles fine...After turning it off then on a few times it will run fine then start to idle rough? And run rough then starts to run fine again.

always restarts - no problems running at speed. Looking toward vacuum leak. But where?

The central locking systems is working but I've noticed that when I unlock the doors with the key the interior lights don't come on until I open the door. Any suggestions.

The car rides smooth once it's moving but you have to hit the gas really hard to get it moving.

Speedometer works about 10% of the time. You may be driving down the road a couple miles and all sudden it will start working than sudden it will stop working. It is just very random when it works. Any ideals is it by chance the vvs or something else going on. Thanks

It just stop working all of sudden one night

The bushings are bad on both tie rods and both control arms.

I've done some work on car, I replcd timing belt 3 yrs ago, and it has run great since. I had weak spark, so I replaced distributor, cap, plugs and wires. Car does not start. I have put engine to TDC on #1 prior to inserting dist into engine. Is there a TDC for intake and exhaust? i am following Haynes manual. Will I need a timing light?

how do i resolve this

lite does go out after a while

ac suddenly quit blowing cold